Padgate Works


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Some current stuff in the throes of being built...






PO wagons in the process of being detailed up - more beckons here...



This ex SNCF 16 tonner awaits its tarpaulin rings..... Yes this is 4mm. Wibble!!!

And finally..




Decrepit auld LMS/BR 3-Plankers in the paintshop and awaiting lettering,
The Illustrator files are with the printer person; who is fighting the drivers for the ALPS printer. Frustration abounds but hey, I can get other stuff sorted.

Stay tuned for more stuff soon


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One thing I know is a minefield across the scales is screw couplings,
I thought I'd share this protocol as it works for me.
More wagon shenanigans next week I hope... ;)


Here is the Masokits etch - it looks worse than it is to work worth once one is used to it.
You also get some etched hooks and instanters. I prefer to use Exactoscale coupling hooks however.


Here you see the couplings central assembly.
Drill out to holes, if needed, whilst still on the main etch.
The black rod is 0.7mm pencil lead, you use this to keep the holes aligned once you fold the etch over.
You want a snug fit to keep it all square once its soldered up.


Once you have the soldering done, remove the pencil lead and take a jewellers broach to the holes - carefully!


Adding the links involves some careful bending up, using 3/64 rod as a former.
It also pays to clean up things with a file atr this point.
The links are attached using 0.65mm craft pins - Mike Clark {Mr Masokits] uses 0.7mm but hey...
The extra 0.05mm will help things to be free but naer to loose and floppy.
Carefully shallow/thin of the head of the pin by the way - it looks better.


This is the tricky bit.
The paper/tape allows one to solder the pin in place, without it gumming up the blasted thing; well that it the theory :lol:


Hark, it looks like a coupling.
Now to clean it up....


Ahem.... NEXT!


The solution is 0.5% - 1.0% Neutracon as mentioned elsewhere by myself.
It cleans up all the flux and gunk, leaving a very nice clean piece of work.


Attaching the coupling to the coupling hook will mean the jewellers broaches come out again.
Care here as you want to fit the coupling in and then close enough metal behind it to hold it in place - don't make the hole too big!
The plates on the stem of the coupling hook are Ambis etches by the way.




The finished articles in place.
Some use araldite but I use Rocket Max super-glue.
The plastic gets "keyed" using Ambroid Pro Weld before hand by the way which seems to help.

I hope this all makes sense and any questions? Ask away.

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Very nice post there Ian, I like the use of 0.7mm pencil lead to align holes in separate parts and (presumably) prevents the hole getting filled with solder, tidy :thumbs: .

regards, Graham


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Bonkers and brilliant Ian; even though I'm by nature a sloppy bodger it's good to see stuff out there at the cutting edge of what's possible.


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After the last few months you''d be suprised how true "bonkers" is . Eeeeeek!
Thanks guys, more to come soon.



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I tried that method for the Masokits couplings (it's in the instructions isn't it? It's been a long time since I read them), but found it insufficiently reliable. Having tried tin foil, oiled Rizlas, etc., as you might for locomotive valve gear, my solution is to make up the centre links, drill them to size, clean up and chemically blacken them prior to adding the remaining links. This is probably 95%+ succesful. You can then clean up the complete couplings and blacken them again. Because this is quite a tedious operation, I also tend to spend an evening making up an entire etch worth at a go.

The hazard, of course is in losing the made-up couplings before you come to use them...



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Well more is afoot.




BR diag 1/224 vans are the subject here, the last ones BR produced.
The buffers come from the LMS range by David Franks - top stuff frae a top bloke.
As you can see, the floor of the Parkside van has seen a good seeing to with cutters and files.
Above is the etch is from the Ambis range, better on the eye than the Red Panda underframe moulded ones seen below...


This image shows also the Ambis axlebox cover etches, this come from the iron ore wagon chassis etch Alan Austin produces.
More soon on this project, nine of them for the Beeg Blue Beastie!!! :confused:




The BR ventilated fruit van derived from LMS parentage. Here the ends are being modified to represent a three section end using 5-thou strip.
Some lots of this type of van had LNER brake gear on an LMS derived underframe. This is being addressed using a Masokits underframe etch. The Parkside solebars will go on once suitably fettled.




More images soon; that is once the builders hae fimished at home...... :rant:


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The last diagram ventilated vans BR produced in the early 1960's
This batch of 9 for Mostyn feature all the usual gubbins and variations




Some images of vans in progress with wee variations showing.

Buffers from LMS courtesy of Prof Franks
The brake etches are Ambis ones
Coupling hook assembled from Exactoscale hooks and instanters, the chain links being homebrew.
They run on Exactoscale and KM wheels.
Axleboxes come from Ambis, 51L and Exactoscale.

