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    I guess the big plus with S is one unified set of standards and therefore no deadwood to carry about :)

    Very true, particularly the last point. I do think that a loose group without loads of rules and constitution is the way to go, in some ways the whole society concept is very last century :)
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    Well thank you, I'm suitably flattered and I think you're quite right about the website, I ought/it could be made into a better resource.

    I know we have discussed setting up a forum before (for 1/32) [owing to the lack of "functionality" of the (my/any) Yahoo group] and I guess we may very well have exactly what we wanted "in here" as part of Cynric's empire - especially as he has fallen fairly heavily for the charms of the scale and its possibilities.

    Talking to John Dale earlier this evening, he made the very good point that "my" FS32 Yahoo group despite having quite a lot of members (141) is on the whole very quiet. (Although Roger Fry has just posted some pictures of his lovely scratchbuilt ballast wagon there rather then here, if you see what I mean)

    Why is this I wonder?

    On the whole I put it down to the lack of functionality of the Yahoo group, but I wonder whether there isn't something else going on (or not going on). Despite my making encouraging noises from time to time it seems to have adopted the cool reserve and lack of conversation that in some ways is typical of the two G1MRA Internet organs. Of course the irony is that I mainly bore people with my own modelling ramblings on here, having previously spent a while on "Fred" following an earlier (but largely non 1/32) "existence" on the (at the time) nascent RMweb.

    As I said, I personally tend not to use it because of its lack of functionality, although if I am honest I am put off it (my own "place" mark you) by a sort of unfriendliness that seems to haunt it. We have certainly never managed as rational a discussion about the merits or othrwise of G1MRA membership as we are having here and now chez Cynric.

    I still come back to quite liking the notion of instituting some more formal group for those that wish to model in 1/32 scale, with the current very loose grouping it is very hard to get a "handle" on what interest there is and there is nothing around which any of us feel we can "group". Well that is my feeling anyway, from other perspectives I know that John has been disappointed with sales of his 1/32 kits and yet on the other hand I have had quite a lot of conversations over the years with people who have read my website and are more than broadly supportive of its aims.

    I completely agree however that if anything should develop it wants to be an intelligent organisation which fully utilises modern communications. I guess it would need some sort of formal constitution but I'm sure it wouldn't need committees and necessarily involve endless circular discussions.

    Returning to G1MRA, I increasingly tend to the view that a lot of its problems arise from trying to be "all things to all men" the dreaded "broad church". That's it - it's suffering from BC syndrome!!

    I'd be interested in others views.

    And yes I'd still like some wheels....

  3. Hopefully you will get more views than just mine, but I have noticed that Forums are better for breeding camaraderie.

    The biggest problem with forums is that adding an image is not as simple as it is for an email: why there cannot be a simpler uploading process which automatically restricts the size of images is beyond me, but there you go. I suspect, though, that there are two reasons not much modelling appears:
    1) Not many people are doing it;
    2) Most of those who are, are too busy doing it to photograph and post it!

    However, it doesn't matter whether it is an email list, a Yahoogroup (slight differences!), a forum-based enterprise or a more or (preferably) less formal society, things will only happen if there is a driving force behind them, which means someone assuming the mantle not necessarily of leader, nor even of shepherd, but an element of herding is required - think of goats rather than sheep, guiding rather than driving, creating possibilities so that people "choose" the path you would like them to follow...

    The great thing about 1:32, other than the advantageous of mass, etc, is that there is quite a lot of stuff already available, such as rail, chairs, wheels, axlebox and spring castings, buffers and couplings, so anyone who is seriously interested in doing some 1:32 model making is set fair for the future - other than a few scenic features such as people, one does not really need much more than that small list to get on with making things. But in fact there is more than this, and there is in all probability more to come, which is all a wonderful bonus. So the committed model-maker can simply get on with it, without outside help, but many would appreciate a bit of friendship and a forum to exchange hints, tips, and to lavish praise on each other's achievements as this is quite simply the best form of encouragement there is.

    By all means "create" something if you must, but be mindful of the fact that it is already here in a 21st century form: it is a virtual society, no rules other than respect for others, and anyone can join by taking part in discussions and proffering their own achievements for public viewing and constructive criticism - if they wish to. OK, so it is maybe a bit vague, but then, clouds are - and I like clouds, they are so varied and fluffy and indefinable and individual, and whilst they obey the laws of nature, they do so in their own way. Be mindful also that if you create something, you will have to keep it running (and this means being regular with updates, rather than as and when you feel like it) and someone, somewhere, sometime, may well come along and imply you to be some form of dictator. (Said person will not, of course, do any modelling, just stir it up for everyone else.)

    And how will you have a constitution without people getting together, someone taking notes, and someone sitting in the chair? Why not simply see if there is a suitable village/church hall available somewhere central to the people you know to be interested, find out how it would cost to hire it, and ask all those who come to chip in an equal share? If it is near a pub and/or fish and chip shop, you have also solved the major part of catering, too.

    Do you want to assume this mantle, especially when no one is clamouring for it?

    My vote, if there is one (oh dear, getting close to a formal thing there) is to leave things as they are and to let them develop and go along in their own merry way; to let the ScaleOne32 universe to continue to rotate about its centre, which socially at the least happens to be you, really - and if you put a bit more effort into the website and people start to send you stuff, the whole need for anything more will simply go away.

