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  1. John D

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    Ah! ....no but....yeah but.....as seen running round the G1 test track at our recent bash in Shepshed , Dave Walker (of Cromford Design fame) has built the enclosed cab version of my Ruston 48DS kit and by altering the motor position and raising the cab floor slightly......has fitted in all the radio gear and batteries into the loco :thumbs: . I was told by him that it would haul 10 wagons which,I think, was more than the real thing could do. Previous to this he'd done a similar installation on the Manning W L class loco.......amazing! :) I suppose the downside on it running out in the garden is ,being small, losing it in the undergrowth :D
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  2. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    As said many times before , the reason I didn't do the K class was that in conversation with Slaters it was said that they MIGHT possibly consider doing a K (a revamp of their 7mm kit in 1:32 scale with resin tank etc) , IF this had have happened (might possibly still ,who knows ) for my part it would not have been politic to bite the hand that does yer wheels....if you see what I mean......;)
  3. ceejaydee

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    Are your 1:32 kits still available John but just not shown on your website?
  4. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    Simon has an MW kit in the shop - well he did last Wednesday....
  5. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    At the moment...no as I'm not too sure if it's worthwhile continuing with them,hence I've taken them off the website. Am now at the stage where stocks of etchings/casting are low for the 48DS and RCH wagon underframe ,whether to re-order and have the new stock just sitting on the shelf gathering dust is the problem. I have sold on the production rights for the Manning Wardle L class to Trevor Cousens (Mercian Models).....he's far better at selling things than me ;)
  6. Hi John,

    Wasn't sure how public the reason was - it was some time ago that you told me personally the reasons for this decision, and as I said, it was for you and not me to make public. I also understand your reasons, and said that, too...

    However, how long ago was this? Will we ever see the K from Slater's? I would like to think so, but my gut feeling is that it will be some time before we do.


  7. John D

    John D Western Thunderer

    I don't think we are talking state secrets here..........no poisoned umbrella point in the back of the leg.....I hope :oops::shit:
  8. Nothing like that, John: just didn't want to pass on something in case it was a private comment!
  9. chrisb

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    That's sad news John. I've greatly enjoyed building the 48DS (it's nearly finished - I'm a slow modeller!) and for the price I thought it a great bargain.

  10. John Miller

    John Miller Western Thunderer

    Well here we are 3 years later and - as a new member here and to G1/32 in general - I would be very interested to hear your (and others in this thread) current thinking on this question.

    I see that the G1MRA website is currently being updated and I was wondering if the "winds of change" have extended to the broader membership in general?
  11. Steve Cook

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    Hi John

    It depends on what you mean by 'winds of change' - the vast majority of the membership are interested in building and running live steam engines - I don't think that is going to change much, even over the next 10-15 years. A lot is still 10mm because that was the popular scale up until a few years ago. 1/32 is gaining popularity, most of the new commercial offerings are in this scale (particularly RTR), but there is still a vast interest in 10mm. I have certainly never suffered from sniffy comments because I model in 1/32.

    I think that if you are interested in the Live Steam aspect of G1 then membership of G1MRA is a very good thing. My experience of being a member for the last eight+ years has been entirely positive, but then I attribute that to the people that I have met and socialise with, getting involved with my local group and running my steam engine has resulted in the most fun I have had in the hobby. Like all walks of life, there are a few oddballs here and there and if you are unlucky enough to meet one or two early on, it can be enough to put you off.

    However, it all comes down to what you want from membership. The newsletter is good, the shows are getting better, the local groups / get-togethers are the highlight and the knowledge pool is vast and all encompassing. There is a forum and a email based Yahoo group for G1, now both separate from G1MRA. 1/32 electric two rail is pretty much ignored because people go R/C in the outdoor environment - Simon on here is the flag bearer for both two rail and scale standards in the garden and we have a few members enjoying the Fred Phipps kits too :)

    I've renewed again because it supports the scale I'm interested in and I enjoy participating. I'd certainly give it a go for a year, visit a local group and see if suits you.

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  12. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I'd say Steve has given a very fair assessment.

    An additional benefit of membership is that you will come across a few really handy "craft" suppliers and their wares, most especially if you attend the AGM meeting, coming up on October 25th this month.

    Neil Butcher, Tony Riley, Ken Martin, Peter Korzelius and others.

    More info on my website.

    Unfortunately I'm unable to go this year as (very fortunately) Grandpa is taking us all away for the weekend on the Eurostar:thumbs:

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  13. taliesin

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    There will shortly be a G1MRA forum for members via the website as well, cheers Rob
  14. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    What Steve & Simon said :)

    Whilst still not for me at the present time I'd agree that if G1 is your main or sole scale then membership and AGM attendance is very worthwhile.

    I sold my G1 track to Rob as I'm happy to run my G1 on my LGB track for now.
  15. John Miller

    John Miller Western Thunderer

    Hi CJ, Steve and Simon! - many thanks for your replies.

