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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by ceejaydee, 18 October 2011.

  1. Dikitriki

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    I'm with Cynric on this one. I want a complete kit, to include all castings, detailed backhead as well, preferably handrail knobs too. In fact, everything you would get in a quality 7mm kit. Wheels and motor/gears etc to customer's choice.

    As a matter of interest, if you are prepared to say John, or anyone else, how many advance ( paid for) orders would you need to consider getting a project off the ground?

  2. Ressaldar

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    and that is the rub - who is prepared to fund masters and sufficient 'runs,' and then make the price of the kit attractive - to the 'few'? Must try harder on the Lotto:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


  3. Ressaldar

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    1:32 must therefore lend itself more to diesels than steam - on the basis that fewer castings would be required? and detail can be built up via etches - as MMP kits?


  4. Dikitriki

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    Hi Mike

    Not convinced of that.

    I was staggered at the number of castings in my Warship box - and that's for a kit with a one-piece body.

  5. 28ten

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    The 'right kit' would appeal to 7mm modellers looking for a model to put in the showcase, which is why it must be complete with castings.
  6. ceejaydee

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    As has been said the right kit complete except for wheels/gears/motor could and should appeal to an audience wider than just those currently active (however slight) in 1/32.
    As Guv mentioned a good deal of 7mm boys may want to build something bigger for a display and a daresay a good few 16mm & G guys might go for it too.
    I'd say that a Jocko/Jinty/3F would be a good choice although as I spent 30 odd years of my life living in a village located between the ex-Midland Main Line and an ex-LNWR branch line I'll admit a slight bias.

    Certainly the appeal of JD's 48DS was that the usual bits are all in the box, wheels are available from a tried and trusted manufacturer and motor and gears are easy to source.
    I also think that getting the launch of the kit into a widely available mag like RM should maximise the potential customer base to the 'Average Modeller' rather than those people continuing to believe that G1 is an exclusive branch of the hobby that they should aspire to but not be able to join easily.

    Going back to the point on the relative inactivity on yahoo groups; I too find the email format somewhat involved for what it is and would much rather post on a forum such as this.
    I can also see that whilst there is no need for a formal 1/32 group I also understand that some like what amounts to something a little more tangible that a pure cyber group. Although as the cyber element is only a medium through which to share what you actually do in the physical world it is somewhat more substantial than other online groups where everything that takes place is virtual.

    I'd also like to say that as the original question poser/thread starter I am pleased at the amount of discussion it has generated and the ideas and thoughts put forward - thanks to all for their input :)

    Bearing in mind that Simon is going to some effort to put on a decent 1/32 display at the G1MRA show in Dec I think that I will give it another go even if only to support these efforts and it will be good to meet up with other 1/32 people and given the progress made over 3 pages of this thread who knows where it may lead.
  7. Why is it a problem?
    Why not think - literally in this case - outside the box?

    Why does it have to appeal to the wider market? 7mm is already established for this sort of thing.

    Part of the appeal of One32 indoors is that due to its size, you need fewer models, and can afford to put the time into building them from scratch. Even a small branch terminus could easily take up a space 24' x 4', and even then look crowded with more than two locos, a pair of coaches and a score of wagons.

    For anyone who wants to create something from the raw with real mass and presence, then One32 is perfect as it is. For anyone who wants a large range of kits and parts, then One32 will never be able to compete with 7mm scale, so the latter is where you go.
  8. 28ten

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    But in the case of a commercial offering, Jinty , Pannier or whatever, I am positive more profit will come from a complete kit rather than a set of etches. I would be sorley tempted by a complete Jinty for say £400-£500, but a set of etches for £150-£200, no interest. My guess a lot of other people would feel the same, and to make money you have to appeal to a wider audience.
  9. Ressaldar

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    and the more that can be included in the box in the first place, makes it more appealing.

    I was thinking more of a Class 03 shunter - apart from the exhaust cone/flowerpot, air horns, air tanks if fitted and a few cab fittings, most everything else could be etched - and it is quite an appealing prototype.


  10. John D

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    The 48DS did appear in the R/Modeller .........sold one kit on the strength of it :(. Being a bit cheeky.... what would be nice is if someone,anyone, whose bought one would write up a 'warts an' all' build article for it (I can't ,I'm biased) and get it off to one the mags........what they'd pay you for said article would hopefully cover the outlay on the kit.

