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    Dr Tony White, who is no longer in a position to drive to a GWR site, writes:

    "I’m in the final stages of building a F/S 1/32 GWR Bulldog 4-4-0. But having problems sourcing the prototype dimensions of Great Western locomotive handrail knobs. Yes I know that they vary in length, but the diameter of the ball, the diameter of handrail, the diameter of the stalk and the diameter of the flange that rests against the boiler or firebox.

    But much more important, where can I get ones to use on a dead scale 1/32 scale model. The ones I have bought at present seem rather 'clunky' compared to the appearance in prototype photographs. In particular the ball is too large in diameter.

    I have a few that are ideal, just like the prototype in photos, but not enough for this loco, and I have no idea where they came from. The are much more delicate and have threaded bases to take a nut under the cladding presumably, although that is not an essential feature, maybe just a clue as to their origin.

    Any ideas would be helpful."

    Can we help, him, please?

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    Tony is close to finishing his 1:32 battery-electric Bulldog: GWR 3343 Camelot.
    He's scratchbuilt it from brass and commercial castings, and is considering publishing the build in book form.

    This would be more of a how-I-work book than a build-a Bulldog book, and might well inspire scratch-builders of all kinds of locomotives in any of the Larger Scales.


    Having said that, Tony has got permission to use Derek McKenzie's excellent Bulldog drawings, and Derek is hoping to release sets of Bulldog etchings.


    Even in this age of Print on Demand, it would help to have a feel for initial batch size and price before making the plunge.

    The nearest books I can think of are Geoff Holt's two-parter from Wild Swan at £51.90 for 242 pages, while Dick Moger's 10mm scale live steam Dee book from G1MRA is £12.50 for 106 pages. David Jenkinson's 1996 Carriage Modelling book still fetches £20+ online for 136 pages.
    Tony's accumulated material comes somewhere in this range - depending on the ruthlessness of his editor ;-)
    Views welcome.

    David 1/2d

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    The months have ticked by, C-19 has intervened, but at last the first batch of Tony White’s Bulldog book ready for sale.
    See: Books & Binders | The Gauge One Model Railway Association which reads thus:

    Bulldog Cover border.jpeg

    "In this new G1MRA book, Tony White explains the way he translates his research on full-size build variations into a finely detailed scratch-built 1/32 scale electric model of a GWR ‘Bulldog’ 4-4-0 named Camelot. He combined all that he had learned about model engineering and making detailed fittings. His young grandson used to watch as he started building the ‘Bulldog’, and Tony realised that when he inherited it, he would never remember how they made it if it went wrong. So, he made copious notes, took many photographs and wrote a leaflet on taking it apart. This developed into a new 92-page G1MRA book. G1MRA Vice-President Martin Hulse and Committee member David Halfpenny have worked with Tony in editing and producing the book.

    If you are inspired by this book to try Gauge 1 scratchbuilding, you will find a wide group of G1MRA friends and suppliers to help you solve any problems that arise.

    "Copies of the book are now available from the G1MRA Bookshop for members in the UK £15, members outside the UK £16, non-members in the UK £18, non-members outside the UK £19. All prices include post and packing. If you decide to pay by PayPal, please add £2 to cover their charges."

    Mike Bland, G1MRA Books, 10 Walters Mead, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2BP

    The book is printed in colour, and spiral-bound for workshop mis-use.
    (At this price, some will buy one to use and another to keep one clean.)

    This is not merely G1MRA’s first Great Western engine book, but its first steam-outline electric book, and its first 1:32 scale book, and its first Finescale wheels book.
    Though I heard a Southern live-steam fan comment, “Apart from that, it’s fine” :)

    Thank You to everyone on Western Thunder who has helped Tony with this Bulldog over the years.

    Enjoy the book!

    David 1/2d
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