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    Morning All

    I have a project on the go , which ought to be G3 but I will gloss over that and quickly moving on . I am after some 1/32 ridge tiles and am dreading having to melt micro strip over a fabricated plasticard apex .
    Any thoughts and ideas please ?
  2. BrushType4

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    Would half round plastic tube work?
  3. simond

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    3D print?
  4. Osgood

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    What shape ridge tile?
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    Ridge tiles come in varied designs, and with modelmaking era and area style ( county ) are important if you're at all pedantic :D as I am.

    This company produce the real thing Dreadnought Tiles range of Ornamental Ridges many designs going back centuries.
    In model form I would suggest plastic or even wood in G3 scale.

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    Afternoon All

    It's pure industrial , so company style is not vital , must admit I had not thought of using 1/2 round .
    What I was after was a sharp edge to follow the roof angle and being Non Tech compliant had not considered rapid printing .
    The roof slates which are going on beautifully are laser cut card from Woodbury Models and I am starting to think that I ought to try a similar material and bend up a bit of brass or ally as a spacer jig to get the spacing even .
    The building it's self was a lase cut weigh bridge kit that Rachel put together (assembled without a fault) but we both felt looked a bit flat , and it's all getting a bit giddy from there .
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    I think I'd bend sone aluminium strip to same angle as roof, then scribe at intervals to represent individual ridge tiles.
    The strip can be bent along its length to follow any undulations in ridge line if replicating an older building with an imperfect roof.

    Most industrial slate roof ridges would have been a simple shape like this:
    Slate roof ridge.jpg
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    Ingredients so far are Ken West basic building .
    Will's 4mm ? walling .
    .060" plasticard .
    S.E. Finecast for the chimney brick work .
    Invertrain for the 7mm ? scale guttering .
    Woodbury Models for the slates .
    and 20 mins on the lathe for the chimney pot .
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    When I made the Station Master's house for Love Lane I made the ridge tiles from Plastruct tubing. Using a razor saw the tube was cut lengthwise to give a hollow half-round. It was then glued on with Evostick and only once it was dry did I cut it into individual ridge tiles, again, using a razor saw. The scroll irons were made from narrow strips of brass.
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