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    My research for Penmaenpool a few years ago could include several features for your layout as it was also built by the Cambrian and later incorporated into the GWR.

    The station building was the station master’s house with a small booking office and waiting room attached. It is now the annex for the nearby hotel. The timber platforms had only the later GWR signal box and two simple shelters. The goods yard was as basic as they come, a small corrugated iron store with loading platform on the single siding.

    What Penmaenpool also had was a two road engine shed and adjacent house for the foreman, only there because it was as far as the Cambrian had built their line at the time. It would have made more sense to have the shed at Dolgelley but instead there was the opportunity for light engine running morning and night!

    Fair to say that the Cambrian was quirky so lots of room for Rule 1.
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    Painted and matt varnished, but not weathered. The paper strips were very effective in profiling the tongue & groove planks. They would be great on GWR wooden signal boxes....
    WEB Small goods shed 4A.jpg

    'Tother side and a peek inside. However, this small shed looked all wrong on the 'layout', so the large goods shed wins...
    WEB Small goods shed 4B.jpg
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    (Without bias to other laser kit manufacturers )

    I hope you don't mind me saying that I am extremely pleased with Andy's ( ModelRail ) kits and are very useful additions.

    I have used his service several times for one off designs, sending CAD drawings I produced and he is very helpful with turn around too. One reason for using the service is also that he is a small manufacturer and reasonably local to me and I like to support this.

    Much like you Larry I've done plenty of "faffing about" with buildings, well why not !
    I drew up the building below and sent it to Andy who produced it for me and although I have elected not to use it on my on-going layout I was impressed with the small details such as the louvres that were cut into the end wall and the boarding detail.
    Part finished and now resides in my well known ( to some ) cupboard, may be used one day ?


    You'll get there I'm sure but in the meantime enjoy what you're doing !

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    Hi Grahame,

    That's an attractive and unusual building. Which railway does it belong to?

    I am well pleased with the laser cut parts purchased from the three manufacturers I usually deal with. They have undoubtedly revolutionized the "buildings" side of the railway hobby and massively expanded the options. I have been struggling to find an 18th Century town house that could be converted into a station masters house with adjacent shelter for the passengers. So many country stations had these. I think I have found something that can be modified to save me working from scratch.

    All my experimentation is leading to a shelf full of surplus structures, so I suppose they will be put up for sale eventually.
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    Thank you Larry,

    I based it on the GWR Stretton-on-Fosse timber framed station building, my intention was to originally make a small halt style diorama and had Andy produce the various parts for the platform too ( which also resides in the cupboard ! ).

    I'd originally made one from plasticard with my Silhouette cutter which I enjoy using as an aid, then fancied a go at producing a laser cut version.

    You may have some luck scanning through the Warwickshire Railways website for a suitable building, I can't think of anything to help at the moment, sorry.

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    Stretton on Fosse was on the Moreton-in-Marsh to Stratford tramway though the building would have been by the GWR when they changed it to the Moreton-in-Marsh to Shipston Light Railway. Shipston Station was much the same. For some reason this very early railway has many followers, myself included. But one, maybe two trains a day?
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    Inspirational buildings throughout! May I ask who the manufacturer of the Llansantffraid box is please? I've seen them available in 7mm but not 4mm.

    Kind regards

  9. LarryG

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    RailModel produce the Llansantfraid signal box. Listed as only 7mm scale
    Signal Box LLansantffraid Crossing - in 7mm
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    This should be fun, as it's really an experiment in producing a station masters house-cum-waiting room.
    WEB House 3.jpg
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    The house was started here so I may as well carry on with the construction. The green matt was handy for ensuring the building dried off square...

    WEB House 4.jpg

    The window frames are designed to fit within the openings but I feel they should be set back further. So I attach with PVA scraps of wood the same thickness as the frames so that the latter can be glued behind the walls. Same with the doors...
    WEB House 4B.jpg

    The basic box completed as per instructions...
    WEB House 4C.jpg

    The windowsills were deepened with scraps of wood left over from previous laser-cuts kits so that they could be shamferred....
    WEB House 4E.jpg
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    I have been on the lookout for some decorative bargeboards, but have only found some by York Models so far.
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    can you draw what you need? The logical route would be to laser cut from good card, or very thin ply.

    Assuming the “usual suspects” don’t have something suitable in their catalogs, if you’ve got a picture with some key measurements, shoot them over on a PM and I’ll see if I can cut it.

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    My attention was drawn by the link in this post, which has nothing to do with Larry’s buildings.

    It’s an interesting treatise,

    see page 29

    Deliberately Old-Fashioned 0 Scale

  15. LarryG

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    Thanks Simond. Your offer is appreciated. Seeing as my building will be freelance, I considered any old bargeboard would suffice in the end and so placed an order with York Models for one of their stock variants. :thumbs:
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    Since the upgrade, one can only upload one image at a time. Oh dear.

    The Small Waiting room kit arrived and I spent some time working out how best to add it to the 'house'. The first job was blocking up an end window....
    WEB House 6.jpg

    An end wall of the wating room was cut in half and each half glued to the house as below. There was some trial & error here hence the mess following a change of approach...
    WEB house 6B.jpg

    The front wall of the waiting room was glued in place with UHU Wood glue, but not before shortening the wall by one window...
    WEB House 6C.jpg

    While waiting for the wall to set hard, the rest of the waiting rom was assembled around it's base to save time...
    WEB House 6D.jpg

    When both were set hard, the waiting room was assembled. Note that I ignored assembly instructions and built it with an inset wall. It will provide shelter for passengers, as I did not wish to add an external canopy...
    WEB house 6E.jpg
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    The Cambrian equivalent at Penmaenpool didn’t have a canopy but there were timber shelters on both platforms. Not a luxury but necessary given the location. Llanfyllyn is a wet and windy place too!
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    I have shut down WT four times and come back, and each time there are images missing from todays posts.

    I have given up!!!! It is a waste of time trying ot upload anything at the moment. All the images have now gone.
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    In your last post I can see three images in line with text and one attachment. I'm on my phone at the mo (Android), so I suspect it's not WT! It's probably worth you clearing your cache for this page; assuming you're on Windoze, that's <shift+f5>.