1/32 GWR Toad AA19 Guard's Van Build

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Dave Bowden, 14 October 2016.

  1. Dave Bowden

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    Still some way to go yet simond, if it ever does get finished, when we were having running GTG it was always out on the end of my freight train. Which was more important than continuing with the build.
  2. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    I also forgot to add earlier that all the windows are glazed.
  3. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Update on the Toad AA19 , I have now covered the roof with Calico stuck down with 3M Spray Mount.

    I have over lapped the sides but keep it flush on the ends. As can be seen from the photos I've added strips of evergreen all the way round underneath.
    This adds to the holding down of the Calico and giving it a more prototypical thickness to the edges.

    On the top can be seen I've added two thin strips at the ends, this is mainly to stop the ends fraying but I think it doesn't look out of place even though
    the prototype doesn't have them, in the photos I have that is.

    Toad P19 with covered roof_1.jpg

    When I've painted the roof I will then open out the hole for the Chimney, Calico frays easily so this has to done afterwards, I can then supper glue the Chimney in place.

    Toad P19 with covered roof_2.jpg

  4. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    The roof is now finished so here's a couple of photos.
    Toad P19 with new roof_1.jpg
    Toad P19 with new roof_2.jpg
    This is with only one coat of paint, I may decide to give it a second coat later.
    Handrails next!

  5. SouthernFan Ian

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    Very nice Dave. Keep up the good work.
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  6. Joe's Garage

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    Very nice interior modelling Dave and I think a lot of the smaller scale models have similar beading at ends on the roof on their respective moulding and I would think it makes sense to deflect the water?
    Maybe completely wrong but looks fine to me. I remember an article in an earlier edition of the MRJ covering modelling a Toad in O gauge complete with detailed interior.
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  7. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Hi Julian
    Thank you for your comments, especially the ref. to the Toad interior. So I checked the MRJ index online and come up with 6 hits of which I have 5 of them. So I started at the lowest number first (3) and low and behold there's the article by Peter Tray with the interior detail, and how he made the stove.
    My Toad is a lot further on in time from the ones he was building so his stove was fairly simple. I have a photo of the Toad in the Steam Museum in Swindon which would be a lot more difficult to reproduce.
    So I still have the Stove, desk & chair to make yet and of course handrails.
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