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    Earlier this year we had a new shed in the garden mainly for my modelling, but also to store some garden bits. The long term aim is to get the 7mm running around the garden but now winter has set in there won't be any further garden progress. Now with this years difficulties Cam and I have not made a huge amount of progress with our main exhibition layout, as its in his garage I can't really do vey much. I have been meaning to do something with the boards form my last failed layout attempt but haven't had the motivation.

    Unfortunately we lost my Wife's step-father a couple of weeks ago and I've been sorting out his model railway stuff, now he had this shed (I think it's a Heljan European Steam Shed) which looked quite good but I think would be difficult to sell and would really need collecting as its quite flimsy. So I brought it home and it has sat for a couple of weeks while I worked out what to do with it. Roll on to yesterday and with nothing much going on (rain and can't really go anywhere) I sat and started to take some its of it apart the intention to make two shed's 3/4 and 1/4 in length.

    Shenton Road TMD 2.jpg

    Shenton Road TMD 3.jpg

    Shenton Road TMD 4.jpg
    So what to do with it? I've got two 4'x2' boards and space for about a 3' fiddle yard one end. I was thinking about a works or Wagon Repair Depot to show off some of the wagons I've been building but 8' isn't much space. Looks like we're going with a typical TMD layout! One thing I really don't much like is the whole Small TMD or Small Terminus with bridge as a scenic break, every Depot or TMD I have ever know doesn't just come off a single feed under a bridge, it just feels contrived, but that is all I can really muster in this small space. And so Shenton Road TMD has been born, the shed roads will not have an end board against them as if it does eventually got to an exhibition I could put a fiddle yard on both ends. I need to finish refurbishing the shed and pick up a few bits before track laying commences but you will get the idea.

    Shenton Road TMD 1.jpg

    Shenton Road TMD 5.jpg
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