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REVIEW 127 is at the printers for distribution at the end of this month. The contents are:
  • Gweithdy Dyffryn - Derek Harris models stub pointwork in O14 with prototype photos by Sydney A Leleux
  • 32mm Gauge Portable Track - Ian Holmes describes his technique for modelling pressed-steel sleepers in 7/8ths scale with prototype photos
  • Multi-Gauge Test Track - Sydney A Leleux describes his early 7mm scale model of an unusual prototype
  • Adding bolthead details to a completed model - Adrian Garner provides a finishing touch to his 7mm monorail loco
  • More Sunday Best – St John’s Chapel Lead Mine Tramway - Tim Shackleton finds another snapshot in time with prototype photos
  • Festiniog Railway Carriage Truck - Stuart L Baker draws one of the FR's more eccentric vehicles with prototype photo and scale drawing
  • Modelling 3ft Gauge in 7mm Scale - Peter J Page considers the practicalities of O21
  • Where The Green Grass Grows - Scenic trackwork inspiration by John Clutterbuck with prototype photos
  • London Brick Company - Nutty - Prototype photos of the unusual Sentinel 0-4-0 from the camera of Paul Myatt
And the usual editorial, letters and product reviews.

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Western Thunderer
Review 128 is now at the printers ready for distribution at the end of this month. The contents are:


  • Weathering Heights - An industrial steam weathering masterclass by Tim Shackleton
  • Andrew Barclay – Glyder - A remarkable Penryhn Quarry survivor described by Paul Jarman
  • Industrial Echos – The Shipyard - Arnoud Bongaards explains his novel approach to layout design using SketchUp
  • Developing Nant Gwynant – Part 1 - Richard Kynaston starts a high-tech P4 Narrow Gauge journey
  • Mole – A Unique 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive - Stuart L Baker draws and describes an elusive 1ft 11.5ins gauge locomotive
  • Corris Railway Wagons - Peter Kazer models 2ft 3ins gauge Corris wagons in their last days in 1:32 scale
  • Dörentruper Sand- und Thonwerke - A remarkable 60cm gauge German electric system described by David W Ronald & Volker Grumpe
  • Little Sally - Paul Jarman describes a little known 2ft 6ins gauge Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0ST


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Review 129 is now at the printers ready for distribution at the end of this month. The contents are:
  • Adventures in the Snow - Little Nut's Snowplough - A full-sized replica and 7/8ths scale model by Paul Jarman
  • Another O14 Loco for Tony’s Forest - A Blast from the Past - Robin Edwards builds an original RCL Bagnall 0-4-0ST kit
  • Walking Man - Giles Favell pushes the boundaries of model automation in 7mm scale
  • Scratch Building COVID Cars - Gerald Harper builds some unique ore cars in On3
  • Festiniog Railway Bogie Ballast/Coal Wagons - Stuart L Baker researches and draws these historic FR wagons in 1:32 scale with prototype photos
  • Taliesin 1886 - Alastair Steele backdates the 009 Backwoods kit with prototype photo
  • Talyllyn Railway 'Water Tank' Platelayers Hut - 3D CAD modelling ‘one stone at a time’ by Lee E J Styger with 7mm scale drawing
  • Appearance of Industrial Steam Locomotives - Sydney A Leleux provides his own perspective on grime with prototype photos
  • NG Sand & Gravel Revisited - A look back at Roy C Link's O14 masterpiece
  • And the usual product reviews and readers letters


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Review 130 is at the printers ready for distribution at the end of this month. The contents are:
  • The Anyox Mine Railroad - Gerald Harper researches an unknown 3 foot gauge Canadian system for his On3 layout with prototype photos and plan
  • Welsh Pony 1886 - Alastair Steele tackles the Mercian Models Festiniog England kit in 009
  • Industrial Snowploughs - Prototype examples photographed and described by Sydney A Leleux
  • Doxford RSH Crane Locomotive - Southwick - Mike Farrow describes his ScaleSeven model of an industrial workhorse
  • 18ins Gauge Fowler Locomotive for De Beers Diamond Mines - Stuart L Baker researches and draws these diminutive 0-4-2T locomotives with 7mm scale drawing and prototype photos
  • South African Railways NG-Y Hopper Wagon - Mark Noble models these modern day WHR freight wagons in O14
  • Lynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle 2-6-2Ts - Scratch-building excellence in 7mm scale by Tom Mallard with original GA drawing
  • Brockham Memories - Rust, ruin and hopeful restoration - prototype photographs of the early days at the Brockham Railway Museum described by David John
And the usual editorial, news, jottings and readers letters.



Western Thunderer
Review 131 is now at the printers ready for distribution at the end of the month.


This issue has a large focus on the Isle of Purbeck with two layouts and three drawings of prototypes. We continue the story of the Anyox mine as featured in issues 129 and 130. We also have a look at hazard markings with prototype photos and techniques and discuss the thorny issue of scales and gauges. Finally as usual we include previously unpublished prototype photos of narrow gauge and industrial subjects. The contents are:
  • Newton Heath Works - A 7mm scale narrow (16.2mm) and standard gauge Dorset clay layout built by Martin Finney and Mike Baker
  • Fayles Tramway Clay Wagon - Drawn and described by Stuart L Baker with 1:32 scale drawing and prototype photos
  • Hi-Vis Locomotives - Sydney A Leleux explores the introduction of safety painting on the industrial scene with prototype photos
  • Peckett Locomotives of the Furzebrook Railway - Sextus & Septimus drawn and described by Stuart L Baker with 7mm scale drawings and prototype photos
  • Anyox Mine - The Layout - Gerald Harper describes how he built his On3 British Columbian layout
  • Chattenden & Upnor - Prototype photos from the camera of Paul Myatt
  • A Way with Wasps - Tim Shackleton descibes his techniques for adding hazard markings to a 4mm scale SG industrial loco
  • Goathorn - A 7mm scale 26.25mm gauge recreation of the 3ft 9ins gauge Fayles Tramway by Peter Hollins
  • Of Scales and Gauges and Time - Peter Kazer discusses one of the perennial issues faced by NG modellers
  • A Problem of Scale - David Hughes shares his angst
  • Potters Bar Mainline Tunnel Contract - Prototype photos of a line up of industrial locos of Paul Myatt
  • And the usual editorial, product news, reviews and readers letters