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Richard, I really like the way you have painted and weathered those wagons! I've been watching this chap over on YouTube:

He's a military modeller and in this video, he makes and paints a wall from a block of styrofoam. I want to try his methods on my wagons as he gets some great effects, much like what you have done with the ballast wagons.

What did you use for the canvas axlebox covers? My GF, who is a bookbinder and paper conservator, has given me a roll of Holland, this is a cloth with a very fine weave that I have used successfully to represent the canvas roof covering on a goods van.

Apologies to Steve for hijacking his thread!



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Hi John
The “weathering” on the ballast wagons is simply a very lightly loaded brush with some black oil paint, because it’s a very thin coating it dries very quickly.
I was going to add a subtle bit of rust around the ironwork, and stone dust all over, but never really got around to it. When I weather the additions to the rake, I will do that.
A99DE736-C6B4-4EDE-B98C-9D331FE383BD.jpeg I’m not too bothered about the individual weathering on each wagon, I just wanted to create a long enough rake to look like a real ballast train.
I also need to add chains and pins to the side door catches, trouble is there are 32 of them.
The axlebox covers and the roof canvas on the brake van are simply pieces of an IKEA pillowcase.
Thank you, that's an amazing close-up where it still looks really good! I'll experiment with oil paint, can't promise a courageous close-up though! The shaded lettering is a nice touch. Very inspiring, thank you!


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No worries about the hijack, been guilty of the same elsewhere! Got a Sixteen Mills brake van and ballast wagon in limbo as it happens so quite handy seeing those :)

I mentioned someone I know agreed to enlarge his Furness Railway J1 shell up to G3 proportions last post and for anyone interested in the prototypes he's covered here it is after a few sprays of filler primer.