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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by ceejaydee, 18 October 2011.

  1. Dikitriki

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    Hi Steve,

    Can you post a/some photos of what came in the 1/32 LNER CCT kit please.

  2. Dave Bowden

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    I have just sold the 10mm version of the Syphon C to a fellow EAG member, and with this kit there wasn’t a roof unlike the 1/32 kit which now has a slatted roof that will fold over it, this will save time and effort from sourcing a brass or plastic one.

    Can you post a photo of yours please Steve.

  3. isambardme

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    IMG_2947.JPG IMG_2948.JPG
    I hope these photos taken a week or so ago are of interest.

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  4. isambardme

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  5. isambardme

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    Hi Dave, I took this photo a while ago, I will endeavour to get better photos of the Syphon & the LNER CCT for you & Richard.
    Bear with me. Cheers,

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  6. isambardme

    isambardme Western Thunderer

    IMG_2957.JPG IMG_2956.JPG
    I hope the 2 new photos show the LNER CCT kit contents for Richard & the Syphon roof detail for Dave. The roof design is similar in both kits. Ken had sent an early prototype of this new roof design for a small van with an earlier order of mine. (My feedback to him on this new development was very positive.) By the way the LNER CCT was produced in 2 batches, one in 1939 & the other in 1950 (by BR).
    Hope this helps. View attachment 82796 View attachment 82797
    p.s. People following this thread might also like to view the Dikitriki (Richard) WT thread on building his 1/32nd LNER D114 BTK coach & Richard's 'Garden Railway Pipedream'.
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  7. David Taylor

    David Taylor Western Thunderer

    Living in Australia the only benefits I see from either G1MRA or GOG are supplier lists and the journals. I gave up on GOG because its journal was basically a couple of kit building articles and exhibition reports but bugger all about scratchbuilding.

    The one year I was a member of G1MRA the journal was similar - kits and 2 rail DC, maybe some RC. And get together reports - of no interest to me at all.

    My primary interest is scratchbuilding. How is the G1MRA journal in this regard recently?
  8. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    I'm with you 100% David.
    There are hundreds of G1MRA members for whom, for whatever reason, the Journal is the Product.
    If that isn't meeting their needs, some may choose to keep their sub in their trousers.
    Others get the - often greater - pleasure of making contributions.

    Following the brief tenure of Peter F Bird, and a heroic issue put together by Chairman and Secretary, the last two issues have been under a new team - Editor: Rod Clarke and Assistant: myself.
    We are really keen to have scratchbuilding articles, so please all send us both your own scratchbuilding articles and your suggestions for what you like to see.​

    Journal 257 includes:

    How to Do It:
    - How to make drain cocks for outside cylinders.
    - How to add electric lamps to a steam locomotive.
    - A new design of axle pump.
    - Electric motor speed regulation.
    - Regulator and Blower valve improvements.
    - Minimum size outdoor raised track.​

    Experience with Kit:
    - Coal fired King class​

    Inspirational Scratchbuilding:
    - Coal-fired Aster Lion (photos only)
    - Double Fairlie build​

    Prototype Information:
    - Ambulance and First Aid shed at Bonar Bridge Station​

    Journal 256:

    How to Do It:
    - Superheater in meths burner
    - Gas Oil Fuelling Point​

    Experience with Kits:
    - American match-boarded baggage car
    - Turn a Lion into a Tiger​

    Inspirational Scratchbuilding:
    - Award for innovation in 3D printing (no 3D printer required)
    - A large railway station
    - Indoor layout in Germany
    - Western Region Dynamometer Car
    - Giant's Causeway tram engine
    - Work by 1:32 Finescale Group​

    Prototype Information:
    - Baden State Railways Class IVg​

    and of course lots of inspirational photos.​

    You haven't missed anything from these issues because, on joining, you get the password to the entire back-catalogue, with its Index spreadsheet.

    For issues 258 and onward, we are lining up as much material as we are sent on locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, methods, etc etc and already have some cracking material, either in the bag or tantalisingly on offer.

    What would you especially like to see, David?
    and, since you are clearly a scratchbuilder yourself,
    What articles can you offer us - Australian or otherwise?

    David 1/2d
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  9. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    I have to say David that I have found the last couple of issues very good. Being relatively new to G1, and a complete tyro with live steam, I am finding it all new and of great interest, even if some of it seems above me at the moment. You have had 2 new members join from my O gauge (now G1 garden) group as they were very impressed with the magazine - my copy was certainly much thumbed at our meetings - and we will be taking a party both to the Fosse and Shepshed meetings.

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  10. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    Thank you, Richard!

    Of course none of this is to rubbish our predecessors - a magazine can only print what it's sent, and besides different readers have widely different interests.
    Hence asking what tickles the fancies of this particular interest group. D​
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  11. David Taylor

    David Taylor Western Thunderer

    Sounds like a vast improvement! I'll join up again and have a look.

    I cannot offer anything at present because I am working on nothing except my 5" gauge loco. Nothing else is allowed on the workbench until that is finished.

