1/32 Scale Wheels?


Western Thunderer
I recently purchased a 1:32 1932 Ford V8 kit recently reissued by AMT. This is an old kit but I think it looks good. I had one of the original kits back in the 70s that cost nearly nothing, this one cost considerably more - probably too much for what it is. The kit is quite simple. The problem is the wheels, they are too small diameter and too fat. I have been looking for replacement 1:32 wheels but without success so far. Does anyone know of a supplier for 1:32 scale wheels for a Ford V8, or a Model B or a Model A?

This is the part completed kit, with the wheels just painted black to cover the white plastic and not fully pushed onto the axle stubs. Both my grandfathers had Ford V8s, though not the three window 2-door represented by the kit.
Ford V8 a.jpg
Ford V8 b.jpg


Western Thunderer
This has just popped up on FaceAche - apparently there's a new rubber resin available, should be able to get some tyres printed or a combined print for the rims & tyres.......... Home - 3Dprintingcorner

Or, if you're one of those clever people who can get their head around this magic, you might be able to DIY - just need the materials.


Western Thunderer
It may not be helpful for you, but in a larger scale I use lorry/truck tyres made as spares for the next scale down. D
I was hoping for a nice aftermarket set with etched spokes and resin or white metal tyres and hubs. It seems to be a gap in the market and I don't want to spend much time getting them right as it is really just a distraction. It is odd to observe the speed that dress up kits come out for all the recent 1:35 kits, replacing parts which look perfectly good to me with expensive resin and etched bits which don't always improve the appearance of the finished model.