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Very nice indeed, but wait .................. no pictures of Corfe Castle to be seen in any compartment! ;)

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Checking lettering

Heather Kay

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I need some advice from the more Southern orientated members, please.

I’m beginning to work out lettering for these coaches. I have numbers, and a set number, and I know where such things are supposed to go. This isn’t an issue. What I need clarification on is the colour. I know lettering followed the standard BR pattern of cream/gold in the first stages of nationalisation. By 1960, this is said to have changed to yellow. Is this correct?

A further question arises regarding load branding on brake vans. A rummage around the web isn’t a lot of help, as most clear photos of Maunsell coaches are of preserved vehicles, frequently in SR livery. Photos do show, however, a tiny bit of script by the luggage doors, near the bottom of the side panel, that reads "Load 1 ton" or "Load 2 tons" or similar. Now, Mark 1s had a much more comprehensive script, but I have so far failed to turn up examples of Maunsell brake coaches sporting such. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Yorkshire Dave

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Quite correct - the LOAD 1 TON or LOAD 2 TONS was carried over from the SR but in block capitals rather than the original SR script Load 1 Ton or Load 2 Tons.

I'll try and assist with the rest....:eek:

I have looked at a few of the colour photographs in my SR books and the lettering colour on pre- 1960 photos appears (whilst bearing in mind the reproduction quality) to be a cream/straw yellow colour but a photo of a recently overhauled Maunsell brake coach in 1961 shows the lettering to be yellow (1st class stripe yellow?).

It could well be the lettering colour changed to yellow possibly with the introduction of the new 4 CEP/4 BEP electric stock in 1957/9 which had yellow lettering.

The lettering colour will largely depend on when and where the carriages were last overhauled and ideally you would require the overhaul dates for set 245 - which I have not found in my books. I assume 245 is still the set number? I say 'where' as Lancing, Ashford and Eastleigh were not unknown to do their own thing when using up surplus transfers.

The above does not really answer your query, however, as set 245 was effectively broken up by the end of 1962 (below) I would stick my neck on the line say the lettering would have been cream/straw yellow rather than a full yellow - unless the set was overhauled during 1957/60. 1959-63 saw the withdrawal of large numbers of Maunsell carriage stock mainly due to electrification.

Brake third 3785 - set 245 from inception until withdrawn 11/62.
Composite 5658 - set 245 from 1951 until withdrawn 1/62.
Brake third 3789 - set 245 from 1948 until withdrawn 11/62.

Heather Kay

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Cheers Dave!

I think, as the client has commissioned two coaches for this set from another builder, I might be wise to check what he’s expecting for the lettering. It might be possible I am expected to paint the other pair at some point - Covid is making such swapping around a bit of an issue, as you may expect.

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I'm going to take a short break from these coaches while I consult with the client via snail mail over the preferred lettering style. He has commissioned another builder to make buffet car and two open thirds for this set, so it would be useful if the appearance matched!





This is the state of play with the coaches. Compartments are not fitted, but I have glued the seats into the compartment assemblies. My next job is more masking tape and airbrushing the underframes. It's one of those jobs I am not particularly looking forward to, but once I get stuck in it will be a breeze. Well, as much of a breeze as anything I touch these days.

I shall now go and play with some web design software so I can finally try and catch up with the latest fads.

Mike W

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I know this is about three months too late (sorry, but the heading "Maunsells" didn't alert me to an LNWR query!). But just for the record this is LNWR 3rd class seat fabric and paneling on the preserved Picnic Saloon. The fabric is original, the wood framing restored original, the wood panels are new and the ceiling covering a modern close match to the original floral design.

(thanks to Tony Lyster for the picture)

Heather Kay

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The results are in: lettering to be straw/cream/off-white/whatever the fashion is today.

Extra sheets ordered, so it’s time to get masking and paint those underframes.

Heather Kay

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Excellent service from Fox Transfers. The order arrived in the post this morning.

Procrastination rules at present. I’ll get going shortly.

Heather Kay

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Barring some touching in with a brush later, for all the bits that inevitably get missed when squirting paint at things, that’s all the underframes now in grot colour. Miraculously, no overspray anywhere to speak of.

The next stage is gloss varnish for the bodywork. I couldn’t get the SR green in gloss, so a varnish coat will be needed. Then transfers, satin varnish, and organise the glazing.

The 4MT still sits there. I still don’t want to touch it. I must speak to its owner and ask him to take it away. The Prairie is also lurking, waiting for me to pluck up the courage to weather it.

Now, are the cant rail gutters painted black on the Southern Region green livery, or are they green to match the body?


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HK....... Cantrails appear to be green to match bodyside......certainly thats the case with MOST of my Southern Region Maunsell colour images The few others matched the roof colour........While I'm here, is your client having the Buffet scratch or kit built.....? respects etc.....Brian W
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