GWR Armstrong Goods Engine

Discussion in 'G3' started by Mikemill, 26 March 2021.

  1. Mikemill

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    The Armstrong Goods engine is the foruner of the popular Dean Goods modelled in many scales, this is a G3 version and built using a CNC mill. There are no castings available for this engine so all the parts are machined on the mill

    The inside motion is fully working and can be seen as there is quite a gap bellow the boiler barrel. The steam dome is turned from 2in dia brass with the flange formed over a piece of steel bar the same dia as the boiler barrel, the chimney and the safety valve bonnet were also turned from solid.


    P1120400.JPG P1120413.JPG
  2. ScottW

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    A beautiful piece of model engineering, Mike. I don’t think the ‘Like’ button does this justice.
  3. john lewsey

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    Simply beautiful
  4. Mikemill

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    Thank you for your kind remarks, building engines is a very pleasurable experience.

  5. garethashenden

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    How long has it taken so far?
  6. Mikemill

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    I started the build early Feb this year, I try and do 6-7 hours a day all part of the fun!

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  7. Mikemill

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    Progress on the Armstrong, with more details added, next job to tackle the tender.

    Mike P1120433A.JPG
  8. Mikemill

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    The tender is now complete, plenty of room for batteries, electronics, and speaker.

    Next task is cab details backhead and reverser.


  9. john lewsey

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    Simply beautuful
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    OK I pressed 'Like' already ,
    but it requires a properly appreciative remark.

    That is really lovely.

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  11. Mikemill

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    Thanks for your kind remarks and likes. I am working on the cab, and boiler backhead and then a paint job.

  12. Mikemill

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    The Armstrong is complete, the engine has R/C and sound along with the batteries housed in the tender. It has been a very pleasurable experience researching, drawing, and building the engine and kept me going during the winter lockdown.


    P1120505A.JPG P1120509A.JPG P1120511A.JPG
  13. Keith Phillips

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    That is really rather wonderful. Great work :thumbs:

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