GWR Tenmille Cattle Wagon

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    This is to give viewers an idea of what the Macaw B and the Mink Van I've just listed in the small ads looked like when I'd stripped them down back to their wooden bodies.

    The two photos show what I've removed from the model, the doors have been sprayed in undercoat.

    Over time this will be rebuilt with correct buffers and other parts as required. I shall add photos as this progresses.
    GWR Cattle Van_1.jpg
    GWR Cattle Van_2.jpg
    I did think about adding this to my collection but the 10mm bit was putting me off.
    NOW you can buy from Wallsall Models a 1/32 kit. So I shall be buying one of those at the AGM if Roger can get the etches back in time for the AGM.

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    Current progress on the Cattle Wagon. If you look at the original photo you will see the differences. What I found was that the edging was missing from either side of the doors and when I offered this to view it I found the steel guard rail was in the wrong place it should be 6" up from the edging.

    So that had to be removed, the doors should have had 2mm strips of wood down the inside edges to make them stand proud of the door struts.
    This has made it easier to glue them back in using 'Deluxe Materials' Aliphatic Resin wood glue. In the past I've always used a PVA and water mix but after I've completed the Cattle Wagon I've then got 3 Pythons & 2 Siphon C's of my own to build, these are Ken West kits in 1/32 scale.

    What was not on this model when I received it was any strapping so the first ones are down either side of the door. Still to be fitted will be T & L Plaststrut styrene angle. I shall complete the other side then start on the ends, so photo or photos to follow.

    This kit is supposed to be an W8 Mex B, all the pictures I've looked at in researching this wagon have louvers in the ends but for some reason the kits doesn't have them, also there are what looks like two portholes in the drop down doors. These also don't appear in any of my GWR books, although there are two in the top two doors of an W12.

    GWR Cattle Wagon_3.jpg
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    Hi all here's an update on the Cattle Wagon. A bit of light relief from the Python P14.
    I ran out of the plastic L angle and I ordered some from Amazon not realising it was going to come from America. This took 2-3 weeks. This was Plastruct L 2.4mm and was cheaper from the US than anywhere here in the UK.

    The photo under the first photo is from the MRN magaxine July 1929. This was from a series of article by 'Sparks'. According to the running number it is a Mex B diag. W8 I've also added a photo from Russell's GWR Wagons App. P124 which is also a W8 but has differences from the article photo.

    Again this model has anomalies, the door casting is nothing like I can find in any of the GW Cattle Wagons. The strap down the middle is the same on a W5 but the two round items do not appear on any reference material I have. Maybe someone can come up with suggestions.

    Cattle Wagon_1.jpg
    Cattle Wagon_2.jpg
    Cattle Wagon_3.jpg
    Cattle Wagon W8.jpg
    In this picture you can see that the ends have slots in them, but there not in the article picture. The kit model also doesn't have them.

    To make it easer for me to complete with out a lot of scratch building I'm going to finish this as an W10 not a W8.

    The W10 didn't have the slots in the ends and was built with Morton brakes not DCIII ones. I have W/M casting for V hangers but not the DC brake lever ones on the ends. Also the bottom slot on the right was filled in so that no muck could wash out onto the brake lever. But that is more work so I'm leaving it as it is. If this was going to be for myself I might consider making the W8 but this will be for sale when finished.

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    A bit more progress on the Cattle Wagon, the guard rails are now fitted and two coats of primer on the outside and one coat so far on the inside. Remember it's a wooden kit.

    Cattle Wagon_1.jpg Cattle Wagon_2.jpg Dave
  5. Dave Bowden

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    In the PO Wagons thread & My Locos I said I was going to continue with the Python P14 build, but decided to complete the Cattle Wagon first.
    I have been doing bits to it when I've unable to get on with other things but now I'm focused on finishing this build.

    It was going to be a W8 diagram but that has DCIII brakes and I haven't got any parts to make a set up, but I do have some leftovers from the SR opens.

