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    Well I figured Id eventually start a workbench here, so might as well start documenting my G3 work in a place people will probably read it.
    If you are not yet familiar with my work, the upcoming L&Y Society's magazine has an article by me.
    Also, I know at least a couple of you also frequent that 'other' railway modelling forum.
    But for those who dont, here is a bit of a catch-up.
    First is my earliest, which features in the quoted magazine.
    Next, an absolute pig of a build but required for anyone doing pregrouping.
    Ive also build a couple LNWR D2s, one of which went to a member of these parts whom Id like to consider a friend.

    Newest in the lot is an L&Y D1 open and D21 Tin Tab Brake.
    L&Y D21 general.png

    L&Y D1 & D3 ironwork.png

    L&Y D1 & D3 etches.png
    Ive poured about 10 or so hours into these drawings over the past 2 days. Im also planning to design an L&Y D16 if I feel up to it.

    Hopefully more to come.
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  2. lankytank

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    Shall be following this with interest....... :thumbs: :D

    Is that etch artwork or laser cutting?

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  3. unklian

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    Good to see your stuff here Trevor, I do hope it will be more appreciated :thumbs:
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  4. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    Its actually both. The one thats only outlines is the lasercutting pattern and the coloured drawing is the etch artwork. Blue being full etch, red being half etch.

    Ive also modeled some components Ill need for the Tin Tab. Still have to model the brake standard, assorted brake components, and possibly stove.
    An L&Y Brake van Buffer. Designed to go with Mike Williams buffer heads.
    L&Y D21 buffer.png
    And a 13 leaf Brake Van spring.
    L&Y D21 spring.png
    Im not even going to attempt the detail on the ends of the spring leafs. And itll probably disappear under paint anyway.
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  5. lankytank

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    I’ll be sending you an order........ :thumbs:

    Before you get to far with the 3 bolt buffer housing for the wagons, I’ve found a drawing for the ‘real thing’ will pm you if I can get my laptop to work, it’s currently throwing a sickie

    Watching with greater interest

  6. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    I wasnt aware there was an existing drawing for the L&Y wagon buffers. Ive been using LNW 3 bolts which are only 1.5 inches shorter, but Ive never gotten the dimensions of the rib on the L&Y ones. Would be useful!
  7. Spitfire2865

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    Hello all,
    Anyone know anyone who might be able to machine some small components from brass? I need parts for the brake rigging on the D21 brake van and Im unable to find any readily available components.
    Ultimately, the parts would be threaded rods with yoke ends that can thread into eachother to make an adjustable length pushrod.
    On a similar note, does anyone have a left turning 10ba tap and die?
  8. Dog Star

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    Tracy Tools, here .
  9. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Not bad value either; I used to allow one order of magnitude when pricing tooling for anything involving a left hand thread.

  10. Andrew

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    I would heartily recommend Tracy Tools - used them many times and always received excellent service.

  11. DavidinAus

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    As a complete novice to these pages, but someone soon to start in G3, those wagons look lovely.
    I will get the L&Y Soc. article, but will the wagons be available for others to buy/make, as implied above by lankytank/Baz?

  12. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    Thank you.
    Unfortunately, I am not in a position to offer any sort of items as kits. However, if you, or anyone is so inclined to attempt, I would be more than happy to email the artwork I have created to anyone to be made in their chosen method. Along with that, I have records of materials used in each wagon and sources.
    Etches and lasercut parts are drawn in AutoCAD and any 3D models I upload to my shapeways page Spitfire's Creations by rovert815 - Shapeways Shops
    If anyone has any questions about my work in an effort to make it themselves, Id be more that happy to assist.
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  13. Jon Nazareth

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    Those brake cranks look good and I will most probably buy some to see just what they look like in the flesh.

  14. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    The cranks are designed to be thinned to fit with my Yoke Ends for pushrods which should be up there but arent for some reason. Didnt want to print them too thin and have em break or warp.
  15. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    Well. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to 2018.
    Ive been busy.
    Lasercut for L&Y D1
    L&Y D21

    And the first actual progress.
    Iron sides for the D21 cut from .25mm plasticcard.

    I have the wood on order and soon to be produced, then I can start doing the many many hours of sawing hardwood with a razorsaw.
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  16. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    While I wait for my wood order to be cut, I realized I had enough to do most of the frame of the D1 open.
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  17. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    I received some mail today in the form of square brass tube. Final piece to make the handwheel for the brakevan.
    The brakes will work if it kills me.
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  18. Dog Star

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    Your techniques and models deserve better than thumbnails, please consider including your photographs as full-image when adding to your post. For example, this superb example of model building and finishing.
  19. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    Thanks you for the kind words. Plenty more to come so Ill take your advice.
  20. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    While I wait for my orders, I try to keep busy.
    I rather like the L&Y's attempts at bogie wagons so have been drawing up models for it. How I would eventually make it is still to be figured out.
    Firstly, an L&Y B2 Axlebox modified for bogie use.
    L&Y B2 Axlebox.png
    And the Major bits of the bogie as well. 21 parts in all so far.
    L&Y Bogie.png
    I do love working in Solidworks.