    If somebody comes up with a decent drawing of this ,or can point me in the right direction ...who knows. Mind you I'd have to get on to Slaters re: the correct wheels..........and before anybody says that there are cast iron ones available, there's nothing like the kiss of death for a kit when the punter asks 'what wheels are available?' and you tell them the cost of the casting (nice though they undoubtedly are) plus, if they are like me , have to get/pay somebody to turn them up etc. A set of Slaters ready done, off the shelf is a far better sales pitch......unless ,of course, the punter is (unlike me:() .... 'loaded' :)
  11. Steve Cook

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    Is it actually worth doing an 03 when the Bachmann 1/32 one can be bought for £350? Granted it would have to be a blue one rather than a green one at that price, but as far as I'm aware, Tower still have them available.....
  12. Jordan

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    :)) :D :)) :D Oh I love hearing this old line, even about O Scale.....:thumbs:

    "NEED" fewer models, quite possibly.... but "WANT" fewer models...?? :rolleyes: Come off it!! :p ...and that's when the costs start to mount... as I've posted before, when I did the Soo Line at first in N Scale, I had 8 locos... now doing it in O Scale I have... 7 locos, and the layout isn't even as big as the N Scale one was..... :confused:
  13. John D

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    Fair point.........
  14. Ressaldar

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    In that case, how about one of these - even less castings - no 'chimney', wheel diameter 3'6", 10 spokes, crank between spokes and two are preserved.

    scan0002.jpg scan0003.jpg scan0004.jpg

    even has the benefit of an overhanging (and therefore removable) cab roof to get the cab detail in.

    I know that Mercian do one in 7mm - one I did earlier

    DSCF0779_edited.JPG DSCF0783.JPG DSCF0820.JPG

    and a 10mm version has been threatened for some time - but nothing like getting in first.


  15. ceejaydee

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    Don't tell me it was the one I bought as I did reference both RM and Simon's site in my original email enquiry...

    How about a BR Class o2 as a starter kit? Superb for the tiny layouts.....
  16. Yes, but there are some who want little, and their needs and wants coincide. Take Neil and Morfa, for instance.

    As Jas Millham once said, when he had but a couple of locos (he initially built his F5 so that he had two locos for use at exhibitions, in case on failed, I think he now has about 10), "How many locos can you run at one time?"

    My point is, if you want bigger models and a wide range of kits and bits, then 0 gauge is well established.
    If you want bigger models and just the key components for building, then One32 has a lot to offer.

    If you want more than you need, that's a different matter, and not one I can help you with...
  17. John D

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    I could probably twist Trev's (Mercian) arm to do this in 1:32 , after all he has a 1:32 class 14 imminent (have seen the built up prototype which will appear at the G1MRA AGM in December) and a Ruston 165HP also which is available now in 1:32 .....wouldn't want to tread on his toes by doing the Hudswell myself.
  18. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi John,

    I saw the Ruston mentioned on his website, but there is no mention of the Class 14 - do not think that he has updated his website for some time. The Hudswell would seem to be a good choice though.


  19. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    Whilst the small diesels are cute, imho they are of limited appeal in terms of audience, really they are a diesel era Manning Wardle. If I were doing a 1/32 kit I would want to hit the middle of the road in terms of appeal eg 0-6-0 tank
  20. Buckjumper

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    So the ideal would be a kit requiring few castings, all of which could be used for multiple locomotives classes (thinking of future possibilities), and preferably with multiple-region appeal. Well that's easy enough - with LNER tank classes J65, J66, J67, J68 and J69 you're aiming at six birds (trust me, in this case five equals six!) and dozens of variants thereof, with one fell swoop. All of the classes have a family likeness but are also visually distinctive from each other.

    From the mid-20s they were diverse in their allocations and spheres of work, and could be found not only on the GE lines in East Anglia and London (obviously!), but, for example, on the ex-LBSC lines (via the ELR), Immingham, Lincoln, Frodingham, Barnsley, New England, the Mersey Railway, Boston, St. Margarets, Staveley, Kings X, Hatfield, Hitchin, Louth, Grantham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Leicester, Gorton, Trafford Park, Liverpool, Wrexham, Eastfield, Parkhead, Perth, Dunfirmline, Carlisle, Dumfries, Burntisland and Kittybrewster and oelsewhere. Some were paired with tenders in Scotland for light-branch working, others went into industrial use, and a few were bought by the WD.

    For the sake of argument, if you chose the basic shunting versions of the 66-69 classes the castings/turnings list would run to: Buffers, smokebox door + handles, chimney, dome, ross pop valves, blow down cock, detailed backhead, tank filler lids, clack valves, reverser lever, sandbox lids, brake standard, whistle, gauges, sight feed lubricator, blower valve, injectors, handrail knobs, couplings.

    Another half dozen or so castings (bufferbeam pipes, westinghouse pump, vac ejector, vent pipes, westo cylinder and reverser wheel and you're ready for the passenger variants of the J tanks.

    As the GE, was at the forefront of standardisation, all of these castings would be suitable for other GE classes (in therms of castings you're more than halfway to a J15 0-6-0 and an E4 2-4-0, and more than three quarters of the way to the F4/5/6 2-4-2 tanks).