Geoff's G3 Workbench pre 1860 railways

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    I didn't notice at first Geoff, but is that really a solid printed nylon crank axle?

  2. geoff_nicholls

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    Yes, it is. It works very nicely. Of course the loco is in effect a light wagon pushed in front of the powered tender.
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    My entire pre 1860 LNWR stock, so far, on show. The 4 comp second (the Wappenham Coach) is a Williams Models/David Viewing kit, the reson casting of a first class carriage compartment is a Williams Models/G Nicholls project.
    The Parly Trains 4 wheeled cab is looking good. The parts I received didn't include axles, so I made mine out of 5mm dowell. I'm looking forward to spending time painting the Modelu figures, something I've never tried before.
    The Bury 0-4-0 runs well, but the MSC Models JH motor still has a loud growl, I guess I just need to run it in.

    20200523_120527.jpg 20200523_120535.jpg 20200523_120631.jpg
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    The Parly Trains carriage, and the Modelu Ragged Victorians are ready for the paint shop.
    20200528_122430.jpg 20200528_122359.jpg
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    Some photos on the new layout, which replaces Aldeburgh Harbour. It's another generic layout: ECR, ECR/LNWR or GER depending on what takes my fancy. Track laying has begun. This is the left hand end, showing the J65 on the traverser. The turntable line crossing the running lines occured on both the ECR/GER and the LNWR. Space is a bit tight, I will probably need to park a van on the wagon turntable to hide the traverser from public view. The line will be ballasted over the sleepers, so I saw no point in modelling them. The Cliff Barker chairs are glued onto the balsa base.

    The right hand end showing the sector plate (sorry it's a bit blurred) The plate is only 1.2m long so very short trains. The switchback siding adds operating interest, but the scenery may cause problems putting stock on the sector plate. 20200610_190008.jpg
    The sector plate is barely hidden by the building. 20200610_190025.jpg

    The wharf/quayside. Just enough room for a Thames sailing barge. The passenger platform is at the back.


    There will probably be another layer of balsa to minimise the depth of ballast, which is heavy.

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    The crossing from the quayside to the (off scene) goods shed. I just need some more chairs from Cliff Barker to finish off at the front. The break van is on the small loco traverser. I hope I've got the layout of the check rails correct, but the time period could be anytime between the 1840s and the 1890s, depending on what I choose to run. The carriage just needs glazing. It's difficult to believe it started out as three or four sheets of laser cut MDF and card. Well done Parly Trains. 20200618_153310.jpg 20200618_153335.jpg
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    Thirty-seven years of Great Eastern branch line loco development, and ten years of my own Gauge 3 modelling development.

    GWR railway policeman Richard Phipp chats with some Ragged Victorians. Still some more work to do on these, and a coat of matt varnish.
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    LOL!! I thought ‘that looks like Rich Phipp’ when I saw the pic - then I read the text ! Brilliant stuff! That GER tank is a cracker. One of the classier pre-Grouping liveries.
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    Just arrived from Shapeways, and given a coat of primer, the bodies for two early LNWR timber trucks. From the Henson stock published in D K Clarke etc. I prefer to build open wagons in real wood, but couldn't think of a straightforward way of doing it with these, it was easier to do the CAD and have them printed. the castings and W irons from Williams Models later version are suitable so I've ordered a couple of sets.
    It wasn't cheap, what you see cost £140, but for me personally, quicker and easier than doing it the 'proper' way

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    I'm making progress with my first Eastern Counties Railway wagon, a 3 plank open with fixed sides. A four plank version with round ends (as seen in a couple of rare photos) as on the way.
    Frames, stanchions, buffers and the (cosmetic) bolts are all 3D printed by Shapeways from my artwork. The sides, floor and a thin overlay on the solebars are laser cut ply. The 3D artwork is also being used for a goods break van. That will exhaust my knowledge of ECR goods stock. If anyone know of any other drawings please let me know.
    The LNWR Henson timber trucks now have w-irons/springs, also 3D printed, and I have a complete LNWR goods train.
    the photo also shows a two track traverser I'm experimenting with. At 1200mm long, ir will accommodate a short 3 carriage passenger train but not the loco. with 450mm at either end to allow locos to run round, the whole fiddle yard will be 2100mm long.
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    The Slaters wheels look far too chunky so I got Walsall Model Industries to turn the rim and flange down a bit. You can see the difference.

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    Makes quite a difference Geoff, do you know how much you can take off before destroying the wheel ?
  13. geoff_nicholls

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    I originally asked Walsall to take 3mm off the diameter, if possible, but the priority was to not destroy the wheel. The blackened wheel is from the first batch. looks like they were slightly more bold with the second batch. I've just measured one: original dia 41.5mm, as trimmed 38.7mm. With a 1.5mm flange. I made sure I sent the wheels in batches of four to allow for them being more or less courageous when they did it.
    I'm very pleased with the result.
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    The layout wasn't working out right, so I dismantled it, and am building a small working diorama. The station building is based on Wansford, but reduced in status.

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    I do like those coaches, Geoff :)

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    They are from David Viewing's artwork. He 3D printed them for himself in gauge 1, and blow the artwork up for me to G3. When exhibitions start happening again I recommend you look out for appearances by the G1 Society with their test track/layout. David is usually there with a huge selection of pre 1850 locos and stock, mostly 3D printed from his artwork. They are superb.
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