Finney7 47XX “Lockdown” Build

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    Well, here we are, stuck in one place and a long way from the Railway Room with House Attached. Which is also where all my modelling tools are located. So a quick order or two and a basic tool kit has been assembled in order to tackle two coach kits and now the Finney7 47XX kit.

    With limited resources I have decided to build this as a layout loco but with compensated chassis. It should be a straightforward build.

    Today I started on the frames and have something to show for a few hours work. The hornblocks were all soldered to the frames with very careful attention to alignment. I have not added the triangular fillets to the hornblocks which are part of the Finney7 kit. My fingers are all thumbs with such small details - there are 48 of them, it would take me a week to fit them all.

    I’ll let the pictures tell the story.




    The 3/16” bars were bought specially for frame alignment and the axle boxes were all pushed to the top of the blocks, so I think the chassis should be OK!
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    it appears that your 3/16" rods do not have turned down ends.

    Do you have some that have small ends, to enable use of the coupling rods to space the hornblocks accurately?

    Ideally you want something like this, which by means of springs, rubber bands and two parallel edges, ensures that the hornguides are aligned and spaced correctly when soldered to the frames. The one thing this arrangement does not ensure is that the guides are properly vertical, so I have to do that by eye.


    apologies if "Granny and Eggs"

  3. SimonT

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    Martin detailed a method of using long rods and graph paper to set the rods. We still include it as not everyone has a jig and associated tooling.
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    Thank you, both Simons. I knew this would be mentioned and believe me I do know the coupling rod concept. However, my work bench and tool set is severely limited in what can be achieved. That is why I used the term “layout locomotive” in that I am not expecting perfection! However, it is interesting that my first two locos were built in an amateuristic way without any rods, but they perform. The Jinty avatar to the left was my first build and is one of the best runners.

    Now, this afternoon I came across a problem with the 8 coupled compensation. Axles 1 and 2 have the centre beam rocker and there is room for them. Axles 3 and 4 have separate beam rockers but there is no room for them due to spacer F4. These images may describe the problem more easily:

    Spacer F4 is above the brass rod. There is room for each beam to pass through the spacer but they they are blocked from sitting on the 3rd axle by the hornblock.

    So I re-read the instructions and should have cut slots before assembling the frames. If I had all my tools this could easily be done in place, as it is a hacksaw blade will have to do.

    There's a moral to this post. BTW the relevant instruction is in the hornblock pack so I missed it.
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  5. simond

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    I can confirm that cutting back the hornways is a pain (I think I’ve always used cast ones since I built my 47) but it is worth it, the equalisation works, and she glides...

  6. Focalplane

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    Half way there, Simon, yes, painful without a Dremel!
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    Hang in there buddy...
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    Now 3/4 done and I have realized I will need to open the Slaters wheel packs very soon. They will then start to rust so it would be a good idea to black or blue them ASAP. In France I use Birchwood Casey kits but they don’ t seem to be available in the UK, at least from my usual trusted sources. Can anyone advise what I can do, either a reliable source or a good alternative?
  9. Ressaldar

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    Hi Paul,

    Eileens or Squires should be able to help, both are still trading via mail order/on line.

    Stay safe and well


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  10. simond

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    Birchwood Casey gun blue is definitely available, £15 on eBay.
    Cheaper at Eileen's, no search facility on Squires!
    Amazon have some alternatives
    Gun shop likely to be cheapest

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    So far so good, the hornblocks have been modified and the wheels added for a quick test. Of course, I have no track to run it on, but the chassis runs well on the workbench surface. Some cleaning up is required now. Next job is to solder up the coupling rods.


    With the 8 wheels added the chassis reminds me that this is going to be a big loco!
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    I have temporarily sealed the wheels in a plastic bag while waiting on the order of Birchwood Casey gun blue to arrive. Normally such an item would arrive within a day or two but some things do take a lot longer these days. I have plenty of steel wool to hand for cleaning and preparing the wheels before applying the gun blue.

    i am currently wide awake at 2:30 am due to the heavy beat of army helicopter(s) overhead. This activity is probably not unusual in the Andover area but it does remind me of the days when I crew changed on a rig in the Gulf of Thailand in the 1970s. The Bell 212 pilot was “ex-Nam” and quite crazy.
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    Acetone is good for this if you can get it. EBay again.

  14. Focalplane

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    Thanks, Simon

    My use of eBay is probably going to increase when I finally get hold of a Riley! It's all a matter of trust and also who the seller uses for making the delivery. I have a black list of delivery companies from past bad experiences. I have to say that the Post Office, Amazon and DPD are doing a great job as we remain locked down. I am sure this will vary according to location, it isn't the company, it's the people.
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    Amazon Prime are always top-notch. Some firms are experiencing difficulties and I understand this, but there are some that went onto my blacklist even before the current crisis. My experiences may or may not be typical, but I found that ebay types are never in a hurry to post things once they've got your order.

    I even received an electric piano the very next day from one retailer working from their closed street outlet. The downside was I had a hell of a job lifting it on my own into the house because of social distancing, but that was something else. :oops:
  16. simond

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    In general, I’ve found most online and eBay sellers to be fine. I got a rather late eBay delivery this week, with an apology attached, mostly stuff arrives when they say it will.

    I’m not much impressed by one delivery company, as their ideas of “delivered” and mine are not congruent. I have no idea where the Wilko home brew kits they “delivered” last Wednesday are, certainly not at my house, and there is no way to discuss with anybody. If I could simply pick up a phone and resolve the situation, I’d be ok with it, but it’s simply impossible.

    It’s not the first time with this particular shower, and I’m now inclined to ask who the delivery company will be when ordering, if they say “X”, I might not place the order.

    As Paul says, it’s the person who does, or doesn’t do, his or her job, that makes the difference.

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    It also depends on where you live. In small towns and villages against long suburban streets or apartment blocks in cities. At the moment we are staying put in a cul de sac with very friendly village neighbours, so having parcels left on the doorstep is not a risk. I too have been an Amazon Prime member for some time, mainly for the deliveries. I have watched a few movies, mostly documentaries, but have yet to even try their music offerings even though they are included in the price.

    On the modelling front, the coupling and connecting rods have been started but I don’t have the kit to really polish them up nicely. I keep reaching out for things that are ”too far” away! Also, the kit comes with all the wire needed but which size is which? The best I can do is eye ball them against a drill bit.
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    We have a boat.

    One definition of "boat" is "place where you leave the tools you need at home".

    The definition of "home" is similar but subtly different...

    I feel for you!

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    I started on the wheels this morning and 7 now have crankpins fitted. The eighth? Carpet monster ate it and I don’t even know which carpet. So a quick order off to Slaters for spares of everything the monster likes to eat.

    I use Jim Mcgowen’s recommended way of fitting the crankpins which has never let me down. His one sheet description is available on the Connoisseur site.

    So another hiatus but I have tack soldered the two detailed etched sheets to the frames. Meanwhile another order of much needed tools is on its way. I’ll have everything I need soon.
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    While waiting for the replacement crankpin I have soldered the three part driver spring etches together ready to trap the axles when all is ready and tested. I can also prepare the brakes while in temporary limbo. So there may appear to be a sudden spurt of activity in a day or two, but in reality this part of the chassis build is a bit of a slog.

    I have chosen the medium frame spacers, recommended for fine scale, and it would appear that I will need to pack the axles with at least two washer spacers, but as this is my first 8 coupled loco I am a bit concerned about being able to negotiate the 1.8 meter radius curves. In preparation I have removed and trimmed all the axle spacers from the etches.
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