GWR Saddle Tank


Flying Squad
Bang! Talk about turning up with a presence! That is a nice clean model - you say scratchbuilt but I'm interested in the details. Is this all in metal or resin/3d printed? It looks like you have built it in components - for example is the cab as a separate item? Also the coupling rods are they machined in steel? ( one on my hobbyhorses I'm afraid - valve gear in the correct material/colour)


Western Thunderer

The model is all metal, steel for the chassis and brass for the body, a wood former was made to form the tank, the wheels are cut from aluminium with steel tyres. I use a CNC milling machine to make my models, so each part is drawn in CAD and that file is transferred to the mill to cut the part.

A lot of research goes into the project before building, as there are several variants of this class of engine, like many GWR engines.