7mm Findon Junction

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    This is my Scale7 layout. Built almost 20 years ago but inevitably never quite finished! It measures 5 feet long by 1 foot deep, which I suppose shows that it is possible to model 7mm/1ft in small spaces. The first picture is not brilliant quality (taken a few years ago) but shows the stage it has been at until very recently.

    Inspired by Iain Rice's book on dioramas I decided to tidy Findon Junction up with some foamboard and some LED striplighting. Very much a work In progress but the difference (for me) is huge. The framing and lighting draws me into the layout now.

    Picture below is with lights off:

    And with lights on:

    Obviously I'll be tidying the lighting and foamboard up but for an outlay of about twenty quid it has made a huge impact. :)

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    Hi Mike,
    Nice layout.
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    it's charming. The shed reminds me of one of the iron stone line's shed. I hope we can see it at a S7 get together this year.
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  4. spikey faz

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    I'm really impressed with the amount of light coming from the LED strip.

    This picture is taken with no light on in the room - just a bit of light from the landing:

    And with the LED strip now on - still no light on in the room:

    The foamboard surround to the layout took about an hour to make. Ok, so it's a bit rough and ready but I would still urge folks to have a go for themselves. It's a lot quicker than cutting out plywood, and the lights are plug and play. :thumbs:

    I'll post some more pictures once I've tidied it all up.

    Findon Junction is in Worthing, West Sussex. A railway line from Worthing to Horsham was actually proposed back in 1898 but never materialised. It would have run through Findon, and as I lived there for many happy years I thought I'd make it a real line (in model form). Traffic will eventually consist of the odd passenger train, and lime trains from the Findon Limeworks.

    The layout was built almost 20 years ago and probably could do with some updating now. It desperately needs a fiddle yard!