North London Railway Class 51 4-4-0T

Discussion in 'S7 Group' started by Michael D, 16 November 2017.

  1. Michael D

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    Morning all,
    Does anyone know of any photos or diagrams showing the North London Railway Class 51 from above or into the cab or have a works drawing of those parts????? They liked taking broadside pictures at the works and plenty of front end shots, but id love to see how the cab was organised especially.
    Ive been hacking, cursing and bullying my first S7 effort into submission recently, the carcass and basic chassis are forming ok, but so much work still to.... I do enjoy reading about the wonderful craftsmanship on this site, keep it coming :)
    all best
  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    I googled Bow Works and this turned up. Apologies if you have this already.

    NLR 440 1.jpg

    It's a copy of the pages from 9th January 1891 Engineering magazine with GAs. The attached PDF may be of higher resolution.

    Edit - just realised this is the later loco. Perhaps the cab arrangements are the same.

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  3. Yorkshire Dave

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    A bit more trawling....:)

    This is from the RCTS website


    Again, this is the later 4-4-0 NLR Adams 4-4-0 Tank Engine, 1866

    If the book in the background of you photo is the HMSO publication wouldn't the drawings of the 0-6-0 in plate 28 give a guide to the cab and footplate?
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  4. Michael D

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    Many thanks for this, i havent seen that image before. And thats the loco number im building as well....
    The 0-6-0 Park tanks had a different cab arrangement i think,the wheels were much smaller and didnt infrindge on the footplate so much. But the inside and outside cylinder 4-4-0s were much the same.just love the perforated cab fronts!
    Looks like quite a simple basic arrangement on them...
    All best Michael
  5. Michael D

    Michael D Western Thunderer

    Happy New Year to all, Travelling home today from an amazing working trip to China for the past two weeks,after a mind clearing break looking forward to doing a bit more on the NLR tank on my return, its starting to look a bit like a locomotive,lots to do of course, but any thoughts of casting sources,this domes a bit big (and its not fixed down yet hence a bit wobbly) and the chimney a bit chunky???? any ideas on where to look for a backhead or near similarities to these locos, were Adams designs/parts generic when he moved on from the NLR?????? and if anyone makes any suitable castings to speed progress along ??? all best Michael
    NLR Tank.JPG
  6. Michael D

    Michael D Western Thunderer

    Evening all, Over the last few weeks I've managed to make some progress with the NLR tank amidst other things including the launch of the new MRC S7 layout. Think things are starting to slowly take shape now with the tank engine.
    Still on the look out for any more information to the cab layout and brakes and under frame goings on?
    Got a few weeks whilst im away working in Monte Carlo of all places sometime for some further online research..
    all best Michael Class 51 Jan18.jpg nlr tank jan18.jpg
  7. john lewsey

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  8. Tim Watson

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    No, Monte Carlo.

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  9. Michael D

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    Tim, its a pretty awful view ive got to put up with out of the theatre/casino window! First theatre that has slot machines in the foyer!
    Hope they fill in that hole before the Grand Prix......
  10. adrian

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    I don't know - it'll be a good incentive to make the drivers stick to the track limits! :))
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  11. john lewsey

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    I once got thrown out of the Casino in Monte Carlo
  12. Wagonman

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    Did you break the bank? :)
  13. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Unfortunately no my mate took a camera in and started taking photos it didn't go down very well
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  14. Michael D

    Michael D Western Thunderer

    Thanks for your post John ( which I got notification of but it doesn't seem to be here??? )

    Hi Michael I have just been reading your article in the S7 newse news letter and it seems to me to be the most interesting of projects
    Hoping that you will keep us furnished with details photos etc as I am sure that people here will just as interested as I

    Id be very happy to post a new thread and keep people up to date with this new layout "Bow Junction" as it develops, Im back from working at the Opera de Monte Carlo now, what an amazing theatre, and yes security is very tight in and out of it, I was told its to protect the players believe it or not......

    I thought Richard did a great job presenting my jumbled words and random photos into a readable article, the loco has progressed a bit since that photo was taken, and trackwork for the main junction is pretty much done, just needs to be transferred to the main board, and hopefully will be wired up and one board working in some form for the forthcoming display at the London Festival of Model Railway at Ally Pally the end of the month. Slowly does it but progress is being made. Theres also an invitation to the s7 spring meet all being well hope to be there as well. Obviously anyone wanting to be part of this new project please get in touch, youll be most welcomed.... Ill be at the club quite a lot this week getting things moving again and ill take some pics and post them up of the trackwork etc I anyones interested.....
    best wishes
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  15. Michael D

    Michael D Western Thunderer

    Morning all, Just to say if youre visiting the London Festival of Railway Modelling this weekend at Alexander Palace, come and say hello, I shall be there with bits of Bow Junction, flying the flag for S7.
    Motor and gearbox on order for the Class 51 which is looking a little more like it and some scratch built wagons just need some cosmetic titivating.
    Might even get the junction finished this weekend?
    best wishes Michael

  16. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Looking good the Terrier looks tiny
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  17. Michael D

    Michael D Western Thunderer

    0132FA41-1557-477C-9AA5-D8D0274E162D.jpeg Evening all, lots of interested views over the weekend at LFoRM and generous comments to the project, and even managed to finish the three way point for the junction...
    Despite all the frustrations along the way onwards we go...
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  18. Scale7JB

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    Didn't they put the carpet down for you this year?

    Pway looking very good indeed!

  19. Michael D

    Michael D Western Thunderer

    Thank you JB
    Carpet? had a little less space than I would have liked so it was all a bit of a squeeze, so many questions on the prototype and indeed s7.
    I’m rather chuffed with the pway, it does show the scale off very well and was much commented on, it’s been a very useful excercise to show the positives
    Best wishes
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  20. Scale7JB

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    Yes they normally put carpet in that side room..

    Makes it a bit nicer to be in and more pleasant under foot.