The Aster Lion

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  1. Thirtysecond

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    Chris Tolhurst and I have been looking at how to improve the looks and the running of our two Aster Lions. The two locos now have cylinder drains and an axle pump. Here's the result (nameplates yet to be added):

    C48B27BF-5A68-49FE-9C7A-4C867D13FADD.jpeg 08B95E23-5A70-4F63-AE56-BB6F3166B61D.jpeg 0A01B29F-1858-4FCF-BE7A-45B9801EC55D.jpeg
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    Very nice - I built one a few years ago but had no real opportunity to run it properly so decided to move it on. At one point whilst building it and considering that I might keep it I was contemplating replacing the burner as it seemed rather weedy affair. Clarry Edwards in 7mm scale had a really neat meths burner design that was more like a toast rack than a couple of pots. He had a J70 tram engine which if I remember correctly with a firebox 3/4" square, with his toast rack burner it would happily run all day long and not be short of steam.
  3. Thirtysecond

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    Yes the burner was a weedy affair as you say. We have made a new pair keeping two pots but increasing them in diameter. There are also holes in the smokebox which originally relied on insulation to block them. Not very effective I suspect in creating the vacuum you need to get a good draft. Those have been properly sealed.

    The other main issue addressed was a water gauge. The scale on on the backhead is a dummy. You look through that to the working gauge which is inside the firebox.

    Both locos have been tested thoroughly on air but we're waiting for some good weather for a track test.
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