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    The Cambrian terminus at Llanfyllyn provides the inspiration. Llanfair Road was chosen as a working title for the time being but it's been in use for so long I'm sticking with it even though 'road' is normally used for intermediete station some distance from the village they serve.


    The reason for summer passenger traffic is a nearby reservoir and dam built in the early 1920's. Before construction could begin, it was necessary for the Cambrian and the GWR to upgrade the route to Blue-restriction from Gobowen on the Chester-Shrewsbury mainline through to Llanfair Road. The GWR quickly realised the tourist potential and actively promoted holiday sites near the dam as well as providing a bus link from the railway terminus.

    Local trains were formed mostly of non-corridor stock, which was adequate for the short distance to Oswestry and even to Whitchurch. Summer through trains brought in GWR and LMS stock. Modelling period will be BR late 1950's.

    An attempt to use O gauge failed, so I am back with 4mm/OO. The first job was narrowing the O gauge baseboard. I am now building a laser-cut station building. From this, I will be able to space out the tracks and goods yard. Let battle commence....
    WEB Station 1.jpg

    Not a blow-by-blow construction, but just to say I am using the base of the building to position walls until the UHU Wood glue is set. It has to be removable so glazing can be fitted after spraying...
    WEB Station 2.jpg

    Holding the roof down while it sets. It will only glued to the walls after painting and glazing...
    WEB Station 3.jpg
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    I look forward to following this one, Larry.

    Regards, Rob.
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    The 'Laser Cut Railway Models' stationmasters house makes up into quite a dinky model. It has been made up as per instructions so far. The assembled roof has been plonked on. Total building footprint when completed (including waiting room, booking office and external Gents will be 150mm wide by 260mm long ....

    WEB Station 4.jpg

    The framework after narrowing to suit 4mm.
    WEB Layout 3.jpg

    In between waiting for the station building glue to set, I put up the backscene. It was rearranged to put all the trees at the station end, hence the mismatch half way along. A spot of hand painting to complete the tree won't hurt...
    WEB Layout 4.jpg
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    I forgot to mention earlier on that I tape the two halves of the roof together then it can be dropped onto the supports and the ends glued on....
    WEB Station 5A.jpg WEB Station 5B.jpg WEB Station 5C.jpg
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    I made a floor within the external toilet to attach the gents toilet wall etc...
    WEB Station 5E.jpg WEB STation 5G.jpg
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    The components buildings ready to be glued together. The roof is glued down on the waiting room, as I can access te inside to fit glazing from below...
    WEB Station 5D.jpg

    Below shows how it is meant to be, but I aim to give it more of a Cambrian flavour...
    WEB Station 5H.jpg

    I turned the middle section back to front so that the roof came down to form a canopy. To do this, the roof had to be put on upside down...
    WEB Station 5J.jpg

    The short roof lights were removed and the canopy overhang shortened. Also note that the decorative road entrance is now on the platform side...
    WEB Station 5K.jpg ...
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    Platform side...
    WEB Station 5L.jpg

    Road side showing station entrance and bus shelter using the glazed roof as a basis. Chimneys, gutters and downspouts to add before spraying...
    WEB Station 5M.jpg
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    Impressive remodelling, Larry. Looks the part.

    Regards, Rob.
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    Chimneys and guttering take up more time than assembling the building and it ain't near finished yet! I am awaiting more slates so the job's stopped now. As a guide, a single pack covered the roof area shown, so at least two packs are required. Below is the platform side...

    WEB Station 6B.jpg

    The road entrance...
    WEB Station 6C.jpg
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    Goods shed on the go while awaiting roofing slates to finish off station building. Windows removed from loading bay side by removing and replacing them with new brick panels ....
    WEB Goods shed new 1.jpg

    Outer end panel brickwork altered under roof...
    WEB Goods shed new 2.jpg
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    Shed completed today except for roof slates. The roof lights were blocked in with spare wood and the roof extended to overlap the modified ends...
    WEB Goods shed new 4.jpg

    Drainpipes and guttering added. Office steps have been set aside for safe keeping...
    WEB Goods shed new 5.jpg

    I retained the windows on this side. Roofing slates will be completed in the morning...
    WEB Goods shed new 6.jpg
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    Slates put on goods shed roof at last so it is another job out of the way.

    I have re-written the OP owing to changed circumstances. If this layout ever gets off the ground, it will be a very simple affair mostly built within the shed area as a cameo to fiddle yard.

    WEB Goods shed 14.jpg
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    The station building was too wide pushing the tracks out too far from the backscene and wasting valuable baseboard. So I sawed a chunk off the back...

    WEB  OO Station 1.jpg

    Foamboard provided a neat fitting back, which wont be seen, then the corner stones were added.....
    WEB OO Station 2.jpg

    A window was bricked up so that the Gents lavatory could be re-fitted...
    WEB OO Station 3.jpg

    OO slates will be finished off when new sheets arrive...
    WEB OO Station 4.jpg

    The Station Masters house...
    WEB OO Station 5.jpg

    Testing things ...
    WEB OO Station 6.jpg
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    Well, it doesn't detract from the model.
    Looking good
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    Only just discovered the new thread, Larry! Where have I been? All looking good, lovely customization of the buildings to give them the "Welshpool" Cambrian look.

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    Thanks Paul. Just trying to keep my mind occupied.
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    I replaced many of the fencing panels a few weeks ago as part of a project to make the back garden look more civilized. This mess of a garden loop is about to be demolished.
    WEB Garden loop 4.jpg

    The bottom end of the shed is depressing and so the station has been roughly laid out at the well-lit door end. It might even resemble Llanfyllin now that it's the right way round. Timber is to hand the widen the baseboard slightly around the goods shed...
    WEB Llanfair Rd 1.jpg
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    The baseboard at the bottom end was narrowed to 16" width while eight feet at the door end was widened 2½" for the goods yard. 1/8" cork was glued to the top surface. It will be sanded down level tomorrow. It was all I had time for today...
    WEB Llanfair Rd 2.jpg
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    Ridding the garden of the unsightly railway loops is on the agenda again. But the posts at the door end were concreted in by my friend Phil "MacAlpine" to last forever. A chainsaw is on order... :(

    WEB Loop 19B.jpg
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    You could always put round table tops on the posts and provide a few bar stools, ideal height for refreshment stands!
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