Filling turn out and dropper holes.

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    Having drilled holes to allow plenty of movement for my turn out wire rods and dropper holes I wanted to fill and ballast over them but still allow the rods to move and be able to repair any droppers should they ever fall off.

    I have used Blu Tack. Simply push into the holes, on the turn outs you will have to activate the motors a few times to make sure the tack is moved out of the way of the rod action, then sprinkle ballast over the top.
    Gently push ballast down a little with the non bristle end of a paint brush, this will stop it being hoovered off.

    Job done.

    John :)
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    never thought that way. When I had to camouflage the holes below the points at my H0 layout, I cut a slot in a piece of cardboard, so that the rod could move in the slot. The cardboard was strong enough to survive the ballasting and glueing.

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    That is a very good idea Michael.

    John :)
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