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  1. LarryG

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    The building from converted from low relief to whole out of spare wood...

    WEB House 9.jpg

    A bit of detail from left over parts....
    WEB House 9B.jpg

    An additional chimney up the end wall....
    WEB House 9C.jpg

    Using pliers to square up chimney until glue sets....
    WEB House 9E.jpg
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  2. LarryG

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    A gap appeared in the 'Workbench' due to circumstances, but basically the low-relief station masters house looked weird on the layout. At least I had enough spare wood to convert it to 3-D.

    All this evening was spent decorating chimneys.....
    WEB House 9F.jpg
  3. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Guttering was added and some tidying up done around the chimney stack and that's it for now. It is awaiting bargeboards and laser-cut roofing slates before entering the sprayshop...

    WEB House 10B.jpg

    A general view of proceedings. Suddenly the once-overpowering goods shed looks much smaller.....
    View attachment 132775
    WEB House 11D.jpg
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  4. Pencarrow

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    That grouping of buildings looks well balanced now Larry.
  5. Focalplane

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    The station master house/station building looks the part. It would certainly "do" for Penmaenpool as well.

    I see that Dapol have announced the early GWR streamlined railcar with a "rapid" to market timetable. I know that the railcars were not destined for the Oswestry branch lines, but Rule 1 would be a good excuse! It's a shame it is one of the early models because the later ones with buffer beams could pull a coach and or a goods van or two, perfect for the location. Did they shunt those wagons as well, I wonder?

    Although by the late 1950s the railcars rarely visited Moor Street, they did occasionally, so that's a good excuse. Mostly the railcars ran between Leamington, Stratford and Alcester but not Birmingham.

    Moor Street Station: Another view od ex-GWR Diesel Railcar No 7 standing at Platform 3 with a special working to the Forest of Dean on 23rd September 1950

    Note the link shows the railcar No. 7 standing on the traverser! I may have to get one. . . . .
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  6. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    The whitemetal finials (BB44) came from Scale Link Ltd. They are particularly useful for signal boxes. The delightful bargeboards came from York Modelmaking and are laser-cut from very tough plastic (it will take Mekpak). The whitemetal chimney pots also came from Scale Link Ltd.
    WEB House 11B.jpg
    This building has been a pleasure to construct from two kits. It just needs painting now... WEB House 11C.jpg
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  7. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    One of us is a slate short! Gluing slates on simple roofs is one thing, but this roof with umpteen angles and chimney stacks took 4½ hours....

    WEB House 12.jpg

    Lead flashing channel that guides rain water into the gutter. I realize the slates rows should line up but by this time I was loosing the will to live...
    WEB House 12B.jpg
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  8. Focalplane

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    I really don't think the tiles have to line up!
    You've set the bar for others to follow, or at least attempt to follow.
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  9. Yorkshire Dave

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    I think new station building/station masters house is more suited to your 'absorbed lines' GW layout.

    The single story twee classic GW building was too 'Home Counties' and reminded me of the stations built on the GC/GW joint line through High Wycombe. This style of building is more suited to a branch line constructed by the GW in the early part of the 20th century rather than an absorbed company.
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  10. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Work started on a new goods shed late afternoon. Two plain sheets of brick were purchased besides the kit for the shed. Top is the windowed wall that will not be used. Middle is a new wall with the unbricked part of the wall attached at top to provide slots for the roof trussing. Bottom is a new windowless wall glued to the outer 'framework' walls....

    WEB New shed 1.jpg

    Below shows the back of the new wall
    WEB New shed 1B.jpg

    The two new windowless walls. The remainder of the shed should be pretty well as per makers instructions.
    WEB New shed 1C.jpg
  11. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    The ends were altered by cutting out new brick panels with the brick courses running parallel with the roof....
    WEB New shed 2.jpg

    Roof window lights were partially in on above the platform and filled in completely on 'tother side. The roof was glued in place so that it will not warp when adding laser cur slates. The glazing will be fitted externally after painting. ...
    WEB New shed 2B.jpg WEB new shed 2C.jpg

    Bricks easily break away when cutting parts out of brick sheet. So I cannot stress too strongly the importance of cutting pieces one brick course wider than the finished size and then trimming the excess course off with a new knife blade. The panel under the roof was made deeper and was overlaid with a further triangle of bricks. The end walls look far more substantial ...

    WEB New shed 3.jpg
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  12. LarryG

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    Not all pictures show, but all a refresh does is exchange one set of pictures for another.....Or even no pictures at all. So I have deleted my last post as a waste of space.
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  13. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    This is how the work stood this morning. It can be seen that I altered the parts in the kit to build a goods office with peak roof as on many Cambrian sheds.. It was an easy conversion. Bargeboards were cut from thin plywood.....
    WEB New shed 4.jpg

    All that remains now is roofing slates and of course painting. The latter is under a re-review because of the depressing appearance of dark red brick structures, especially when viewed within the shed.
    WEB New shed 4B.jpg
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  14. Pencarrow

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    Strangely I'm seeing all of the photos, no gaps.
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  15. simond

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    would the inside not have been lime- or white-washed to lighten it so the staff could see what they were doing?

  16. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Most likely; I'll mention it to the lads when they have finished painting the outside bricks and roof ha ha....:p
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  17. Yorkshire Dave

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    The answer might be to paint the brickwork something like this at Llnclys (albeit cleaned under preservation).

    I've noticed the Cambrian Railway bricks are more of a brownish-orange colour rather than the usual brick red used by modellers.
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  18. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    You're right. Some experimentation is called for re the brick colour. The link to Llnclys is useful so thanks. I wasn't aware of this preservation site.
  19. Dai88D

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    Hadn’t realised your preservation was so advanced. When this Covid mullarkey is over, I’ll pop in during one of my jaunts through mid Wales.
  20. Focalplane

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    If you foolishly follow Sat Nav from Shrewsbury to Bala then the road will pass through Llynclys and then over the Berwyns. It's actually a nice road except when it snows as it often does in winter. I have to admit that the drive up the A5 through Llangollen is less stressful but on a fine day the B roads offer excellent vistas once you have managed to cross the busy A483. I never stopped at Llynclys but the disused quarry line to Nantmawr is still there as shown on the OS map.

    The bricks at Llynclys are an odd mixture, no doubt a result of the ON then CR being impecunious for much of its existence. They did manage to build fine stations at Oswestry (HQ) and Welshpool (for the Earl of Powys) though.

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