GWR Sun Class 2-2-2ST in G3

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  1. geoff_nicholls

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    Latest pre 1860 project: a GWR Broad Gauge Sun class 2-2-2 saddle tank. Wheels from Mark Wood, power from two axle hung motors from Tim Gleed-Owen. I could face the idea of trying to power the driving axle. I do have the new book by Canon Brian Arman, but if anyone else has built a model of this or the Leo class, I'd be grateful for your thoughts on the brake gear.

    The outside frames will be non functional.

    Photos to follow
  2. geoff_nicholls

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    First test run on a 1 metre test track. It's a bit nippy on its own, and quite free running. Reasonably slow pulling a load.
    20210113_141305.jpg 20210113_141315.jpg

    Very simple construction of the frames with three point suspension, using a rocking rear axle. 20210113_141547.jpg
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    That all looks very interesting. Can you tell me please, what sort of bearings have you got on the axle ends? Also, the driving axle, or at least the part that shows in the wheel, is of a larger diameter than the trailing and leading. Is there a shoulder for the wheel to locate against or does it have something to do with the bearing?

  4. geoff_nicholls

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    The bearings are something I found online, I think they're what's known as oilite. I still have the invoices somewhere. The Apple Tree railway gearboxes on the outer axles need a 5mm dia axle, the central "driving" axle is the G3 standard 1/4" with square ends. All wheels are fixed on with allan screws (like Slaters). The wheels are from Mark Wood, Walsall did the machining and axles. the drivers have 1mm vertical play.
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  5. Jon Nazareth

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    Thanks for the reply. I think that I understand although, I can't see that the ends of the axles are square. Were the Oilite bearings flanged when you bought them?

  6. Ian_T

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    You can purchase both flanged and plain (e.g. un-flanged) versions Jon - in all common metric and imperial sizes.

    They are also called 'Oil-filled Bronze Bushes' - Oilite being a brand name.
    Google 'Simply Bearings' or ' Bearing Boys' - I use both companies and their delivery and quality are excellent.


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  7. Jon Nazareth

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    Thank you for that, I'll look them up.