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With too many projects on the go, I am suffering from an irrational urge to start several more and so I have just ordered myself one of Fred's new open wagon kits. I haven't finished the box van(s) I got from Fred yet:oops: but somehow I feel the urge to have a 5 plank open wagon, not least as it is a wagon type that I don't yet have in the fleet, excluding pre-grouping repaints.

Here are a couple of pictures, one of the built kit unpainted and another showing the completed job.


Mindful of the great PMV race of 2016 (arf arf) is anyone else going to have a go at building one?

I'm going to try and turn it around fairly quickly so that I can use it for some more weathering practice.

The kit is complete and costs £133.00 from Fred Phipps, contact details as below:

Fred Phipps
4A Anson Road, Cricklewood, London, NW2 3UT 0203 620 6357 fphippsz@yahoo.com

This post is also a bit of a shameless plug for Fred - if he sells a few more kits he'll be encouraged to make something new!

For anyone contemplating dipping a toe into G1 then a Fred kit is about as high fidelity as you can get.

I should declare that I am a friend of Fred's but otherwise have no interest in his business, he's a very pleasant and talented individual who has created much joy in the world of smallish trains through his wonderful kits.

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Andrew Thompson

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Hi Simon

Just to let you know I have tried to contact Fred via the E mail address quoted but get the following message from postmaster @ outlook.com saying undeliverable problem at recipients end . I will try by phone after 6.00.



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Whoops - sorry pardon:oops:

Thank you for that Chris, I have now corrected my posting.

My cheque went off today, I guess that with the bad weather I have a few days in hand before anything is likely to arrive. In the meantime I'm currently deploying led strips under my kitchen cabinets, snowy weather having brought Charlie and I home early. I will have enough bits left to try it out in a more interesting context when I 'm done, in addition to being able to peel spuds in the dark:))

ken martin

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It would be rude not to I suppose, count me in :)
I'll not even steal a cheeky head start like what that dodgy book seller bloke did in the last one :p

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Out the box, baby fresh build I think - might not come last then (or have it unfinished some er, time later!).
I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing, but here's an attempt to add something to the forum.I'm having a go at two, both slightly different,
but the main change to Freds design is to use my own axleguards so I can beef up everything to take a tare weight of about 400 gms.I've also
reinforced the buffer beam which makes the fitting of the vac pipe more secure.


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That would certainly make life easier. :) I've been trying to work out how I could show a corrugated interior that would be too thick and that would cast in resin.

Yes, the pressed steel ends of both opens and vans had planking lining their inside faces. This both protected the steel pressing from blows from sharp objects being loaded inside and also gave a softer surface for loads to hit during emergency braking or heavy shunting. You can see this quite clearly in the Wild Swan books of the "Official drawings of L.M.S. wagons" volumes 1 & 2 by Bob Essery. These contain reproductions of the original works drawings.

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Sorry folks I put a question in the 5 plank wagon challenge regarding this lovely wagon but my questions have been answered now.

Still tempted