Special Point and crossing chairs.

Discussion in 'Permanent Way' started by paratom, 14 January 2021.

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    If anybody has some detailed drawings of special MR or GWR point or crossing chairs that they could send to me as a pdf or other format I will reward them with 3D printed chairs in 4mm or 7mm to make a point or crossing of their choice once the cad drawings have been done and chairs printed.
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    I can offer a photocopy of the GWR S&C chairs from the GWSG book on GW S&C Practice, a book which is based on official GWR material. Let me know if of interest.
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    If pictures of GW special chairs is of use, on the old Templot forum under the share and show heading, right at the beginning I have a series of posts with a good selection of them. Sorry I'm not clever enough to do links on my tablet .
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    I had Dave Rayner from Shapeways print me some GWR slab and bracket chairs a while back, I haven’t used the site so not sure what’s available nowadays.

    B047524F-3364-47CA-9512-F6689C9C0474.png 814C928B-E8F9-4FE8-8BE1-FE2202C01B1C.png

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    Allow me!
    GW special Chairs - Share and show - Forums - Templot Club
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    The LNWR Society has two sets of trackwork drawings of different dates, which include large scale drawings of different types of chairs. Not "MR or GWR" I'm afraid, but that may be an advantage! ;)

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    Thanks modellers, this information was just what I was looking for. Will post pictures of the 3D printed chairs when I get around to doing the artwork and printing them.