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Discussion in 'Forum Information and Issues' started by AndyS, 25 March 2016.

  1. AndyS

    AndyS Member

    Hello folks,

    Can someone help?

    I'd like to place a wanted ad, but there is a note that says I have insufficient privileges (I think) to post there; why would that be?


  2. unklian

    unklian Western Thunderer

    I believe you have to have posted 15 times before you can place an ad. Something to do with preventing unwanted traffic from 'robots' and the like !

    Adrian...Adrian... never any admin when you need them...:rolleyes:
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  3. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad


    Sorry - I was just double checking the settings in the admin area. As mentioned there is system that only allows you to post ads if you've been a member for longer than 7 days and posted at least 15 messages. This was introduced because we had a few people register on the site obviously with the sole purpose of just advertising stuff for sale and not too concerned about contributing.

    As you've been a member for a few years now I've just promoted you to the relevant group so hopefully you should be able to post your advert. The only real stipulation we have is for you to name an asking price for what you'd like to get - i.e. nothing vague asking for offers.


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  4. AndyS

    AndyS Member

    Hello Adrian,

    Thanks for your note above - but I still cant see the section - I used to be able to!

    Screenshot below of my 'home' page if that helps?
  5. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    Can you have a look now please Andy (may need to log off and back on again) but hopefully you should see the members area again.
  6. AndyS

    AndyS Member

    Thanks Steve,

    Only just had chance to check, but yes it is visible now. :)
  7. 47474

    47474 Member

    Is this also the case to post “wanted” ads?
  8. Remco Vegting

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    15 posts will take me a while… I am mostly active in my own thread. I like to read the others, but haven't had a reason to comment yet ;-)