Permanent Way Gluing 3D printed chairs to ply sleepers.


Western Thunderer
As the title says what is the best glue for sticking down 3D printed chairs to ply sleepers. For the plain track I'm using MEK (99.9% Butanone), but for the printed chairs I don't think that it will work. The printed chairs will be for the interesting chairs in the point work on the front of Lochmaben, two of the points will get a lot of use as these are the cross over, so we cannot afford the chairs to come loose.




Western Thunderer
I'd of thought a super glue would be the stuff to use but make sure the sleepers are stained first as they wont stain after being soaked in super glue !
Dave @S-Club-7 is the man to ask.


Western Thunderer
I use Super Glue (the runny stuff) - put a drop at either end of the chair and let capillary action take it down the grain. As Col says, the sleepers need staining first.