Geoff's G3 Workbench pre 1860 railways

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    Anyone interested in these Simplex petrol shunters will find stevesopwith and Rob R have uploaded all the photos and drawings you could possibly need elsewhere in WT. All the detailing on this model is thanks to them.
    And Unklian for the buffers.
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    ...................will find stevesopwith and Rob R have uploaded all the photos and drawings you could possibly need elsewhere in WT. All the deta......



    Keep going young man, it's working............

    All the best
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    The search facility is pretty good Baz, try here:

    Prototype - Motor Rail Simplex

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    Thank you Adam, much appreciated. :thumbs:

    Had a 'senior moment' - searched on Simplex (seems logical) but (here's the thing) forgot to scroll down the results page...... DOH!!!!! :rolleyes:

    Again, thanks.... just moving my chair to the back of the class room.

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    20170626_180211.jpg I've had the connecting rod for the Eastern Counties 2-2-2WT pantographed by G3 soc member John Taylor, and used a gauge 1 GWR pistonsetup from Walsall Model Industries. I'm pleased with how it looks, and it runs smoothly. 20170626_180126.jpg

    I'm working on the dummy outside frames.
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    That promises to be a fine looking engine. Do you have a picture of the prototype? If I'm not mistaken, they look like Mark Wood wheels :).

  7. geoff_nicholls

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    I've only found one photo on the web halfway down this page:
    Disused Stations: Cambridge Station
    and that's of a later version with a larger boiler. There are photos in the GERS journal, but I'm not sure about the copyright issues. If you click on my Avatar. you'll see a drawing. And yes, they are Mark Wood wheels
  8. Threadmark: LSWR open wagon

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    Although the Williams' Models LSWR wagon kit has appeared a few times in these pages, the feature that hasn't is the functioning sheet rail. As with the LBSC wagon in Mike's range, it's a Williams Patent Sheet Rail (also as before, no relation) but the support rail is of a smaller diameter, so a new part had to be printed and cast for this. Such are the none-standardised trails and tribulations of pre-grouping modelling.
    This wagon should be on display when Lea Siding is exhibited at Swindon 9th/10 September, along with the new NBR Jubilee wagon. There will also be a Mink van (whatever that is) to please the locals.

  9. Jon Nazareth

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    Isn't a mink van a place to keep ferrets? Someone had to say it. :rolleyes:

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    Actually, no, they didn't!
  11. Threadmark: GWR Iron Mink gauge 3

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    Cutting it a bit fine for the Swindon show, but the Williams Models GWR Iron Mink is nearly finished. If I've understood the instructions correctly, it's in the pre-1904 grey livery and lettering. I copied a photo of 11152 that I found on the web. The lettering is by Fox Transfers, not cheap, but easy to use, and the clear surrounds are minimal.

  12. geoff_nicholls

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    The whitemetal castings of the springs, brakes and chain tensioners for the Y11 Simplex arrived a few days ago. Cast by Ian Thomson(Unklian), from my patterns, he's made an excellent job of them. I need to make a few amendments to the etch artwork, then plan to offer them as an aid to scratchbuilding to recoup some of my costs.
  13. geoff_nicholls

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    More progress with the locos for the Eastern Counties Railway and BR versions of Aldeburgh Harbour:

    The etches for the body for the Gooch class A (plus the fluted overlays for the J65 coupling rods)
    And the laser cut frames for a BR period J15 and tender. Down from my own artwork by Model Engineers Laser, £76 and a 3-4 week turnaround. They were drawn to fit with Williams Models hornblocks and axle bushes, one of which can be seen. The steel is 1.5mm thick giving 53mm over the frames, which hopefully will navigate round my 3 metre radius curves.
  14. geoff_nicholls

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    20180614_150356.jpg I've started installing the RC in the Gooch class A. I'm using RC supplied by Micron Radio Control, this time. Partly because it's cheaper than the Revo, but also because the receiver is so small, 35mm by 18mm and will fit in the loco bunker.
    20180614_150629.jpg 20180614_150511.jpg

    I had been worried that, being a single-wheeler, the loco would have difficulty pulling itself, never mind a train, but it does seem able to cope with a short train of my rather crudely built GRS wagons, so I'm reasonably confident it will pull the much lighter early period stock I have planned.
    You can see the lower platform for the 1850's version of the layout in the photos. I'm planning it as an ECR/LNWR joint line, as there are plenty of drawings of LNWR goods stock from that period. Which means the Peterborough area; Woodstone on the river Nene seems a good option for a 'might have been' with the ECR having running rights beyond Peterborough to the landing stage for a ferry and passenger packet boats.

    After the experience transporting and exhibiting Aldeburgh Harbour at two exhibitions, I've decided to trim the front right back. The tide mill/tranship shed will be used on another layout, and another smaller building will hide the mouse holes at the lefthand end. The quayside at the right was never really used. The layout now appears longer and more spacious, or at least it does to me. The scenic bits which bolt on the front will now all fit in the recess of the smaller board for transport. I still need to find brackets for the lighting beam.
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    Buffer shanks, cab and bunker soldered in place, and the bunker lined with thin ply in case of shorts. The RC is installed and the loco reassembled. It still runs! Still a few complicated bits to do, but from now on it's all cosmetic jobs.

    20180807_190959.jpg 20180807_190932.jpg
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  16. Jon Nazareth

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    Lovely work, Geoff, and where did you get the little people?

  17. geoff_nicholls

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    the figures were bought from Pat Maslin ( £7 each plus P and P This one, and the one you can see by the gate in the previous photo, seem perfect for this period.

  18. Jon Nazareth

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    Thanks, Geoff, I'll send her an email as she doesn't seem to have a website.

  19. Jon Nazareth

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    Pat Maslin has told me that her railway figure supplier/maker has retired and so, once stocks have gone, they've gone. You may want to order some more before they do.

  20. Spitfire2865

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    Perhaps someone on here knows of a manufacturer capable of manufacturing them again for Pat?