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    The idea of building a Jenny Lind was put into my head by Williams the Steam well, that and the fact that the original was first built for the LBSCR. I think that I may have made a rod for my own back though as the driving wheel is fitted to an inside frame arrangement that is fixed to the smokebox at one end and the firebox at the other. Mixing sheet metal work and engineering to me seems an odd thing and if I went down that route, I think that the driving wheel arrangement wouldn't work that well if at all. I've been trying to think of another way of mounting them but haven't come up with anything as yet. The title of 'Jennifer Who ?' is because, like Enigma, I shall only be basing this model on the prototype. My capabilities won't run to producing a true model. Just look at that pump which is bolted to the firebox. That in itself would be a very tricky thing to make and very time consuming as well.

    The photos show the wheels machined up and the axlebox guides formed. I'm not happy with the way that the driving wheels came out and so, I'll be machining a new set, when they arrive. One other thing that looks very odd is having a 5/32" hole for the driving axle. One reason for this is because the gearbox has a 1/4" hole for the axle to pass through. So that there is a decent shoulder for the wheel to bear against, the axle is turned down to 5/32". I did look at the gearbox to see if this could be opened out to take a larger diameter axle but it looked a bit too tricky for me. The bulk of the gearbox is brass but it has some tiny bearings for the axle to run in and some larger ones would need to be sourced and somehow fitted.


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    Hats off you you Jon for tackling it and I look forward to seeing that dome and safety valve in all their glory! I am almost sorry I suggested the engine now - only almost! The wheels look lovely.

    If you don't want the name Jenny Lind, what about P.T.Barnum?

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    I'll be attempting the dome and safety valve but they won't be fluted. The base of the dome scales at 1 5/8" but I only have 1 1/2" square brass so that will have to do. I'm thinking of making it in two parts so that I can fly cut the base, that's the theory at least :). I've contacted Mark Wood and he will be producing some new drivers for me but delivery won't be until late Spring.

    For her name, I was thinking of looking up to see if there was another female opera singer of the period whose name I could use. Was Jenny Lind also known as the Linnet? I'll have to look that one up as well.

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    It was a bird but a different species, she was known as the Swedish Nightingale so, maybe Nightingale would be an apt name, conected at least.

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    John Taylor (Midnight Miller, of this parish) has the dome machining down to a fine art. Might be worth a word with him?
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    Yes - there's a photo of a G1 'Jenny Lind' (by Cromford Designs) in the Winter 2020 G1MRA Journal - and John did the fluted dome on that engine.
  7. Any one with the mad urge to do the dome can read it up in the last A.L.S.R.M. magazine , would just like to add that I did scrap a barrel before it came out right .
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  8. And this is the basis of the how and why .

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  9. Evening Jon , the feed pump on the fire box is the easy bit , give it a go .
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    I'll have to try and get a hold of that article. Do I have to be a member for a copy?

  11. Jon , look out for an e mail from jar********