    This is the only branch of the hobby without a constituted society, as far as I can see, and it offers a safe haven from rules and regulations: we agree that the G1MRA "Fine" standards are not correct, and that if adjusted slightly (open out the B2B just a tad) such wheels are compatible with ScaleOne32, as are Proto:32. Also, ScaleOne32 uses nice round(ish) for the most part (45mm gauge, 1.5mm flangeways - simple!) so it is a lot simpler to get one's head around it. Provided models are built to 1:32 scale, have wheels with flanges between 0.9mm and 1.0mm wide and a sensible width (scale or slightly over, say 4mm - 5mm as the prototype varied a bit) and depth of flange (scale - 0.9mm again - or slightly deeper) set to a back-to-back of 42.25mm, then everything else is fine, and what more is needed?

    The important thing is good modelling to a scale of 1:32, with agreed, published track standards.
    Who needs or wants a "society" once that is established?
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    I looked on the G1MRA website the other day and spotted that their forum was now accessible to the public at large....signs of G1MRA Glasnost? .....however in one of the sections contained topics from the same person ....replies were very thin on the ground.
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    My head hurts :oops: long posts and no pictures :)
    For the most part I find Yahoo groups off putting, I couldnt put my finger on why, but I have never actively joined in on any of the ones I subscribe to. Maybe it is just old fashioned, and all the business of sorting through bits of messages in an email is time consuming and hard to follow.
    I think you only need a constitution if you start collecting subscriptions etc and they you start down the paper trail.
    I would suggest agreeing on a name and logo which would give an identity, developing a web presence is a possibility, Simons current pages are somewhat static, but they serve a purpose and there are enough photos to give a taster.

    My gut feeling with Johns range is, nice kits, wrong prototype. Im not suggesting he should do a Pannier as I know he is a Crewe man, but maybe a Jinty or something similar would have wider appeal ? Freds Warships seem to have been a success which suggests that there is a market for the right choice. This could all come back to younger modellers wanting diesel outline and being open to 1/32, whereas older chaps want steam outline (electric or otherwise) which seems to be more 10mm.
    Im coming from the same direction as Simon D, and it is always possible to have an informal get together at a shop in Bath :) Get Steve to pitch Worcester road and you have the makings of a pleasant afternoon....
  6. Neil

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    From an outsiders standpoint the question would be why formalise? Is 1/32 hampered by a lack of trade support/organisational structure or is that part of its charm?
  7. Dikitriki

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    Come on Cynric, I must protest in the strongest possible terms.

    First you suggest a 4F from Slater's, now a Jinty from John. Are you trying to ruin my finances?

    Richard (lying down in a darkened room)
  8. Arty

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    I wouldn't talk to John about Jintys - he might beat you with a 1/32 cricket bat !


    (another) Richard
  9. John D

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    Oh Dear! ...... LMS/BR 3F tanks.....a.k.a 'Jinties' or, in proper Crewespeak ,'humpies' .....don't ask me why, it probably goes back into Mr. Webb's day. I did a 10mm version which I thought would do well ....but no....not a sausage.....b****r all. The artwork for this I reduced down to 7mm scale and sold on to Gladiator Kits and is now in his range. Then a chap appeared from 'over the water', Holland actually, and he bought the artwork to do a 1:32 version, hence why Slaters now do proper 1:32 wheels for this engine in their range. Perhaps , in hindsight I should have done a 1:32 one but after my experiences with the 10mm one I wasn't prepared to get my fingers burnt twice........I still have a copy of the originals artwork though :)....... and I still have my old school cricket bat :eek:
  10. 28ten

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    Blimey :) im no expert, but I think 1/32 appeals to a different modeller from the 10mm crowd.
    You have one buyer in Dikitriki :D even i would be tempted - just to build a nice 1/32 brass kit, i bet you could twist Simons arm and Cookie.......
  11. Ressaldar

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    if only David Andrews would re-size his 10mm kits to 1:32, I think that would lead to a greater take-up - the 42xx is very appealing......................................


  12. Simon

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    I'd defo add one to my "to do" pile if you decided to dust off the artwork, the Tower one doesn't really convince me and your kits are superb anyway. I'll happily pay in advance of production if it helps convince you. Yon furrin chap only does it as a built up jobbie I think....

    I'll tell you what, I'll see if anyone else is interested at the next ScaleOne Society committee meeting:p:))
  13. Steve Cook

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    I hear ya Guv :) I don't know, spending my money, pssh :D

    Have to say, I would rather one of these here Crewe Goods though, hint, hint...
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    I'm just going to stick my oar in even though this isn't a scale that i know anything about or which appeals to me apart from the usual 'I appreciate any scale' disclaimer. Could a sub-forum for the 1:32 guys not be created here on Western Thunder and invites sent out to those modellers of the yahoo group and the other groups mentioned? Hopefully you could centralize all those people into one place and the possibility of having wheels etc manufactured could move a step closer. The added bonus of having them all 'under one roof' is that the 'ScaleOne Society' committee won't have far to go :p
  15. Buckjumper

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    The virtual pint & chips might be a bit of a disappointment...
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  16. John D

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    Ask him ( unless you've already done so) though I guess it would be etches only and you'd have to source your own fittings. IF the 3F tank got off the ground I would probably do it on the same basis ie etches only as I don't have the moulds and patterns for the fittings anymore ,
  17. For anyone interested, I do have a set of Peter Hicks etchings for an LSWR Adams Radial tank, to 1:32 scale...

    Contact me via PM/email.
  18. Steph Dale

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    Oh crud - have you got it in for me as well? Still, at least it's not a T9 or D15... :mad:

  19. Ressaldar

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    Hi John,

    I know that he does quite a few castings for the 10mm version, but as you say, sourcing them in 1:32 would be the challenge.


  20. 28ten

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    Thats the real problem, in 7mm I can get castings for anything. I think to be attractive to the wider market a 1/32 kit needs suitable castings in the box, but I know from experience etching is cheap, it is the castings that eat into funds