Love Lane, B.R. (E) c.1956

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    This project has started to take off on the West Mersea thread so I thought I'd start up it's own section, perhaps an explanation is in order as to how this layout came about.
    Peter Cavalier was a member of the East Anglian Area S7 Group who sadly passed away on his 65th birthday, he was an excellent modelmaker and proffesional photographer. His family have asked the West Mersea Guys to be custodians of his embryo layout and also the rolling stock and loco's as they wished see his work to be saved for his memory.
    The idea is to finish building his layout as a tribute to Peter and his passion for railways inparticular the ex Great Eastern lines. We have realised that the layout falls within the rules of the S7 Groups "Challenge 33", a layout building competition culminating in October 2014.

    So here's a shot of the state of affairs as we recieved it, the rest is up to us of the West Mersea crew.
    Mick has started the ball rolling I understand with building a brake van.
    There are some small alterations to be made to the point work, it's proposed to be a double track station, it needs wiring for DCC initialy and then testing.
    The layout measures 16'x 1'-6" in four sections, with out the cassettes/storage sections.
    Stock consists of a J15 0-6-0, J68 0-6-0t, ex Nth Staff's horse box in LMS livery and two un-built GER horse boxes.
    So all those who wish to be involved please liase through this thread or contact Peter J Hunt at West Mersea HQ.
    atb, Col.
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    I like the look of the new thread, what will the station buildings be based on ? Any chance of some pictures of some of these if possible ? Also I noticed that the furthest siding from the shot has a pit, with this be a small shed and or servicing point ?

    ATB Mick
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    Hi Col,
    I have never built in scale & nor am I a member of any S7 group. But I would be happy to contribute to what sounds like a worthy cause by building the GER horse Boxes if that would help?
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    Mick ,
    I will sort some photo's soon, I had discussed the railway buildings on several occasions with Peter Cavalier and it seems that the architecture of the Palace Gates branch and the Fairlop loop had given him plenty of inspiration. He had invisaged the station being built in a cutting with retaining walls at the back of the platform and grass embankment above that.
    There would be a road over bridge at both ends with covered stairways down to the platforms. Peter had amased a large amount of Skytrex brick walling, bridge sections and adbutments etc. there is also a water tower and some station buildings, all at WMR HQ. Although probably not the choice of most S7 modellers Peter was going for a slightly broader approach rather than a dead accurate appearance, " .....a moving picture in time...." as he liked to call it, remember he was a professional photographer so there was an artistic head on his shoulders, and we are trying to re-create what Peter himself would have built as much as possible.
    There is a pit and loco servicing yard/siding. The idea being that there was a goods yard off stage ( probably more like a marshalling yard to be honest to justify a loco servicing point), so loco's would be seen coming in and out of the yard for servicing.
    Something that has to be changed is the cross over at the far end in the photo, we have to reverse the hand as it is facing switches, and then the entrance to the yard will also have to be reversed.
    This has to be done to be prototypicaly correct, this is all justified as Peter had originaly built it as a single track line terminus but had changed his mind to make it a double track through station, he was about to change the formation before he sadly passed away.

    Thanks for the offer mate, you will be most welcome to join the clan on this project, I should have written part-built as I have already got the horse boxes under consruction, but I will pass on a couple of wagons to you if you desire to get involved, there will be plenty of goods stock to build :thumbs: .

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    That works for me Col.:thumbs:
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    Sounds fantastic to me Col, especially the embankments. It great to see a layout not all on the level as in reality things never are. The brake can arrived today along with the upgrade parts, sprung w irons and additional parts for the braking system, it being an LNER van and all. I have a letter with instructions to liaise with you about painting and which one to build and with Dave about working brakes :) :) I fancied building one without the concrete ends is possible but I'll be guided be you

    ATB Mick
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    Col, looks like you may coordinating this? if so, what do you need me to do to help?
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    Have you got the Tatlow LNER wagon books mate, there's some info and photo's in those, if not I can scan and email to you. You've got a choice, with the brake van, as to wether you build an ex LNER built example or B.R. built, there some differences although they look very similar.
    I don't mind co-ordinating proceedings as far as we are concerned here on WT, bearing in mind that I probably wont get as stuck into it as much as I'd like to as I have the day job on bench most of the time, although PJH at WMR HQ is really over seeing the project, what do you fancy doing Phil ? there's work right across the board mate ( excuse the pun):rolleyes: I think we'll probably all build stock of some sort, or supply our own to run on the layout, but there is scenics, buildings, civil engineering, sparks, switch operation ( probably mechanical), trackwork and backscene which I think comes into scenics I suppose.

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    I'd prefer the LNER version without the concrete ends. I don't have the tatlow books ( on the list to eventually buy ) but there's a cracking article in MRJ 187 about the LNER van and I have some good photos of some LNER vans. If you don't mind scanning the bits I need that would be great. What I could really do with is some detail of how the vacuum cylinder is fitted and rigged underneath. I've done this on two vans in the past working from some photos of a preserved van but to be fair the photos aren't great so if you could help with this as well ??

    Finally a plea to anyone for I interior pictures as I fancy doing a detailed interior with the guard with his feet up on the stove having a brew :)

    ATB Mick
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    Hi Mick,

    It looks like we all need information on this one. I have a BR version (Connoisseur) that I intend to backdate to LNER days. This may help with the replacement of the concrete ends, it's the layout of the rivets on the steel plate.

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    Careful Robin,

    Carry on like this and the next thing you lnow there will be a short piece of S7 track arriving through the post.... then some wheels... and another kit plus some gauges....

    Resistance is futile especially when you and 7mm Mick can form a S7 local group down in the Rhubarb Patch :cool: .
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    I have emailed some details from the book for you mate, would you like them also Rob ?.
    In the meantime here's a nice shot of a BR built van gives some good weathering detail :thumbs: , no prizes for guessing the location:D
    BR brake van.jpg

    ATB, Col.
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  14. Rob Pulham

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    Thanks Col, I have the first 3 Tatlow volumes but I would appreciate anything not covered by them.
  15. eastsidepilot

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    Rob, Info sent mate:thumbs:

    ATB, Col.
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    I have a few, downloaded some time ago from the internet. I have tried to find the original source but failed. See attached thumbnials, and apologies if I've infringed any copyright.


    STOP PRESS: Getting errors when uploading - will report to The Boss..
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    Cant see any problem, email me the files and ill have a look:)
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    Is Bruce Springlestiner on here as well. By the Boss you are referring to Daft Aider of Obiwan
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    Tims Pictures. Seems to work ok here
    BV1.jpg BV2.jpg BV3.jpg BV4.jpg BV5.jpg BV6.jpg BV7.jpg BV8.jpg
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    If anybody has any decent plans for the Brake van id love to hear from you ;)