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Dave Bowden

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I have 5 Finescale Sancheng locos, four of these are a mix of Prairies, Panniers and 14xx, and a Hall. All have been converted to radio control by me using the Deltang system except the Hall which had RC and sound fitted when I bought it.

I fitted a switch in all the bunkers to give me the flexibility of either track power or battery power.
Up till recently I filled the bunkers with coal on top of the switch plate and when I came to clean the wheels I realised I couldn't use my rolling road because I'd covered over the switch and the coal was PVA glued in!

So I had a rethink and the photos show what I've changed to.
4523 Coal Board.jpg
The coal is mounted on 3mm plywood and cut so I can take out the board + coal to get at the switch.

The next photo is my 4575 loco that has had a lot more done to it at the same time as it's coal load.
The cab front windows have been fitted with perspex, the gauges have faces fitted and the leavers/pipework painted.
Two crew from the ModelU GWR range, and finally the roof is removable using rare earth magnets.
5525 with crew & coal_1.jpg
5525 with crew & coal_2.jpg
5525 with crew & coal_3.jpg

I will add photos of the other locos at a later date.
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Dave Bowden

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To all those with an interest in GWR G1 here's my other Locos. I'll start with 5525 above but with front and rear views. All taken on my garden railway.
All the Finescale brass GWR Locos come with a brass top to the chimney, green safety valve covers and whistles. Al of mine have been treated to the correct attire.
Next up is the 4523 the straight tanked version. Loco lamps by ModelU. The fire iron sets are by Sanspariel.
4523 has been weather air brushed by a fellow KLOGG friend.
And lastly the 14xx No.1466. This was acquired from Hoppy of this parrish in this condition. He explained to me he wanted a 14xx in late BR state, and I saw it as another nice loco for my collection.


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Dave Bowden

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I have one more GWR loco and that one was the first one I bought at a GOG show in 2014. It was in BR black and it has taken me rather a long time to get it to the state below. I've not shown the chassis but that has been converted to being ready for RC.

The cab needs finishing and transfers fitted. Maybe because I shall sell it when it's finished I haven't felt it work finishing when I've got so many other more pressing things to do.
4575 Class_1.jpg
4575 Class_2.jpg
I also wasn't happy with my first attempt at spraying it, so it has been reworked which now look a lot better.
According to the Great Western Way reworked by John Lewis Prairie tank tops should be black, so that is something else Finescale Brass/Sancheng didn't get right.

So that just leaves me to sort out detailing the cab on 4930 Hagley Hall adding some crew, put coal in the tender. I shall go back to the two Python P14 Vans builds first though.