Ian's Workshop, G&SWR 'Auld Bogie' in S7

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  1. Tim Watson

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    That is such a pretty little pug. It’s strange to have the balancing arm on the safety valves mounted that way, but I can see the logic of it.

  2. Ian@StEnochs

    Ian@StEnochs Western Thunderer


    Yes a bit unusual. I have three photos of the prototype. One circa 1906, my preferred period, and I copied the condition. The other two pictures are post 1919 when she was renumbered 734 and got a much more elaborate livery with lots more lining. On those views the safety valve lever faces back!

  3. Tim Watson

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    It’s useful to be able to ‘test’ a safety valve by tapping the balancing arm, so having it backwards helps access a bit on this little engine. Not very streamlined though.

  4. Ian@StEnochs

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    More detailing work today in between a bit of gardening and just sitting in the sun! The smokebox door is a two part turning which push fits into the smokebox. The smokebox comes off for painting and the screw is inside. Likewise the buffer plank and all it’s attachments is fixed with screws. That will save a fair bit of masking at the finishing stage.

    I find this is the most satisfying stage in building even though one can take rather a long time to produce only a little part! However the finished model is just the sum of all these little bits.

  5. john lewsey

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  6. Ian@StEnochs

    Ian@StEnochs Western Thunderer

    I finished the build yesterday, did a wee test run today and then stripped it down for a thorough clean before painting. The component parts are now in the ultrasonic tank for a relaxing and hopefully cleansing bath! The first dunk came out really filthy but I will change the water a couple of times before leaving everything to dry.

    Ii forgot to take a picture before breaking the loco down so here is all the components of the loco laid out for inspection. Hopefully I will remember where, and how, they all fit back together!


  7. victorianman

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    Hello,Ian. Very impressed by the build, and particularly the chimney. Did you fly-cut the base and then file the flare, or bore out underneath , anneal and press onto something round? Or maybe something else?
  8. Ian@StEnochs

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    I described how I make a chimney here.
    Simple loco to fill a space!
  9. victorianman

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    Thanks,Ian. Very useful.
  10. Susie

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    The gadget for milling the flange was described by Geoff Helliwell of the 3mm Society in MRJ No.79. in 1995. I have one made by the late Ian Dawson of the SSMRS.

    I am always impressed by your work Ian, do carry on posting.

  11. Ian@StEnochs

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    I have finally got round to taking a photo of the finished engine. Here she is on the turntable at Ochiltree having worked in from Muirkirk on a Sunday School special. The crew are nowhere to be seen so probably having a quiet pint in the Pub until time for the return working!


    Auld Bogie No 195 (2).JPG
  12. Overseer

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    Looks lovely. We need another photo with the rods down for the classic portrait shot.
  13. Yorkshire Dave

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    I would thought they would be down the road having a dust up a Caley crew! :)
  14. JimG

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    Nice one, Ian.

    * Thread Drift* :)

    You've also reminded me of the High Kirk Sunday School picnics around 1950 going by train from Dumbarton to Garelochhead. I can't remember if we had a special train - I don't think our Sunday School was that big :) - but probably had coaches allocated on the Fort William train.

    And I also remember the milk supplied - scooped straight out of a churn supplied from a local farm, so straight from the cow and tasting great. :)

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  15. Ian@StEnochs

    Ian@StEnochs Western Thunderer

    How often have you lugged that heavy camera, tripod and plates to some remote spot and taken the perfect picture only to find its faults when you get back to the darkroom?

    It would have been better with the rods down but I was too busy getting the focus right that I only noticed too late.

    Not this time. Ochiltree is a twig off a branch and the Caley didn’t get anywhere near. However they did get to Muirkirk and made an end on junction with the G&SWR. The Sou’ West even permitted them to keep one of their engines in the shed!

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  16. Ian@StEnochs

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    My Sunday school outings were always by bus, usually Girvan, usually wet, so games in a church hall! We got a pie, a cake and some sweeties in a paper poke and a wee bottle of ‘school’ milk.

    As Ochiltree is a very small terminus running a Sunday school special is a good way to increase traffic and an excuse to build some esoteric picnic saloons.

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