    Slater's PO 9' Etched sheet, great I thought I can use these, problem is a W8/W10 wheel bases are 11-6". So I set to and extended each of the brake push rods by 10mm each side approx. The brake levers also needed lengthening, so these were extended as well.

    The W8 & W10 are both Vac fitted and I had a suitable W/M casting so I then set about fabricating pipework so as to join up each Vac pipe at each end.
    Using one of Ken martin's Vac pipe hoses I was able to create a suitable connection from the Cylinder to the through pipework.

    I left off painting the model so the detail is clearer. The previous photos show some damage to the sole bars in line with the doors, so new pieces of wood were added and pads for the bump door stops.
    Nothing is permanently glued/soldered up yet. Some items I shall remove to paint where glue is going to be used.
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    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    More progress made on the Cattle Wagon, whilst looking for photos of a W10 version I discovered in the GWR Wagon group on Flickr a photo showing the port holes as on my models doors. But this is on a W5 wagon not on the W8 it is supposed to be in the Tenmille Kit.

    The model is now finished being painted and all parts fitted. Just the roof to fit! The one supplied is too short and too narrow so I've now got to make one. I shall be using a piece of 1.5 mm plywood and I shall post photos in due course.

    Cattle Wagon W10_1.jpg
    Cattle Wagon W10_2.jpg
    Cattle Wagon W10_3.jpg Cattle Wagon W10_4.jpg
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    Update on the Cattle Wagon, it now has all it's transfers fitted. Just leaves the roof to fit of which I've started to produce. I wasn't going to put transfers on the end as from 1928 they were left off the next time the wagon came in for a refit.
    These were built from 1922-4 so I decided this would be in it's livery from built up till 1928 onward's, also the model looks much nicer with livery on the ends.


    I forgot to add, the model has had a coat of Klear varnish all over it on the outside, I shall use some Humbrol satin varnish on the inside.
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    I'm on the homeward run now so here's the start. Two photos of the roof
    CW W10 Roof_1.jpg
    I've had to compromise on the ends as I couldn't get polystyrene right angle to fold round the roof ends. So instead I fixed a thin strip of evergreen 0.5 x 2.0 mm along the ends.
    CW W10 Roof_2.jpg
    The roof has been made from 1.5mm birch ply and appropriate formers to keep it curved.
    I have also painted it with a coat of watered down Sadolin to seal it.

    Cattle Wagon W10_5.jpg
    The cattle wagon now has a couple of cows from the Britain's farm range.
    The roof has now had two coats of Reeves acrylic medium grey.

    Cattle Wagon W10_7.jpg

    As can be seen the underside I've painted with Plaka matt white which is a waterproof and is a Casein paint.

    Cattle Wagon W10_8.jpg
    The finished vehicle showing the benefit of using a wooden roof as against a brass one. I'ts much thicker and has visible grain.

    Cattle Wagon W10_9.jpg End view to show what I was trying to achieve with curved plastic angle. But I've added to strips to the underside which makes it look more like the prototype that had curved metal angle iron.

    To finish off here's two photos from my garden railway I took yesterday of my FSB Hall & 'B' Set with the first run of the Cattle Wagon and these ran for 1 hour. The CW was almost the same scale as the coaches in height and width except the coaches are 9' wide and the CW was 8' wide and you can see the difference with the 1/32 scale brake van on the end.
    Hagley Hall with two unusual l vehicles on the rear.jpg
    Hagley Hall with two unusual l vehicles on the rear_1.jpg
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    Looks very good. Are you thinking of fitting sound to your locos? (Or have you already done so?)
  10. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Hi Steve
    The Hall is a Finescale Brass product, I bought it complete with RC and sound. I have a 45XX/4575/14xx and a 57xx I'm not intending to add sound to them. I use a Mink A van with RC and batteries in it behind which ever loco I'm using.

    You may have seen or not seen the 10mm Cattle Wagon was sold for £150 and went to the USA.