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Discussion in 'Resources' started by adrian, 13 March 2014.

  1. adrian

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    I needed some small BA screws for some of my current projects but Eileens always struck me as being quite expensive so I started flicking through the internet as you do. I stumbled upon this site

    Apologies if already broadcast but I liked the prices - placed an order Tuesday lunchtime and they were delivered today (Thursday).

    Gratuitous photo just to make it look colourful!!

    They do a much wider range than Eileens, they go down to 16BA, brass, steel, stainless in a wide variety of lengths, the short ones in the photo are 14BA x 3/32 (£2.10 for 25).

    Price comparison examples :

    16BA x 1/2" brass ctrsunk pack 100 Screw-shop £10.56 - Eileens £20
    12BA x 1/4" brass ctrsunk pack 100 Screw-shop £4.92 - Eileens £18

    At these prices I think I'm going to stock up on a selection rather than just buying as required.

    No connection with them - just a satisfied customer.

    Hopeful useful info for people - unless someone can come up with a better supplier I missed?
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  2. AndyB

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    That's a useful source I hadn't come across before. Thank you
    I have mainly used EKP in the past-
    Service as good as you have had from Screw-shop - prices somewhere between Screw-shop and Eileens.

  3. Osgood

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    They seem good prices for small brass, I'll have a look.

    For Steel, about the cheapest I can get plated high tensile setscrews is;
    M4 x 12 £1.98/100, M4 x 12 £2.08/100.
    Stainless are about double that.
    The real bargain for DIYers though must be 1m lengths of threaded stainless studding - 3mm dia £0.98, 4mm £1.28!
  4. alcazar

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    I would point anyone wanting fasteners at:
    Items Mail Order Ltd.,
    Marsh Lane,
    Nr Retford,
    DN22 9ES.
    Tel: 01427 848880

    The chap that runs it is very knowledgeable and will send you a large printed list in A5 booklet form for an SAE.

    Ordering is by phone or in writing, items usually with you next day, good prices, excellent range and good stock levels.
    Some tools also stocked. He takes credit/debit cards.

    Again...satisfied customer.
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  5. taliesin

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    Apart from the above I have also used in the past who have been good to deal with, cheers Rob
  6. SteveO

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  7. adrian

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    Yes - used them a few times for miniature rivets and dummy bolts. I've not tried the machined bolts as I prefer BA threads rather than metric, mainly due to the taps and dies I have in my toolbox!
  8. Dog Star

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    I am searching for fasteners to help with assembling the inside motion for a 7mm Bulldog... and the Master of Ceremonies has requested 16BA hex head as first preference... none of the suppliers mentioned in this topic to date are able to help with my search and, after 20 pages of links, neither can Google.

    Anyone wish to offer suggestions?
  9. richard carr

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    You are wasting your time, even if you do find them you be disappointed at how large the hex head is.

  10. Dog Star

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    I think that you are probably correct... even though that is not the conclusion that I want.
  11. Steph Dale

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    It might be a good opportunity to go metric. M0.8 screws have 1.3mm af hex heads, if it's hex you need. They're reasonably easy to get hold of as they're a common size for spectacles.

    Personally I'd use wire and rivets for valve gear: less chance of it all coming undone!

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  12. Dog Star

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    Maybe... just that I have 16BA taps and dies, no metric stuff.
    I have tripped over this possibility. Google struggled to find suppliers offering brass, most suppliers offer stainless although this link is to a supplier of M0.8 hex head in brass.
  13. Jon Nazareth

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    Dog Star
    I use 'Items Mail Order Ltd'. If you order in the morning it normally comes next day. No website or email but telephone number is 01427 848880.

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  14. Dog Star

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    I have used "Items" preferentially for several years and did call the guy yesterday - neither 16BA nor metric fastenings.
  15. Rob Pulham

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    Hi Graham,
    If you have 16ba taps and dies could you not make your own by soldering 16ba hex nuts onto rod that you thread yourself? Being so small you probably won't be able to get enough torque to break the joint when tightening in normal use.
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  16. simond

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    Just restocked with small hex head screws from EKP. Thanks for the link.

  17. Dog Star

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    True Robin and that is one option which has been discussed with Paul (@Locomodels). Whilst Paul requested steel nuts and bolts I have not been able to find any 16BA fasteners in steel whereas 16BA nuts seem to be available from several sources. Time to look for some brass round bar from which to make short 16BA studs.
  18. Stevesopwith

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    Leaving aside the metric v. imperial issue; I recently came across 'Prime Miniatures' whose range includes metric hex bolts...0.6 x 6 mm, head 1 mm AF, and 0.8 x 6 mm, head 1.3 mm, in brass or tinned brass. I understand 16 BA bolts have heads at 1.4 mm AF.
    The 0.6 mm are £6.75 for 10, while the 0.8 mm are £5.00.
    I'm using the 0.6 mm bolts, nuts and washers to represent the tie rod end detail on 7 mm GER wagons.
    They are good, and he's very quick.
  19. Ian@StEnochs

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    Have you got a contact address or website please?
  20. jamiepage

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