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    Thank you!

    A little more detail....

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    Hello Giles,
    Another masterclass! Absolutely superb and inspiring work as ever.
    Love the scale dents and dings on the back spectacle plate, will be interesting to see how you replicate that now on future models !
    Best wishes,
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  3. Giles

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    Meanderings on side-tipping wagons for 'The Sparrow ' . I need to load the ship, and don't want to use V tippers....

    I've made laser-cut cards for the chassis - twelve in all


    Eight chassis built up so far....

  4. Giles

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    I've finally got six completed (four shown!). The rest are awaiting couplings to be fettled and fitted, and painting.

    They are crude, but work.
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    My apologies - I've been having trouble with my Flickr account - sorted now!

    They are not quality models, being crude - but they do work, and should be reliable in operation, and they hopefully have the sort of character I am after.

    [​IMG]2021-07-07_05-35-58 by giles favell, on Flickr

    [​IMG]2021-07-07_05-34-47 by giles favell, on Flickr
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    We now have 14 of the blessed things - and that's quite enough!

    [​IMG]2021-07-12_05-02-16 by giles favell, on Flickr

    I've also been sorting some coaches. They're converted Bachmann Tram cars (obviously!) With vents fitted in the clerestories and all the controllers etc removed. The roofs will be properly fitted after all four passengers have been installed.

    [​IMG]2021-07-12_05-01-00 by giles favell, on Flickr
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    I love the idea of anything you do as being ‘crude’ Giles! The wagons look absolutely superb, as do the coaches!
    Best wishes,
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    Finally, 'Jubilee ' has her plates.....

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    That's very nice job, and certainly looks the part.

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    That look great Giles.
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    Those tipper wagons are great! How will you tip them on the layout?
  12. Giles

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    Thank you Gents.

    At this stage I think it will be a motorised (slightly) inclined rising rod, which could possibly be attached to the hands/arms of an articulated person- but that is a little way down the line. The tip will be on the upstage side of the wagon as the ship is to the audience.
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    Well, I've been looking at the issue.

  14. Rob R

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    As you are using a gear motor is there any particular reason you didn't use a crank straight off the gearbox output to push his arms up?
    Sort of one rev per wagon with a micro switch on the crank at arms down and a push button to start the whole process off?
  15. Giles

    Giles Western Thunderer

    Hi Rob,

    A couple of reasons I suppose - a linear actuator gives me full adjustment of stroke, with the same mechanical advantage and speed in any position. I also really wanted to avoid flexing the wire and very much wanted to keep it straight. I did consider a cam, as I did for my point motors etc which also accommodate microswiches, but I wanted to try these flip motors with the threaded rod to see how good they were. I certainly want a pause at the top, so it looks less 'mechanical' (the point motors have this facility, but one would need a very big cam to get the travel!)
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    You hugely push the envelope and pioneer these things Giles - AMAZING!
    It’s always a thrill and pleasure to see what you’re going to do next!
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    A little something I've been looking at. A Bagnall that I've always found rather attractive, but I only ever found reference on the IRS website - and that was one drawing, and two very poor pictures. I stared looking at them (on CAD) and working things out, and realised that there were significant differences between the drawing and the loco as-built. It then came to light that there was a better drawing in a very good book together with two much clearer photos, and also the excellent Steve Bell had produced a drawing in 16mm. All these proved informative, and the result is this drawing, which I believe reflects the situation of the As built more clearly than previous iterations.

    [​IMG]Bagnall Ashanti Diesel by giles favell, on Flickr
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    I have a Mars 2 Pro which I have never used, and this was a good excuse to learn about it. I drew in DesignSpark Mechanical and things went well. The rods are 0.4mm diameter.

    [​IMG]Rev spring assembly by giles favell, on Flickr
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  20. Giles

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    Bogie frames and rods. The rods are quite small, and I had to reduce the diameter of the Romford crankpin nuts to match - thank Heavens for collets!

    [​IMG]2021-09-17_04-29-22 by giles favell, on Flickr