Martin Finney


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I can't see Brassmasters wanting the 7mm stuff as well as the 4mm so I guess Martin's still waiting for a buyer. There must be someone out there with deep enough pockets...


Flying Squad
Can I remind you all that Martin is a member of this forum, and that we should respect his right to make his own decisions in his own time.



Flying Squad
A quick update from "The Nth Degree" on RMWeb Martin Finney retired - Page 13 - Smaller Suppliers

I know for a fact there are at least two bids on Mr Finney's table - and I'm not too shy to say that one of them is mine. Right now it is just not tax efficient to sell the business during this financial year. Everything will happen in 2016. The great thing for the new owner is all this pent up demand will create a wonderful first trading year!