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    I get this, but doesn't every forum, pub, social venue, club appear strange to those outside looking in?

    Life's like that, wrapped up in our own bubbles and when we look into others feel distanced or out of alignment, like real (physical interaction) life, the only way to find out what's really what, is to jump in.

    People are naturally hesitant, put a board up outside, free cakes inside and watch 75% of them walk past, maybe they don't like cake :D

    Truth be told, half will think there's nothing for free (suspicious folk) the other half mildly disconcerted of what they may find inside.

    In short, you can lead a horse to water.......

    Stagnation, perhaps consistency might be more appropriate?

    Either way I get where the 'management' are trying to go and the recent changes are subtle and noninvasive, as they should be :thumbs:

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    He offered me some free water.

    I said "neigh"
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    Actually, being serious briefly, I didn't find WT cliquey, (though there are clearly in-jokes, and ongoing conversations between people who have been friends for a while; same is true of RMW & G0G). I read a bit, and posted a bit, and hoped I didn't intrude or tread on toes, and seem to have fitted in (I hope!). I wouldn't want anything to change dramatically, I've learned a lot, found lots of interest, and hopefully have contributed the odd useful or interesting morsel in return.

    I do like the "meet at the test track at 1pm" approach - it's great to put faces & names together - and that's definitely not the approach of a clique. So I've met some people too.

    Reading Adrian's thread about MRJ, I think there are many parallels. There seems to be an ethos of "do it as well as you possibly can", but I do not sense any elitism or hushed whispers of "not good enough to be here". Long may this continue.

    Mick's point regarding inviting people in is well made, I think. I guess it's like a club, the doors are open to new members, but they won't join unless they take the first step.

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    I can have look at putting a link in but for me its just more clutter on the page.

    I didn't realise it was a feature that was missing as it is already built in to Safari . On an iOS device just a double tap on the clock at the top of the screen will take you to the top of a web page and on my laptop I just use cmd and up arrow on the keyboard to get to the top. It saves searching for the link.

    I hope that helps.
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    Well said.
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    Thank you for the iLesson... didn't know about tapping the clock. Belay my earlier request!

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    I like it here. I like it the way it is. I like living in Area 51, too. The truth is in there


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