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  1. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    I've been lurking in the background for a while now. Lovely to see some of Larry's work on here and some of the 7mm work is very special indeed.
    So I model in P4, that does not mean I'm any good, it just means I don't have time to build in other gauges at the current time.
    So these are a few projects I finished over the last few months - having been off work since Feb.

    First, Britannia Western Star 70025


    Still the bellows to put in, it does run very sweetly. Comet chassis, sprung throughout, including the tender.

    When I retire I'm going to build Hengoed High Level station and yard. So I ditched all the Mk1 coaches that I'd built - except one - more ofthat later. So I set about building my fleet of engines for HHL.


    High Level chassis, compensated.

    GWR 56xx 5625.JPG

    Comet chassis, Brassmaster bearings and springs.
    And finally a pannier.


    I've tried to lightly weather all, some with success others will need a lot more work.

    And finally...Mk1 Brake third. When I built this some years ago it appealed to me (probably said "help!). So I kept it. When Rumney models launched their range of sprung bogies I got a set. Truly the dogs! They are not to be rushed (you can't anyway) but the end result is something else.


    I've also finished a couple of GWR fruit vans and am currently building a 2251 class engine and tender.

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  2. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Hi Mike I particularly like the Britannia
  3. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    Nice to see you on here Mike.
    Lots of lovely pics too!
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  4. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Nice to see - what are the origins of the 2251? I have a Finney one in the drawer and am awaiting the bravery (and, with a very junior assistant, the time) to do something with that.

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  5. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    Hi Adam
    Bachmann bodies and the High level chassis for engine and tender, with Ultrascale wheels. Both will be CSB'd. The Finney kits are wonderful. Everything fits. I have a 2-6-2 kit (which will make a 51xx) sitting on my shelf of shame.
    I'm at the stage now where I don't bother with hacking things together, I'd rather draw the bits myself and get them etched - the build takes longer, but far less frustrating. Enjoy the build, I hope we see progress on here soon.

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  6. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Thanks Mike - the Judith/Mike Edge Folwer diesel is a bit more likely I think, especially now the Cricket season appears to be a complete write off, but first, the six-month old needs his own bedroom and that is - I admit - a bit more important!

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  7. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    So having finished Justin's BR bogies, I fitted the springing units and attached to the coach. Well impressd and very pleased with the end result.


    Now back to the 2251.



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  8. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    So a little progress on the 2251 class. Started with the tender. As usual, made the classic error on day one...and it's not the first time I've done this!


    Having sorted that, the build continues. Just the brake gear to finish and then onto the loco.


    More in a bit.

    Stay safe

  9. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    And the finished tender chassis...



    Bit of filing to do on the front steps to get it to fit but, nothing serious. Now for the loco chassis...

    Stay safe


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  10. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    Sorry for the slow progress, but progress has been made. All that's left now are the compensation beams and a few little bits of detailing. The brakes have already been made up and form a sub section to be added later.


    I reckon another 2 days work and I'll be there waiting for the rain to stop. As High Level chassis go - this has been a fabulous build. So easy and only a few swipes of the file to get things to fit.

    Stay safe. It's still out there...

  11. Dave Holt

    Dave Holt Western Thunderer

    Nice, neat work, Mike.
    I built a 57xx chassis (in EM) which was incredibly well thought out and an absolute a joy to build.
    Looking forward to seeing further progress with you loco.
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  12. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    Great progress, Mike, and the basis of a fine model.

    You make it seem so easy and now I know it ain’t :'(

    Looking forward to your next instalment.

  13. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    P4 wheels make all the difference to 4mm scale locos. The two tank locos look a treat.
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  14. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    Compensation beams added and various side trimmings to keep it seated in the body properly. Just to add the brake rods, wait for the 603 to cure on the final drive gear and then its off for paint...if it ever stops raining. Crew are completed - from the wonderful range of Modelu. If I ever figure out how to add video, the next update should see it running/limping on my plank or it'll be another still and I'll be lying thru my teeth ;)

  15. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    Wheels are on the engine chassis, tender is finished. Pick ups still needed and brakes need mounting (?).
    The tender was a nightmare, due to the clearences on the wheels and the fact that the chassis is sprung. So I have to take the floor back out of the tender, slice out 6 parts of it and then grind the lead back. A right faff! :headbang:
    Still runs nicely now - you'll have to take my word for it :) Of course I should have realised the wheels would rise in the chassis once the weight went on, so more fool me.

  16. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    Nearly there...just the chip to add and I'm waiting for a delivery of vaccum pipes - one to add to the front of the engine. Then onto the plank and give it ago.



    Must not forget to coal the tender, or at least make an effort to cover the ridiculous plastic coal and then some weathering to hide the sins. Must add the crew as well! If it runs, its been a fantastic build. :)

  17. Mike Garwood

    Mike Garwood Western Thunderer

    While the weather is really sticky, too much water around to spray, I decided it was high time I got the Std class 5 lined and numbered. Smokebox number and shed plate to go on.

    I'm waiting for a HL g/box and motor to turn up. In the mean time I've been looking at some Chinese motors, as Mr Mashima has decided to close shop (and the price for a Mashima motor is now eye watering, I saw a 1624 for £33! I've got a few motors from CCTrans but, these are to big (diagonally) to fit my engine. But a 15mm square motor will do the job. If anyone has recommendations for 4mm motors I'd love to hear/ read them.

    SE15H | DC Brush motors | Product Category | eMinebea


    Not my best job I'll admitt, all the previous 3 engines didn't require this much attention. I think the numbering on the cabside lets it down. The numbers are the correct size and pitched at the right height. But the spacing between numbers hasn't worked at all.

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  18. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Taff Vale models are producing Mashima "equivalent" motors - whilst they don't list a 1624 there are a couple of smaller ones that might be suitable.

    Taff Vale Models - Model Railway Motors
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  19. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I've used the Taff Vale motors without any issues.

    I believe Mr Mashima retired about 4 years ago.
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  20. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    I'd managed to miss these - they look very interesting indeed (for at least one medium-sized 4mm prototype in the queue). Thanks!