    From the position of an outsider observer, there were many points in your original post and subsequent ones, that struck a chord with me - not the least of which was this feeling of conservative elitism that seemed to pervade the world of gauge one. I certainly don't mean that in any critical sense of the folks involved - but I guess it just is a natural consequence of being in a higher socio-economic group neccessary to be able to afford the bigger costs involved.

    In recent years I have noticed that the price of entry into gauge one has been falling due to the efforts of the various oriental suppliers like Bowande and home suppliers like the G1MC who have made it possible for people like me to aquire some rolling stock. (I just hope that supplies of those excellent G1MC MkI coaches last until I've saved up enough to buy some :) ) However, I see that many of the far eastern model train companies are experiencing production difficulties due to the increasing demands of an exploding middle class of skilled workers and I wonder if this will lead back to greater reliance on more expensive home grown products.

    I've had recent first hand experience of this with some W and L Pickering coaches that I bought, which - although still an excellent product - arrived with numerous defects which I chose to fix myself rather than risk further problems with the postal system. My understanding is that they were made in a region of China with particularly bad labour problems and the rolling stock production has since been moved to the locomotive factory in a different part of the country and that has consequently delayed those deliveries.

    It's interesting that you mention running G1 on G scale track - I'm currently involved in upgrading our club SM45 track to be more G1 friendly - we have 11ft radius curves, but they need smoothing out more than is required for 16mm running and the point turnouts are too tight.
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  16. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    I only have two G1 locos running and one kit to build and as they are small prototypes (0-4-0 & 0-6-0) and will traverse tight curves they are ideal as I only have a tiny garden it is a case of compromise.

    I know that that LGB track is heavy and overscale even for 1:22.5 scale but it is strong, robust and to me looks right when laid on the ground outdoors for my purposes.

    Despite their faults I do like the G1MRC rolling stock and at around £50 each (when I bought them) they represent good value for money and look great outdoors.

    My small outdoor line is also used for running LGB, 16mm and USA outline 1:29 scale and is much more of an outdoor scenic test track than making any pretence towards being a scale layout but for me it is manageable, affordable and probably most of all fun.

    Whilst not for me I do enjoy watching mainline running in the larger scales with G1 and G3 being particularly impressive but I don't have the space, money or desire but equally am glad that many do and are prepared to share their experiences with others.

    I hope that you enjoy your G1 activities :)
  17. isambardme

    isambardme Western Thunderer

    Over 3 years on I do detect some continued positive change in G1mra. I've been a member for 2 years & found the 70th Anniversary Gimra show very interesting. An afternoon speaker there on Gimra past, present & future highlighted the newer developments of r/c battery control both for live steam & electric powered locos. Certainly more kit makers like KA Lasercraft & Ken West are now producing some stock in 1/32nd. Ken specially laser cut his 10mm GWR Syphon C for me in 1/32nd & researched & made a new model, a 32' 6" LNER 4 wheel parcels/CCT van in 1/32nd for me. We have to be realistic. Kev of KA Lasercraft said that the buyers of 10mm loco kits of course want 10mm stock & that is a large part of his sales, fair enough. It's up to us to buy more 1/32nd kits to support these kit suppliers. As Ken West's bodyline 4 wheel GWR Syphon kit is only £30 then I hope he gets more sales. Sourcing wheels, axleboxes etc should not be a big problem, as Kev said the difference between the two scales is 1/2 mm in 1 foot, so for smaller u/frame parts etc the usual suppliers inc Tenmille can be used with care.

    Certainly I have found Gimra members at Bromsgrove Model Engineers & at the 70th Anniv show most helpful & willing to share their expertise. Both 10mm & 1/32nd locos & stock were running at both locations, no prejudice visible between either scales!

    I have to say that Gauge 1 live steam outside has a very special attraction to me, yes, guess I'm hooked!
    Cheers, Steve
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  18. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Hi Steve

    When did you ask Ken to redraw the Siphon C in 1/32 scale? I spoke to ken at the AGM and he there said he would be prepared to change the cad program. At the same time I placed an order for two of the kits and received them some time before Christmas.

    He is also going rescale the drawings for his CCT wagons (Pythons P14 & P20) for me of which I’ve ordered one of each to pick up at the Shepshed G1RMA Show.

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  19. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    Thanks, Steve and (just in case anyone has missed it), during 2017 G1MRA has voted two Western Thunder members onto its Board, spawned a 50-strong 1:32 Finescale Group, and has awarded its main Cup to the builders of a stunning batch of 1:32 scale locomotives (albeit on Standard wheels).
    David 1/2d
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  20. isambardme

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    Hi Dave,
    I initially spoke to Ken a while before the AGM. I understand he was unfortunately not so well before that. I have checked my cheque stubs & the Syphon was paid for mid Oct. It has made up into a super bodyline kit. After the AGM Ken said he had a batch of orders to get through from the AGM (including yours perhaps). The 1/32nd LNER CCT he did specially soon after. Hope this helps.

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