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  1. Magazines

    Hi all :wave:

    I guess that many of you guys know about Modern Locomotive Illustrated, I thought that I would Post anyway for those of you who dont ;)  :thumbs:

    These bi-monthly mags cover a diesel/electric class every two months and the August/September issue covers the Class 33 with plenty of colour phots. :thumbs:
    Whilst those interested in the class will already have, no doubt, plenty of info to hand, Modern Locomotives Illustrated have some wonderful phots with numbered lables which have a key so as to identify each numbered item (areas such as cab desks/controls, bufferbeams and pipework, body sides etc. are all covered using this method).

    IMHO these mags are very akin to the Diesels In Depth books/series, yet not, as one would expect, quite so detailed :thumbs:

    SWMBO thinks that at ?4.20 for a mag is a lot of wonga, yet to my mind these mags are really Class specific detail books with plenty of colour phots and details, descriptions etc., perfect for the railway modeller and all for just ?4.20 :thumbs:  :thumbs:  To my mind the publication is a softback book rather than a mag - and I believe that when viewed in this way it is a bargain :thumbs:

    If youve not seen them before I can recommend them :thumbs:

    All the best,

    CME :wave:
  2. Ressaldar

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    Modern Locomotives Illustrated - Class 33's

    Hi CME,

    totally agfree with your sentiments, I really like them, but only buy the Classes that I like - one on the 03 and one on the 08/09 would be welcome.


  3. Phill Dyson

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    Modern Locomotives Illustrated - Class 33's

    Thanks for the nod CME :D :thumbs: , I will have pop into Smiths & get a copy .
    I'm really glad you posted this, as I have the class 47 & class 25 issues but most newsagents don't seem to stock it so it is very easy for me to miss a good issue.......I'm hoping the Hydraulics will be covered at some point too :drool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  4. clarky

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    Modern Locomotives Illustrated - Class 33's

    I totally agree with everything said!

    The 'Illustrateds' are a great help for modelling and a terrific source of information.

    Resaldar's point about Class 03 and 08/09 is spot on. It seems very difficult to get historical info on these locos if you're trying to model a particular one.
  5. Modern Locomotives Illustrated - Class 33's

    Hi Mike :wave:

    + 1 :thumbs:

    CME :wave:
  6. Modern Locomotives Illustrated - Class 33's

    Hi Phill :wave:

    You are very welcome.

    It's the other way around for me Smiths dont seem to stock it, yet my local 'Martin's' does :scratch: I have to make a note in my diary :lol: :lol:

    Yes I am looking forward to future releases too :thumbs: , I think they may list such on their website, yet I havnt had a chance to look yet :headbang:


    CME :wave:
  7. Model Railroader special: More Layout in Less Space

    The latest special issue is out, and it is quite an interesting read - includes a piece from Iain Rice.

    However, what tickled me was the different perspective in there, the first article has the following clause at the end of the opening paragraph:
    "I've found a way to build a layout in our modest 17 x 17.1/2 foot garage."

    Modest? Good grief: his portable section across the garage entrance is bigger than many British layouts!
  8. Jordan

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    Model Railroader special: More Layout in Less Space

    Ah, yes, the concept of "small" across the pond... ::)  :scratch: :headbang:

    I recently got a book on designs for layouts in a "small" space, which are based on the designer's spare room, 10ft by 11ft... :(
    All things are relative, I suppose; compare that size to the usual "Basement Empire" that most American Modellers are 'conditioned' to desire as their "dream layout" and it is small; but the Author of the book makes a good point; the quality of a layout is not dependant on it's size, not is the enjoyment to be gained from it. (or is that two points..?)

    Their different concept of size also explains why they have very different concepts of operation as well; they tend to concentrate more on individual trains as they go between Places, whereas the British way tends to model a Place, and the trains that run through it.
  9. Model Railroader special: More Layout in Less Space

    I am reliable informed that most American model railway layouts are built on a sheet of 8' x 4' plywood, but for obvious reasons they don't make it to the pages of the modelling press.
  10. Jordan

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    Model Railroader special: More Layout in Less Space

    Model Railroader magazine themselves are to blame for that one; every year they run a "Layout you can Build" article which does something in an 8ft x 4ft space, although these days they're likely to recommend Insulation Foam on a 'softwood lumber frame.'

    The book I've just bought (this one) is considered to be quite revolutionary, as I understand... :scratch:
  11. BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Hi Guys :wave:

    Looks like one of our number has done a really nice job on 7052 :drool: :bowdown: :thumbs:

    As with last month - some more interesting ideas on modelling the M&SWJR.

    Some fab work by Tim Shackleton...... :bowdown: :thumbs:

    And a nice article on a 00 Metalsmiths turntable too :thumbs:


    CME :wave:
  12. iploffy

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    BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    I shall have to buy it when I see it

  13. Phill Dyson

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    BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Excuse my ignorance but which months issue of BRM ?
  14. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Is that Mr Tiger Vikings Hymek? I never buy BRM, but I will have to look out a copy
  15. BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Hi Phill :wave:

    December - with a free DVD of the layout 82G

    CME :wave:
  16. BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Hi Cynric :wave:

    I like BRM and buy regularly, yet like you I dont like the shrink wrap issue.

    I have a few subs these days; NG & Ind, GOG. ASLSRM that's it.

    Steve Harrod has written the article - is he one of ours? :-[

    Sorry I dont know who's who here yet...

    All the best,

    CME :wave:
  17. BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Yes, he is Mr. Tiger Viking.
    I don't wish to be rude, but since you have a somewhat oblique user name, and sign off your messages with it, you aren't really in a position to comment, are you? :scratch:
  18. Jordan

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    BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Precisely why I never buy it*. If I was able to see inside before purchasing, I might be corrected in my view that it also has a strong Eastern Region Kettle bias... allegedly...  :scratch: ;)

    * Aside from the fact that, like the other 'mainstream' UK mags, it is UK-outline only.
  19. BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Hi Simon,

    It doesnt really matter - does it

    All the best,

    CME :))
  20. Scale7JB

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    BRM - Heljan Hymeks etc..

    Is the magazine worthy of buying for the 82G DVD?

    It's a great layout (when they can run it properly), but i'm just wondering how long the DVD is (in minutes, rather than Inches  :)) )