1/32 Fred Phipps 12T vent van - available now

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Thirtysecond, 4 December 2016.

  1. Fred Phipps

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    A new pic showing both types of coupling and the flexible vac hoses produced by Ken Martin

  2. lankytank

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    Guess what Postlady Patricia just delivered........
  3. lankytank

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    Tried to upload piccy of the box contents but, apparently the file size is to big.......... So after jiggling it about a bit..........

    phipps van.png

    Blimey Riley, I think I've done it (well, that's my cherry well & truly popped...!)

    Only, now I've realised that the NS etch is still in the bottom of the box......... B*ll*x...!!! :headbang:

    There you go - it's been a long week...... :eek:
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  4. Rob Pulham

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    Well, it is Gauge 1 after all......:p
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  5. Steve Cook

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    Thats quite quick Baz... some people made four figures with the photo cherry intact :rolleyes:
    Looks a nice kit though, thanks for posting.
  6. Simon

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    Available now, price is £153.00 inclusive of 2nd class signed for postage within the UK.

    This is a complete kit, with everything you will need in the box, inclusive of Slaters wheels and Ken Martin's exquisite vacuum pipe fittings. I should receive my four kits next week and am looking forward to building them.

    This kit will hopefully introduce some new entrants to the delights of 1/32 model trains:)

  7. Simon

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    Having taken delivery of the kit, I couldn't resist a bit of a poke around in the box, reading Fred's instructions and understanding the thinking behind the under frame and brake gear. First impressions are very good indeed, the quality of both Fred's pattern making and the casting from his masters by CMA is really as good as it gets. The "veracity" of the axle boxes, spring hangers, solebar details exceeds anything I have achieved and the believability of the corrugations, looking utterly "pressed" is great. The chassis is designed for compensation with inside bearings (provided) which wouldn't be my first thought but I'm going to build it just as designed.

    The other parts are equally good I think, my only reservation is the "instanter" link which looks too big to my eyes and I think will want replacing or filing down or something.

    You have to make a plastikard "shelf" on either internal side of the sides, which I have done, fabricating an "L" section with triangular strengthening fillets, which I have epoxied inside the body. There has been very little flash to be removed.


    Here's a close up of the superb axle box and hanger casting.