    I plan to make a 1/32 loco next so should have something to offer then but that is a few years off yet.
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  12. isambardme

    isambardme Western Thunderer

    Glad to hear you're going to join up again. As one of those who joined G1MRA after seeing Richard's G1MRA magazines & working on his G1 garden railway, I have also found it useful to join our Midlands Area G1MRA group (extra £3 pa supplement). I am used to running 16mm gas powered live steam, but G1 meths fired locos are definitely a new learning curve. Talking to meths fired loco operators at Midland group meetings has been very useful & one meet gave the opportunity to sell unwanted stock, as well as get plenty of advice & useful contacts to help sort out a somewhat problematic loco.
    Good luck with your plans for a 1/32nd loco. Having travelled to the Fosse show this last Saturday & chatted to various loco producers, I get the encouraging impression that the r-t-r range of 1/32nd locos is and will be steadily improving, although of course the companies involved are keeping a careful watch on the pound's performance against foreign exchange. The home produced kit locos seem to be still in 10mm only, not a great problem if you are prepared to run 10mm stock behind them. Again there are plenty of 10mm kits for wagons & coaches. At the Fosse Show if 10mm locos were run with 1/32nd stock, as Richard & I noted, it did not look quite right.
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  13. David Taylor

    David Taylor Western Thunderer

    Having rejoined I am now able to access the past issues of the NL&J. I cannot overstate what a bonus that is! Now happily reading backwards through the issues. The more recent ones are excellent.

    So a huge thank you! to whoever came up with the idea of scanning the journals and making them available to members, and to the people who did it.

    I'd already bought and enjoyed the JvR book but there seems to have been a great many other people experimenting away and writing it up for our enjoyment.
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  14. Keith Phillips

    Keith Phillips Western Thunderer

    I'm a very new member of G1MRA and have spent the last hour or so reading through this thread. I must confess that at the start I was wondering if I had made a mistake but as the thread evolved I feel there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I have been wondering if I'm to model in 10mm or 1/32 for my new adventure. This thread has made my mind up that the way forward is to concentrate on 1/32. It has clarified a few points to me and I can't wait to get started as soon as the funds are in place.

    Interestingly I'm leaving behind classic car ownership for one reason or another and very similar conditions prevailed in those circles. Some owners would look down their noses at you if they thought you had an inferior model in the wrong colour or the wrong spec or, heaven forbid you had modified it.

    Please keep up the reasoned and informed debate on these pages but spare a thought for the new guys who would appreciate the odd link or two to help us find our way to the goodies available. Or maybe it's just me.

    Must find the wife now and let her know I'm still in the building.
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  15. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    It would seem that things have changed a lot over the 6 1/2 years since I started the thread and whilst G1 is part of my past I find it interesting to see how things progress in the scale.
  16. isambardme

    isambardme Western Thunderer

    Welcome Keith. I would perhaps suggest starting off with a straightforward r/c rechargeable battery powered 1/32nd electric loco & maybe some Accucraft BR mk 1 coaches. It's often useful at meets to have something that can run quickly without fuss. I would not start with an Aster. As an experienced G1 operator & trader said to me they are rather complex & delicate beasts. Good fun to operate when you have mastered them, but not always straightforward, perhaps like some classic cars. Yes, I also know two G1 people who have classic cars(!) Good luck, Steve
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  17. Keith Phillips

    Keith Phillips Western Thunderer

    Thank you Steve. I will follow your advice. Keith
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  18. isambardme

    isambardme Western Thunderer

    Meanwhile, for those considering other 1/32nd kit purchases, a new SR 4 wheel parcels van has been made by Ken West for Cliff Barker & is available from Cliff at around £40. I purchased one from Cliff, Ken confirmed it was his work at the recent Shepshed show. It should prove useful to run behind 1/32nd SR locos, in front of G1Mco 1/32nd BR mk 1 coaches. My preferred fittings for 1/32nd vans so far used are Peter Korzilius sprung wagon buffers, Coach wheels & axlebox/ leaf spring assemblies from Northern Finescale & steel coupling hooks (sprung) with 3 link chain attached from Walsall Model industries.(All 10mm fittings as 1/32nd versions not available as far as I can see & anyway with smaller items of this size the difference is not really discernable to the average person.)
    Hope this info is use to some readers, photo shows lots to do still. IMG_3160.JPG


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  19. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    Here's an odd link or two for you, Keith:
    The latest 1:32 Finescale Group Newsletter:
    1:32F - Newsletter No.5

    If you've not come across us before, scroll around the website.
    You're welcome to join - no sub or admin.
    Group covers 1:32 Scale AND/OR Finescale
    G1MRA membership recommended but not compulsory
    Only data we store is Name and Email

    The next all-Gauge One event is in three weeks time:
    Gauge 1 North at Bakewell, Saturday 14 July 2018
    Goodies will be Available :)

    Many of this Forum will be there in one capacity or another - may see you there :)
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  20. Keith Phillips

    Keith Phillips Western Thunderer

    Thank you David, this does point me in the right direction. Unable to make the Gauge 1 North show as I will be working. I will be going to Woking in October. In the intervening period I might get on with the line in the garden.
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