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  1. 40126

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    Yes Alan, He was there. He had a car number plate with ... Ian Kirk, on it !!  ;D

    Steve  :thumbs:
  2. Old Buffer

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    Must go to specksavers cos I missed seeing him, where was he?
  3. 40126

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    He was down one of the wings.

  4. 40126

    40126 Western Thunderer

    She is trying to get into the idea of modelling. I think Telford would blow her mind !!. Thinking of getting her a lineside hut to build !!.  ;)
    I did also promise to go some charity shops nearby, but, It was hammering it down with rain when we came out.  ;D

    Steve  :thumbs:
  5. Steve Cook

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    Was a good show today - although I didn't watch any of the layouts as I spent too long chatting to people I hadn't seen for a while. I picked up a few bits and pieces to kick start some modelling projects, finally collected my 1/32 14xx kit from Mercian models and came back with another G3 D1 wagon to replace the one sold earlier this year (I mentioned to Mike Williams that I regretted selling the first one, and he told me he had just purchased two from the estate of chap who had passed away - seemed daft not grab a replacement).

    No real photos to speak of, but I grabbed a shot of Rich T's scratchbuilt / kit bashed in progress 08

    Arty 08.JPG

    Loco of the day for me was a Crewe Goods engine in Gauge 1 (shown here with the front wheels off the track!)

    Crewe Goods.JPG

    And last but not least, John D of this here forum and the same loco, one of his kits from days gone by

    JD and a kit from the past.JPG

    (If you look carefully, you can see the awesome pose chosen by Mr Dunkley :) )

  6. Rob Pulham

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    Hi Steve,  Now that's the sort of thing that would get me interested in Gauge 1 :drool: :drool: :bowdown: :bowdown: :thumbs: :thumbs:
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    That Mr.Dunkley? Is he that there nutter in the background who looks like he's just craped his pants?  :))
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    It looks as if he is pulling his trousers up  :scratch:
    We need more detail on the 14xx .......
  9. Steve Cook

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    The one and only  ;D
  10. Steve Cook

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    Gorgeous isn't it!

    Oh dear, hope you are not too susceptible..  ;D  ;)
  11. Old Buffer

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    The one that really got me interested and :drool: was the Yorkshire lads with the end to end. Proves you don't need mega space for G1.
  12. Steve Cook

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    Where to start...
    £275, brass body with whitemetal fittings (some cast brass such as dome and chimney), nickel silver chassis.
    I know the artwork has been redrawn from 10mm, but it is more to the 'standard standard' than a finescale one, ie there is no provision for springing or compensation - that is left to the builder.
    A test build has been completed with a couple of minor niggles, nothing which strikes me as bad, just a little bit of fettling really.

    It isn't a 1/32 version of the 7mm MOK 14xx kit, but it would have to be at least double the price for that and thats not what Trevor / Mercian are really about. It will however, look the m*tts n*ts hauling my Autocoach down the garden though, as well as popping into Wenbridge Station  :)

    I'll dig the etches out of the wrapping tomorrow for a couple of photos

  13. An appropriate pose: I am never sure if I have or not, especially after the Rutland Balti Chicken Tawa...
  14. Mind you, when it comes to wind-breaking poses, Mr. Cook isn't too bad himself:

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  15. 40126

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    Its a shame there wasnt a meet up by the test track  :shit:

    Steve  :thumbs:
  16. John D

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    Now that the dust has settled from the show and my back's nearly recovered from lifting x number of wooden tables...........
      We've never had them , they've have been asked though.....

    No need  8)......Ian Kirk was not there in person but his stand was, one table down from the refreshment outlet, manned by two associates .....could have been hidden by queue from said outlet.

    Like the phoenix this kit may well rise from the ashes , but in 1:32 scale not the original 10mm scale as in photo.......one of many 'projects' picked up on the day ,I'll not mention the bit of 'horse trading' with Trevor C ( Mercian Models) resulting with me acquiring a G1 Class 20 kit........could it end up a blue one??

      In all a cracking day out, though I say it myself wot had a hand in organising it,