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    The standard gauge railways operated by Lt Col Holman F Stephens provide lots of examples of small and/or dotty prototypes that might well interest those with small indoor 2-rail layouts.

    Robert Kosmider runs Steam and Things over in Australia.
    Amongst other things he has a fondness for the Colonel Stephens railways and a complete etching facility.

    He's posted as follows on the G1MRA Yahoo Group:

    "Hello all

    The Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway "Gazelle" is now available from me as a set of brass etches. It can be supplied either in 10mm scale or 1/32. "

    He's happy to upscale any of his etches to 1/32 scale, and has announced the availability of a 1/32 Gazelle etch to G1MRA.

    As his website is a real challenge to me, it may well be to others, so rather than link to the Home page, here is the link to Gazelle:

    and a list of other products:

    He's made a number of clarifications one-to-one:

    - he doesn't mindlessly upscale photographically, but does a partial redraw to take account of sheet thickness etc.

    - he does all the work in-house from design to film and tool production to etching.

    - as with Gazelle, additional G1 upscales would be fret only, no castings, and with instructions as printed for the original smaller scale.

    - for past upscales he's sent out a list of all parts in a kit and asked a potential customer what they want from the list. Then he's quoted against their requirements. He bears the cost of artwork and photo tool, and charges only for production and materials.

    - although he's had many enquiries about G1, Gazelle is the first enquiry to get as far as an etch - hence his announcement.

    - in G1 not everything needs etching. For example in this larger scale some items are better made in wood.

    These little test-etch pictures give some clues about the level of detail and how the kits go together:
    and maybe Robert has bigger copies he could share with anyone keen.
    I have been impressed by photos of models built from his Australian kits.

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    Hi David, not my scale, but I'm sure others will appreciate this info. :thumbs:
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    No doubt Robert in Australia is fully aware, but (from RH Clark - A Short History of the M&GN) Gazelle was the second of of two similar 2-2-2 well tank engines built by Alfred Dodman & Sons Eng Kings Lynn. The first was for the West Norfolk Farmers' Chemical & Manure Works, and found its way to Australia! Maybe the reason for this model of Gazelle?

    In 1897 Gazelle ran a round trip from Kings Lynn to Chesterfield! Birkitt was able to use his engine on the railway network by virtue of being a director of a railway - the Kings Lynn Docks & Railways.

    I'll go back in my box now.
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    Robert already caters for your scale :)

    Thank you Osgood - I had no idea!
    Does the book mention the gauge of the first engine please?
    I ask because I mess around with three Australian gauges already.

    All I can find online so far are:

    = assertions that Gazelle was Dodman's one and only locomotive, even from sites that quote the same book as a reference,

    = this quote from the Col. Stephens Society website
    (sorry, can't get the quote html to work properly):

    "Mr M.G. Greenacre, who worked for Dodman's from 1903 to 1910, recalled seeing a locomotive of the Gazelle type in use in the sidings of the West Norfolk Farmers' Chemical & Manure works at South Lynn. Gazelle would not seem well suited to be an industrial shunter because of its small adhesive weight and non-standard buffer height. Perhaps tests were being carried out to assess the feasibility of rebuilding "Gazelle" or of building a new locomotive to suit conditions at the works, but further details are lacking. Mr R.H. Clark, historian of the M&GN Joint Railway, has suggested that a second locomotive of the "Gazelle" type was built by Dodman's and ended up in Australia, but there is no evidence of this in the records of the Australian Railway Historical Society."