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Tom Insole

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Afternoon folks!

After a fantastic day out with Dad at the National Garden Railway show in Peterborough on Saturday Dad gave me a couple of kits that were laying unloved and unmade to utilise as I wish.

Usually I'd say I'd quite happily make them as they were intended but I can't see them being a valuable asset to pull just now so I decided it was time to semi-assemble them and see what I could do with them.

The kit in question being a Brandbright GS20 204865914_911463859411921_8472505262956617572_n.jpg
Once I took all the bits I wanted for now from the box it didn't leave much in there!
I will be making use of the brass rod and roof but those doors will probably get used for another project at a later date.

Looking at the bits I could see there were two internal support walls that got me thinking of the perfect conversion I just knew would work beautifully. A little bit of tinkering in Soldworks with the dimensions I took from a side panel and around an hour later I was staring at this
I knew I had to be brave for the next bit. Thankfully I know with very little effort I could probably replicate the same panels and re-cut them having access to a laser cutter. With the ideas in my head and more drawing I bit the bullet and made the cuts to add a little more than the normal carriage sides to the original box van sides (turned back to front) 200627639_1365024120559119_3502474281222339076_n.jpg
The cuts were thankfully a success but the sides are not plywood at the moment just the only material I had in stock to test it. I will go shopping on payday to re-cut those bits in ply.
assembled back together you can probably see the route I'm headed. I've figured some small tabs to prevent doors going to far in and a latch mechanism to hold them shut when the train is in motion it should be a success.
adding the outer skins back to the now rather cannibalized sides it looked rather impressive and that was only box one of two I had to play with.. the other I decided to make a brake/guards compartment carriage with a ducket on each side.
I will add that this is not really based upon any line in particular or any set period more of a home-brew incarnation of passenger stock to run on "steam up" days when I get to go out and play on other people's layouts.
Finally for this post I'll show some of the cad work in an assembly before I committed to cutting it up.
I'm still yet to decided what colour the coaches will be. That's a lot further off as I'm now off work for a couple of days (tomorrow in town with the girls and then later Whitby and the NRM! YIPPIEE!!).

I'll add the next instalments later after I've been off for a cycle with some friends.


Ps. Yes I know I am a VERY messy worker at my desk (apologies if this annoys anyone I do try to "sort" it occasionally!)

Tom Insole

Western Thunderer
Given the fact I've only two of these kits I figured for a small all rounder rake the 2nd of the two would have to be a two compartment with brake/guards compartment. I'd originally set myself the idea of a double door for getting the buggies or packages in but also for aesthetics making it bare a pair of duckets to boot!
Going straight in this time I got the Motive department to knock together the sides of the carriage both inner and outer skins. It seems the camera was forgotten again in the excitement of how well it went and I soon was onto designing my own fictional Duckets to suit the rather off the top of the noggin design.
There was a brief shower when fitting the ducket so they got the tarpaulin over the top to save getting the inside soaked. something to do with the wood yet being treated and stopping it from warping. Those with a keen eye will also note that a certain locomotive is partially in shot and in due course that thread will get an update. there is a small teaser in one of the images for those who can suss out why I got bits of it out for a test of something!
Shower over a meeting was called to plan what the agenda was for the rest of the day. It was quickly decided that it would be good to get some of the benches test fitted to see if they had the right backs so the guys got them out ready!
For a totally different perspective to the other shots here's one of me holding it....
Really isn't much of a box van anymore. I'm surprised just how well my plan had worked!
Benches in the foreman said the backs look to need a few more slats adding. One that will have to wait until we're back off the holiday he quoted.
From above they do look nice just need that tiny bit more height both on the legs and the backs of the seats.
Finally the last shot of the day. Tarpaulin put back over the top to protect the carriage from the elements. "you best tie that down and tidy away your tools" said the boss. "We'll nip down the local boozer, dinner's on me lads!"


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Mike W

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Wish I'd known you were at Peterborough last Saturday. I'd like to have met the creator of that wonderful little ride on L&Y engine which has enthralled so many of us..