7mm The Derby Line: Basford North

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by dibateg, 30 August 2013.

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    Hi Tony,

    Love the flowing track work and the complex point work, it’s going to be one amazing layout. I really want to get back to work on my layout but I have too many other builds on the go at the moment.

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  2. Pencarrow

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    As others have said, superb flowing trackwork. Very impressive.
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  3. dibateg

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    Thanks Chris, Martyn.

    The majority of the electronics will be mounted on this panel in what will become a control cubicle, I just need to make up a shelf for the DCC kit. Ultimately it will be a lot more tidy!

    An overall view, just a few sidings left to lay in the goods yard. One the wiring is done, I'll ask 'er indoors to make up some curtains to hide all that junk.

    Weymouth traverses the switched diamond - no issues...
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    Glad that worked. :):):):)

    It is great to see the plan realised so successfully.

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  5. rosspeacock

    rosspeacock Modelling on a £1200 table.

    Tony, your layout looks excellent. I love the trackwork, lovely and flowing as a couple of others have said :thumbs:

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    Just to illustrate how good these Atlas HO joiners are for our purposes, here's a photo with some C&L Code 125 rail. The joiners are slightly too long but fit very well and would do a great job of keeping the ends of two pieces of rail (particularly on a curve) well-aligned. Easily shortened as needed.
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  7. dibateg

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    Thanks Dave

    Wiring continues, but in the dire weather I've been making up the control panel for the storage yard. The front panel is only temporary at the moment and there is a lot of tidying up to do! I worked out a wiring schedule in Excel, but still needed to amend it. At least it can be updated and re-printed each time. The Vero boards are for the route setting circuits on some of the loops. One of my first jobs was making this sort of stuff, its amazing how many mistakes I still make....
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    Hi Tony,

    Crumbs, I wouldn’t know where to start, I am trying to keep my layout as basic as possible with an abundance of DPDT switches to cure all my electrical problems :D.

  9. dibateg

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    Work continues - day after day. Wiring is not that exciting, but it means that soon the railway will be working. Half of the storage yard control is now wired and tested. As usual the railway room become host to household stuff and that has has to be moved out each time.. but soon it will be done and the curtains can go up. I'm finding stuff I've been hoarding for the layout for years, all those heavy PSU will be going down to the recycling centre. I used switch mode units now that are for 12v kitchen lighting. The reel of 8 core cable is dated 1995!
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  10. dibateg

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    We've had a re-design of the station control panel - I've made up a temporary one for the moment. I've re-arranged some of the sidings , the middle siding looked too cramped. So I've created an engineers siding to use up some of that space between the station and Park Lane
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  11. dibateg

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    The storage yard control panel is now usable, and so it's time to run some test trains to see if it all works. I couldn't understand why 90437 wouldn't run, on investigation it turns out I'd forgotten it hasn't got a decoder in it yet.

  12. Dave Holt

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    Hope there was no damage to the WD motor. Perhaps 7 mm stuff is a bit more resilient than my 4 mm. I've had a couple of lucky escapes with Portescap motors when I've inadvertently connected the DCC to my test track whilst a non-DCC loco was standing on it. Wondered what the strange rattling/buzzing sound was and then quickly lifted the loco clear. Phew!
  13. dibateg

    dibateg Western Thunderer

    I think it's ok Dave - I quickly turned off the power when I heard the noise...

    Wiring continues on the Basford panel..... there is still more to do before tidying up...
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