7mm Lochmaben, a new layout.

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by OzzyO, 27 August 2020.

  1. OzzyO

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    This layout has been in our heads for about 4 or more years, we have now made a start on the thing.
    The station is on the line between Dumfries and Lockerbie, but it was closed in about 1966, a bit of a problem as we want to model it in the 1980s..

    Lochmaben Copy (2) of Map 3.png
    The yellow line is what we would like to model, this would take approx. 18'. But as the layout is going to about 18' 6" in diameter we cant do that.

    The track is all going to be built to 31.5mm gauge.

    If anyone can help with any phots please post onto this thread.

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  2. neaston

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    Dumfries to Lockerbie surely?
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  3. OzzyO

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    Well at least some one is awake.

  4. InvernessTMD

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    We looked at a house in Lochmaben a couple of years ago, you could see the old bridge further up the road!
  5. OzzyO

    OzzyO Western Thunderer

    Due to the lock down it has taken us a bit longer to get started on this project. The first job was to make this, the template for all of the baseboards, using a bit of maths and some old school boy (girl) logic we ended up with this. Why did we spend time making this? You may well ask.
    BB 1.JPG

    This is the reason. All twelve of the baseboard tops (or bottoms) cut out. Someone wants to put wires on this already (so we may have to make some more front boards to fit the fiddle yard boards) . What's up with blue diesels? Apart from it's not steam and in the 1960s!!!
    BB 2.JPG

    I'm glad that it's Charles that's in the middle of the layout and not me to give some idea of size . Some parts for some of our other layout can be seen in this photo, along with some old git trying not to be in the photo.

    The start of the first drop board (why start with something simple) this is just the first of three, all of the rest should be simple? More bits of layouts in the background. BB 3.JPG

    The above photo is showing what we have started as standard the leg sockets, we have four of them on all of our baseboards but only use two of them on most boards (apart from the first board). This board is odd in that it can have two lengths of leg , the normal length at the R/H side or the short ones at the L/H side. A lot of this is due to how we can set up at exhibitions. We did learn a long time back .

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  6. InvernessTMD

    InvernessTMD Western Thunderer

    There are a few of us at work (ScotRail, Dumfries Depot!) who think this line would be quite a useful and busy link to the WCML
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  7. Ian@StEnochs

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    Yes and reopen the Port Road to Stranraer and get the lorries off the road.
  8. OzzyO

    OzzyO Western Thunderer

    In our land at the Lockerbie end of the line it has the third side of the triangle (L.M.S. 1930s) so that trains can go direct to Glasgow etc.

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  9. Al Tait

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    Definitely looking forward to following this. Always like a nice 80's/90's Scotrail layout. Most of my growing fleet are from that era of either IS or ED pedigree!!
  10. OzzyO

    OzzyO Western Thunderer

    The first BB taking shape, this end will join onto the fiddle yard. We normally use clamps to join the BBs together but we're trying tee nuts and bolts on this layout (less to carry about). BB 4.JPG

    BB 5.JPG

    No the mice have not got to the BBs the holes are for the kettle connectors (DDC power feeds J & K) they can also be used for the 240v ring main.
    The same board from the other end, just two more of these to do and then it's onto mass production of the nine main boards.
    BB 6.JPG
    BB 7.JPG

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  11. OzzyO

    OzzyO Western Thunderer

    Hello all,

    thanks for the replies and the likes.
    More photos of the BB's. The second of the drop boards in place we still have to put the pattern makers dowels in place as the bolts are only used for bolting the boards together.
    BB 8.JPG
    The track bed is wide enough for two tracks as the head shunt should go on for some length. But to have done that we have not been able to, A) be able to put it up in the club rooms, and B) it would not fit in the van. As it is we may have to take a car with us to get the stock in and the other two operators. The van normal takes 5 but we're having to take a row of seats out.
    BB 9.JPG
    BB 10.JPG
    At this end of the BB I did make a foo pare in that I forgot to move the bolt holes up by 1/4" not that much of a problem but it's one of them things that can happen when your making your BBs upside down.
    bb 11.JPG
    BB 12.JPG

    Keep safe,

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  12. OzzyO

    OzzyO Western Thunderer

    Hello all,

    Well tonight we got the last of the three drop boards finished and bolted to the other two. The paper that you can see on this end of the BB is for one of the points in to the station yard. When we start laying track this point will be at the far end of these boards.
    BB 13.JPG

    The inside circumference of each board is approx. 42" and the outside circumference is approx. 58". so with a bit of maths they work out as inside circumference 42' and the outside 58'.
    BB 14.JPG So using a bit more maths we get the following sizes, inside Dia. 13.369', and the outside Dia. 18.462 Dia..
    BB 15.JPG
    I may get a talking to on Monday night by these two, don't like been photo'd.

    The next job is to mass produce the normal boards, that could take a few club nights to do and I'm sure that you wont want to see nine BB that are all the same being made.

    Stay safe,

  13. Phil O

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    Is this the layout, that I Temploted for you some years ago on a different channel?
  14. InvernessTMD

    InvernessTMD Western Thunderer

    Where are you guys based?
  15. OzzyO

    OzzyO Western Thunderer

    Hello Phil,
    I forgot about that as the layout got put on hold for a while due to me being unwell.


  16. P A D

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    Hi Ozzy,
    Good to see you posting again and to hear you are well. I trust you'll be doing some loco builds as well, as your stuff was always top class.
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  17. Len Cattley

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    Glad to see you back Ozzy, I missed your posts on the other channel, will you be doing any more, as I liked your posts?

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  18. 3 LINK

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    Ozzy I shouldn’t think that many folk will know where “ BiF “ is, I mean it’s hardly the centre of the universe :rolleyes:.

    Barrow in Furness for those of us still in the dark !
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  19. InvernessTMD

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    Being a Train Conductor I knew what BIF meant :D
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    Being a reasonably intelligent UK citizen, so did I.
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