Ellis Clark 7mm scale "Presflo" wagons

Dan Randall

Western Thunderer
Hi All

Had a visit from Dave Summers (aka daifly), this morning.

We live fairly close to each other and had decided to save a couple of quid, by taking advantage of Ellis Clark's discount for bulk purchases. Dave placed an order for six and kindly delivered my three, a couple of hours ago...



They are superb and well worth the wait in my opinion - well done to Ellis Clark and his team! :thumbs:

They'll be weathered in due course, but I really should try to make progress, on some other ongoing projects first...!




Western Thunderer
Dave is going on holiday until the end of the month!

Dan and I were rather hoping that you’d show us!


richard carr

Western Thunderer
Gents, that's so kind of you to think about me. although these are lovely looking models I hadn't really planned to buy any, but I have now given in to temptation and ordered one. Hopefully it will be an easy job to convert it, I'll let you know over the next week or so.


Ken Ford

I’ve almost hit “buy” twice now, but I’ve held back because I don’t know what I don’t know - I can’t determine if a small bulk cement plant would be appropriate on my planned layout, and if yes in what livery. They look to be lovely models!

Dog Star

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One of these beasties has appeared on Spike's folding table (@Spike); the packaging is so well done that Peter and I did think about that art form known as an "unboxing video".

For those who have one of these models you may have noticed that the axles are trapped, apparently, by brake linkage which runs inside of the wheels. Not being too keen on trying to convert an example to S7 without knowing how the model was built I have spoken the Neil at Ellis Clark Trains who has provided a recipe for the task.

To quote:-

'with the model upside down - remove the outermost brake block by pulling on the brake block hanger, use a pair of thin nose snipe pliers and apply a gentle pulling action to the hanger as close to the floor as possible. The parts are assembled with super glue... When the first block hanger is loose then pull the inner block hanger loose in the same way - you ought to be able to remove the brake linkage from the wheel.

Now use the tip of a knife blade to ping off the axleguard bridle... and lift out the axlebox. Warning - there is a spring between the axlebox and the axleguard / spring mouldings.

Copy and paste to the other end of the wheelset.

end quote.

The above is offered as advice from ECT... I shall wait to see how Dan (@Dan Randall) and/or Dave (@daifly) get on.

regards, Graham

richard carr

Western Thunderer
I got one last weekend, a very efficient service from Ellis Clarke, however I have concluded that converting these to S7 is seriously onerous task and will require thinning and reprofiling the existing wheels, and even then they may not fit once regauged.

I may get round to trying in the future but for now this wagon has been packed away and I won't be buying any more, which is a real shame as they are very nice models.