More to come soon ;)


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The Diagram 1/224's continue to progress.
The last 5 now have all of their brake castings in place, as well as the buffers and coupling gubbins. The next bit will see all of the links and safety loops - pedantic b*gg*r that I am :))
That nice Mr Franks and MJT have provided the castings by the way.





All of these images were taken on the smartphone camera in macro mode :eek:
Handy on the workbench methinks?

More soon including a fish van with a personality change - an SPV in other words ;)
Much riveting action.....


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And more activity stirs...



These two images show the Archer rivets decals off rather well I think.
The SPV in question seems to have had a pretty heavy repair/strengthening job done to it, hence the detailing. I am working from an image dated 1978 and I know the prototype had been in Derby for repairs in 1977. A venerable survivor then, it seems as its a first diagram/lots BR type, the ones with the LNER style of brake gear. I do wonder if Parkside could do the later type maybe? The new Hornby effort is another model of the earlier ones - annoying! The Parkside roof has also been discarded for a new one of a better size.


This odd view shows the end of the roof with fettling, proper overhang and all. :thumbs:


This close up shows were the brake lever should go and the look of the brake shoes, brake vee etc. Well worth the effort, as is using the Bill Bedford sprung w-irons - smooooth :cool:

More to come soon, the mojo is simmering nicely at present!


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Morning all, progress at last!!! :D
Here in this thread, the finished stock should appear for your perusal - eventually!!!

For your entertainment this morning:




The above medfits have been so long in the making and finishing its frankly embarrassing in some ways. Anyhow the finish line beckons so the correct lettering has begun


This Shocvan is a BR Diagram 1/209 on an LNER type fitted chassis, an oddball in other words...
The lettering on this van is in the latter BR standard style, using the shown box arrangement. The medfits have the usual engineers stock mish-mash.

All of the decals I have drawn myself in Adobe Illustrator and then had printed on an ALPS printer. I still cannot decide which software I should stay with for this task. CorelDraw I have used for years, whilst Illustrator may be useful learning professionally so, why not take advantage there of .... :confused:

More to come as I fight the good fight with decals and other naughtiness.....................


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And yes there is more action frae Padgate!!! ;)
To matters of a building/progressing nature:




Underframe gubbins is slowly being added to as one can see. That nice Mr Franks should find these views to his liking :thumbs:
I cannae find the right brake yolks so compromise may be needed.
Then I have a lot of roofs to make/sort/fettle.... :headbang:


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Well some stock has finally been finished down at the "Works" :thumbs:
First up, some Ex-LMS medfits:




The above three show the ALPS printed decals off I think.
The Electrification Warning sign is from the Railtec range -


Both of these two beasties are the auld Parkside Dundas kit, a kit which is unavailabe at this time I think and which may well be getting updated? I do hope so, because a lot of them ended up in the Engineers fleets.

It has been a long haul but finally, this project is nearing completion.
Two down and four to go.........:drool:


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Well its more tastiness that is actually finished!!!
Yes, this project has taken too long, like so many, but is now ready for action on the "Beastie..."


A Dia.2039 van in all it scabby glory, ending its days with the Engineers at Crewe.
The auld Ratio kit is a versatile and adaptable beastie for it age; I think that shows that it was nae bad to start with, when first released...


The close-up is a bit OTT maybe but it show again how the ALPS printed decals just allow one to model the niceties ;)


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More finished naughtiness... :eek:



Two scabby 1/208's that still run with their original running number lettering - more common it seems than I thought :?:


The close-up shows just how good the Craig Welsh brake lever etches really are on a finished item - more I say young man!!! :cool:

The Padgate Works is on a hot streak so stay tuned... :))


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Finally, some updated progress from sunny Padgate.
Another episode of darkness and gloom left me a bit out of it again. However things have improved somewhat the past few weeks, hence some significant progress. :)

I aim to have all the stock that I am working on finished and working, for Mostyns appearance at the Wigan Finescale Railway Modellers show in Wigan. That being over the weekend of the 7th & 8th of June. If one is going, I hope to see you there on at least one of the days.




An auld LNER fitted van still in engineers use.
Lettering is a mixture of ALPS home brew and Modelmaster







The Medfit project is finally coming to fruition as one can see - decrepitude still to be fully exercised here mind. This project is one of many delayed by the travails of the past months. The lettering is from a mish mash of Modelmaster/Fox Transfers/Railtec and ALPS printed home brew...



More 12T diag. 1/208 BR vans are also nearing the finishing line.

Once these are fully done and finished, the images will be posted up.
Mass weathering and such beckons.... :eek: