Exton Quays

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  1. Tim Watson

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    Where does the key go?

  2. Pushpull33

    Pushpull33 Western Thunderer

    Can you ilaborate a bit more
  3. Pushpull33

    Pushpull33 Western Thunderer

    Chris at Highlevel was unable to supply a clockwork mashima so had to settle for the electric variety
  4. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    It’s rather sweet. I presume it’s equalised?


  5. Pushpull33

    Pushpull33 Western Thunderer

    Equalised, well it is of sorts. The Two bogies are on sprung mounts the rear one using a Hornby spring part No X8520 i have used quite a few of these springs they are just the right tension. The front one is a home made job using a piece of .33 spring wire. Its waited at a shade over 200 grams and pivots on the drive axle rather splendidly. all wheels have pick-ups using sprung wipers. Drive is from a Highlevel 90-1 lo-loader gearbox and 1420 mashima motor. Its very quiet and smooth running. I have impressed myself .

    You can see it running at the Great Electric Train show at Milton Keynes 12/13 October. it will make an occasional appearance.

    Still, must be getting on with the A12 Jubilee.
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  6. NHY 581

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    Splendid article in the comic this month.

  7. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Mmm, so it’s a sprung see-saw :)

    Theoretically awful engineering solution, but if it works... and I guess it doesn’t get called to haul 12 up Shap! And it does look lovely.

    I won’t be able to join you in MK, have a great show
  8. Pushpull33

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  9. Pushpull33

    Pushpull33 Western Thunderer

    Well as you say it does work, shame you can't make it to the show you would have seen it running. Not the best of engineering solutions but had nothing else to go on and took a more suck it and see approach. Not good for someone that does have an engineering background.
  10. Pushpull33

    Pushpull33 Western Thunderer

    Hi all.
    Nothing to do with Exton Quay but if you are going to Warley this coming weekend, I shall be there with my other layout "Parkstone Goods" at stand C14. It was published in Railway Modeller October 2019. Pop across and say hello, it's always good to put a face to a name.
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  11. Pushpull33

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    I thought it may be time for an update.
    Exton Quay has been sold to a good friend of mine. It is staying local so i can still have a play from time to time.
    We will still for fill any exhibitions that it has been booked for.
    This means that i can build the layout i was going to build before the cameo Compitition became a commitment.
    Many thanks for the help, coments and feed back recieved and being part of the compitition. Lots learned and more experiences and skills gained.
    The new layout, who knows ? but will still have to be 1930s somewhere in Devon because of my ever expanding stock portfolio.
    Charmouth, a 'might have been' or should that be a ' very nearly was' layout ?????
    My new 00 works '0330' class running on a scratch built chassis with a 120:1 Highlevel gearbox and Mashima Motor.
    More here should you be interested.
    CParkstone's Railway modellers Blog: 00 Works Class 330
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